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Birthday Dec 30, 1997
Location Kakariko Village, Eldin Province, Hyrule
Interests Zelda, Zelda, oh, and that awesome thing Zelda, I also enjoy Zelda with a side of Zelda -Double size that! I also LOOOVE yaoi. And, not to mention, Zelda...
Biography Hello, fellow obsessers! Obsesors? Obssessers? Obsessed people! My name is Cyer Rose and I am your typical scene highschool boy. I Like -Whoa, whoa, whoa- LOVE anime and video games, and I also LOOOOVE obsessing over them. I also listen to predominatly punk/emo/goth/smash/death/metal/deathtone/screamo/Non-mainstream music --However, I do enjoy a few songs on the radio as a guilty pleasure once in a great blue moon.