Link Gains New Power

Impa's map took Link to the third labyrinth, Manji, located across the river Darknut on the west side of Hyrule. This moldy underworld realm glowed green with the rankness of moldy vegetation. Link fought off huge slimes called Zols, which split up into smaller Gels when attacked. Darknuts, undead knights skilled at both offense and defense, roamed the dungeon, and resisted continual blows from Link's sword. Slowly but surely, Link realized that he was not ready for this kind of challenge.

Were it not for his sense of adventure and his desire for justice, Link would surely have given up. But he continued to explore, and eventually discovered an artifact: a wooden raft. Continuing the search, Link found the cave of an old man. This sagacious fellow instructed Link to retrieve a sword from another old man on top of the waterfall in Hyrule. Link knew that he would have to get a stronger sword if he were to defeat the tougher enemies in this underworld labyrinth, so he headed back up to the sunny overworld.

Using the raft, Link rowed upstream to the river's source, where he indeed found a majestic waterfall. Climbing to the top, Link battled a Lynel to gain access to Link a cave beside the pond. Inside was an old man, who, seeing that Link had mastered the sword, granted him the White Sword. With a powerful new sword in his grasp, and a raft to take him across the waters, Link drifted downstream back to the underworld labyrinth of Manji.

Now that Link had improved his arsenal, the monsters in this moldy underworld realm presented less trouble. The slimes were destroyed with one hit from the White Sword, and the Darknuts took fewer hits to defeat. With a bit more searching, Link found Manhandla the earthy lair of this labyrinth's guardian: a huge, moving plant known as Manhandla, with four man-eating, fire-spitting heads! Carefully avoiding the noxious fireballs and ferociously snapping heads, Link planted bombs and slashed with his sword. After a short and desperate battle, Manhandla's four heads were all destroyed, and the evil plant withered up into driftwood. The third fragment of the Triforce was now free for the taking.