Link, the legendary Hero who defeated Ganon, goes on a journey of enlightenment to better withstand the next threat to Hyrule. He is shipwrecked on the way home to Hyrule, and drifts to the mysterious Koholint Island, a world that exists only in the dreams of the Wind Fish. Nightmares have infested Koholint, filling the island with monsters, and making the Wind Fish sleep endlessly. Link must find the Eight Instruments of the Sirens to wake the Wind Fish before he can leave the island.

Table of Contents:
  1. Link is Stranded on Koholint Island
  2. Link Discovers His Quest
  3. Link Saves a Kidnapped Pet
  4. Link Sneaks into Kanalet Castle
  5. Link Brings a Concert to Animal Village
  6. Link Wades Through the Angler's Tunnel
  7. Link Descends into the Catfish's Maw
  8. Link Returns a Mermaid's Necklace
  9. Link Battles Through the Face Shrines
  10. Link Ascends the Eagle's Tower
  11. Link Braves Turtle Rock
  12. Awakening