(NOTE: as a rule, green enemies are weakest, blue enemies are stronger, and red enemies are the strongest)

Green Darknut (dagger): these guys are dumb, they only move in four directions and simply charge blindly at you when they see you, just hit them a few times to defeat them

Green Darknut (sword): Smarter, they basically walk back and forth patrolling the area, and will attack if they see you.

Green Darknut (arrow): they lie in the tall grass and pop their heads up to shoot arrows at you

Blue Darknut (sword): they are stronger than the green ones

Blue Darknut (dagger): they attack extremely fast

Blue Darknut (arrows): they retreat from you, shooting arrows

Red Darknut (spear chuckers): they retreat from you, chucking spears

Red Darknut (lancers): the stronger version of the blue kind

Red Darknut (bomb chuckers): they stand up on a wall and throw green bombs at you, pick up the bombs and throw them back quickly

Black Ball and chain Knight: The boss of Hyrule dungeon, simply throw two bottles at him to defeat him.

Gold Ball and chain Knight: Stronger version, arrows work fine.

Aches: Bats that swoop down at you when you come near them

Rats: yup...they're rats

Ropes: Snakes that dart at you when they see you

White Ghini: Ghosts that lurk in the graveyard

Crows: They dart at you when you come near them

Crabs: They move fast when going sideways

Zoras: They pop their heads out of the water and spit fire at you, some can get up in shadow water and walk around, after hitting those, you can throw them

Bad Bee: They come out of the swamp and bushes and attack, can be caught with the butterfly net

Blue Tekketie: Found on death mountain, they hop around

Red Tekketie: stronger version

Stone imps: turn to rock for a brief period when hit.

Armos: statues that come alive when you approach them

Gaunchan: Rocks that fall off of death mountain

Wyrms: little dudes that move around erratically

Octoroks: they run around and occasionally stop to spit rocks in ever direction

White Stalfos: they jump away when you use the sword, either get close, or use the boomernag

Red Stalfos: when you miss them, they throw bones at you

Blue Rockclops: They awaken when you approach, can only be hurt when awake

Red Rockclops: Only arrows will work

Hydras: little dudes that slither around

Bubbles: Invincible ghosts that bounce around, they sap magic power

Blue Hyrule Knight: They bounce around in a formation

Red Hyrule Knight: They bounce at you trying to crush you.

Explodo: This guy south of Lake Hylia that explodes when you hit him. Apparently the only one of it's kind

Slimes: little slithering slimes that electrocute you when you hit them with the sword.

Geek Slime: same, only you can talk to it, to make one, throw magic powder on a slime

Tomato: Throw magic powder on most enemies to produce this little dude

Gerandam: Sand people that come up from the desert.

Blue Leevers: They come up out of the ground and attack

Red Leevers: No difference, really

Lasers: They turn around and around, when they see you they shoot. Cannot be killed

Sand Worm: They come up out of the sand and float around

Blue Lowder: Very resiliant and tough enemies that come right at you

Red lowder: Even tougher, take a while to defeat

Tiles: Tiles from the floor that detatch and fly at you

Green Dinos: little dinos that spit fire

Red Dinos: Pretty much the same

Giant Wyrm: Tough giant version of the little buggers, can only be hurt by attacking the tail.

Aghanim: Evil Wizard, cannot be directly attaced.


Gold Ghini: Stronger ghost

Snatcher Plant: plant that hops around, can grab items from you, including your shield. Defeat it quickly to get your stuff back.

Bug: Bug that flies around and drops explosives on you.

Hopper Plant: Plant that hops at you, may be simple to defeat, but does a surprising amount of damage.

Cyclops: big one eyed giant that throws bombs at you, they say to use bombs, but you're better off just pounding them with the sword

Piranha Plant: They hop around snapping at you

Pterodactyl: Dark world equivalent of crows

Demon Knight: Dark world equivalent of Green dagger darknuts

Demon Knight (Spear) Dark world equivalent of Blue darknuts

Red Demon Knight: Dark world equivalent of Red Darknuts

Helmasaur: small lizard protected in front by a shield

Blue Electric Jellyfish (forgot the name): They float around shiftlessly, don't attack when they are flashing

Red Electric Jellyfish: When you attack them, they split into two smaller ones

Turtles: Can only be hurt after flipping them over with the hammer.

King Helmasaur: Boss of level one, use the hammer on his shield, then attack him with the sword

Jumper: Guy that jumps up and down in the swamp

Suds: Water bubbles that fly around at angles

Fish: little slithering fish that come out of holes

Octopus: slithering octopuses that wade through shallow water

Podobodo: Big fireball trail that bounces around

Sensor: Shoots our a fireball whenever you swing your sword

Bots: little slimeballs that pop up out of holes or drop from the ceiling

Blue Goriya: Rat creatures that mimick your moves in reverse

Red Goriya: Only arrows hurt them, and they shoot fireballs

Gibido: slow, but steady mummy that is weak against fire

Sparks; little points of light that temporarily negate the power of the moon pearl

King Butterfly: Big bug that shoots beams

Daria: lizard dude that walks around and does nothing

Red Daria: they shoot fire occasionally

Shadow creatures: you can only hurt their core

Lizards: Annoying, weak enemies that do a surprising amount of damage

Blind: Leader of the thieves, hates bright light

Pengiun: Master Miyamoto's trademark, they slide around

Stalfos Knight: Giant stalfos that can use a sword and a shield, they are weak against bombs

Snow Flurry: Giant snow creatures that inhabit the lowest level of the Ice Palace

Wizzrobes: Wizards that disappear and reappear shooting magic beams

Sluggo: they slither around dropping green bombs

King Patra: Gigantic eyeball that can shoot lightning

Little Patra: his buddies

Pokey: a giant walking cactus...that's right...cactus

Chain Chomp: A big ugly chomper ball attached to a block by a chain

Trinex: A three headed turtle creature with both ice and fire heads

Giant Fish: he can throw bombs or fireballs, if you are a pain in the ass, that is

Lionel: Big centaurs that shoot fireballs

Bad Tree: a pissed off tree that might shoot a green bomb at you

Aghanim II: This time he has two dopplegangers, but he can't shoot lightning. Concentrate on defending yourself

Ganon: The Final Boss. To beat him, at first just keep pounding him again again with the sword, after he turns off the lights, use the fire rod to light up the room, hit him with the sword, and use the silver arrows when he's stunned. It takes four silver arrows to kill him.

By NecroVMX