Link, the Hero of Time, must leave his childhood home of Kokiri Forest on a quest to stop the evil Gerudo king Ganondorf from entering the Sacred Realm and claiming the Triforce. The first quest, to enter the Sacred Realm before Ganondorf, ends in disaster when Link attempts to wield the Master Sword, and is sealed away for seven years until he is old enough to be the Hero of Time. Meanwhile, Ganondorf enters the Sacred Realm and gets the Triforce of Power, using it to conquer Hyrule and make himself the King of Evil. Now, Link must free five Sages and travel back and forth through time to defeat Ganondorf. The storyline begins with the Fierce Wars, and ends with the sealing of Ganon in the Evil Realm.

Table of Contents:
  1. The Fierce Wars
  2. Ganondorf's Schemes
  3. Link Begins his Quest
  4. The Princess of Destiny
  5. Link Obtains the Goron's Ruby
  6. Link Saves Princess Ruto
  7. Link Opens the Gate to the Sacred Realm
  8. The Triforce is Split
  9. Ganondorf Conquers Hyrule
  10. The Hero of Time Awakens
  11. Link Defeats Evil in the Forest Temple
  12. Link Saves the Gorons
  13. Link Ends the Curse on Zora's Domain
  14. Link Faces Evil Spirits
  15. Link Rescues Carpenters from the Gerudo
  16. Link Faces the Two Trials
  17. Link Attains the Power of Silver
  18. Link Saves Nabooru from the Witches
  19. Link Meets Zelda in the Temple of TIme
  20. Link Defeats Ganondorf
  21. Hyrule Gets Second Chance