Zelda News: THIS is Nintendo’s Confirmed Legend of Zelda Timeline

Posted by on December 21, 2011

Before the wars begin, I did not create this. It was taken directly from Nintendo’s upcoming art-book which has a 30 page section dedicated to explaining how the games fit in with one another. Even though this is the “Official Timeline”, I’m sure quite a few people aren’t going to be pleased with it (including myself). Anyway… don’t you want to see it?

Skyward Sword
Minish Cap
Four Sword
Ocarina of Time (Split in to three time lines)
A: Where Hero of Time Fails
B: Where Hero of Time Wins (sent back 7 years)
C: Where Hero of Time Wins (present)

Link to the Past
Oracle Series
Link Awakening
Zelda 1
Zelda 2

Majora's Mask
Twilight Princess
Four Sword +

Wind Waker
Spirit Tracks

I’ll be updating the image gallery with the scans from the artbook. N-Never mind. I've uploaded all of the preview pictures here. Bye ~

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andy198 says:

and isnt it "where hero of time failed/s" instead of "where fero of time fail"?

Amy122 says:

I don't believe it...unless the creator Mr. Miyamoto or Aonuma confirms that this is true, then I'll believe it.

BountyHunterReturns says:

I hope all of you Zelda timeline theorists know that the whole reason all of you are so interested in "solving" the Zelda timeline is because it's mystery. Now that this is the "Official" Timeline, you won't be able to speculate how each game fits into a larger puzzle because you already have an answer.

As for me, I satisfied by this timeline. Now there are three separate timelines to go by just like there are three triforces ^^

flimsykitty says:

@amy123 This is as official as it's going to get... The book comes straight from Nintendo and I'm sure they aren't going to print rumors or some random person's timeline. The information most likely came directly from Miyamoto... which I find the most disappointing...

@BountyHunterReturns That's why I'm so against the official confirmation of the timeline... There's no puzzle anymore. We can still fight about what game goes where but there's no point to it if we already have an answer.

I can understand how the series can be split three ways but I don't like that A Link to the Past comes before the Oracle games, Zelda 1, and Zelda 2... Unless the theory of two different Ganons exist. I just can't see one of the split timelines starting with "And the Master Sword sleeps forever"... That completely limits every other game in that timeline >.>

zhelkus says:

Wow. I remember GameTrailers Retrospectives tried to decipher a timeline. It closely resembled this one but who would have thought of a possible outcome where Link FAILED... ??

Wow Ninty, you were never into extremely mature, dark and serious themes but DANG!! Failure? That means people gruesomely died and stuff... how come we never got that in a Zelda game...? (Mild deaths don't count)

BountyHunterReturns says:

A moon colliding with the earth essentially bringing about the end of days isn't grim enough for you, zhelkus?

GuruGuru213 says:

I can't accept this timeline. No timeline where Four Swords is so close to The Minish Cap and so far from Four Swords Adventures can possibly be from the people who actually made these games.

flimsykitty says:

@GuruGuru213 I think this is what Nintendo had in mind when they created it.

Hyrule Established:
Minish Cap – Vaati is born/becomes evil/is sealed by Link
Four Swords – Vaati becomes unsealed/is resealed by Link

**** Lots of time passes, Link is successful and is sent back in time which means that the Sacred Realm does NOT turn into the Dark World.

Four Swords + - Vaati resurrected, Ganondorf reincarnated/Vaati = gone forever?/Ganon=sealed.

This poses the problem of the Four Sword Link being completely different from the Four Sword + Link. Also, if it takes place in this timeline, the Dark World does not exist even though it obviously does in the game.