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Crownflame (Staff)
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Birthday Sep 25, 1991
Location Kansas
Interests Zelda, obviously, (and all the related stuff, such as fan art, fan fiction and the like), Vikings, reading, writing, drawing, comics and graphic novels, improv piano, jazz, sewing, acting and theatre, design, food, cooking (especially Asian), and basically learning about anything. ^^;
Biography I'm a junior in high school in Kansas, (a blank slate for all sorts of imaginings!). I'm known for my art, and am at the moment doing a Zelda fancomic called Project Nayru ( ). I enjoy acting and have been known to whip out my many strange voices by reading the subtitles in Zelda games. Good times. ^^ When I graduate, I'm thinking of going to study animation or comics for a couple years, and perhaps having a side job as a historical reinactor. XD Nah, I don't know yet. ^^;;