Part II: The Descendants

Three or four generations after the Imprisoning War, the evil wizard Agahnim imprisoned six maidens, all descendants of the Wise Ones, and one by one sent them into the Dark World. ALttP sheds some light, but not much, on the identities of the maidens' aging fathers, the Sages.

Part II: The Descendants

Princess Zelda - This Princess Zelda is definitely the descendant of the aforementioned Zelda. She therefore has the distinction of being the only descendant of the sages whose lineage is known for certain.

Sahasrahla - The most important sage Link meets, Sahasrahla lives in Kakariko Village. With the rise of Agahnim, Sahasrahla left his young grandson and hid out in the East Palace. Throughout Link's adventures he keeps in contact with the Hero through telepathy.
Possibly Descended From:
Rauru - Both are very wise, give Link a lot of advice, and contact him telepathically
Impa - Impa built Kakariko Village, where Sahasrahla lives
Nabooru - The East Palace is similar to the Spirit Temple

The Loyal Sage - This sage ran the Sanctuary and was one of the only sages who decided not to hide from Agahnim's forces. He hid Princess Zelda until Agahnim's brainwashed soldiers rudely violated the Sanctuary, kidnapping Zelda and wounding the sage. Link later restored him using the Triforce.
Possibly Descended From:
Rauru - Both are priestly, well-dressed, and close to the Royal Family

Sage on Death Mountain - After the King took his daughter to the castle and never returned, this sage realized that Agahnim was up to no good. He headed for his hideout on top of Death Mountain, but he couldn't navigate the caves because he lost his lamp. When Link came along with a lamp, he asked for his help and along the way told him everything about himself except for his name.
Possibly Descended From:
Darunia - Darunia lived on Death Mountain, and the sage had his hideout on Death Mountain

Sage in Kakariko Village - This sage sat asleep in the Kakariko Village bar, mumbling in his sleep about his son, the Flute Boy. Link found his son's flute (really an Ocarina) buried in the grove haunted by the Flute Boy, and played it to wake up the sage. Later, Link brought the Flute Boy back to the Light World using the Triforce.
Possibly Descended From:
Saria - Saria played the Ocarina and so does the Flute Boy. The Flute Boy looks like a Kokiri.

Impa - Though Impa is never mentioned and never makes an appearance in ALttP, we must assume that she exists. Down through the centuries, all the way to the Return of Ganon many centuries later, Impa is still Princess Zelda's guardian. Therefore, for every new generation of Princess Zelda, there is a new generation of Impa. The kidnapped maiden is either Impa's daughter (who would also be named Impa) or Impa herself.

Aginah - When Link finds this sage, he is hiding out deep in a cave in the Desert of Mystery. He tells Link nothing about himself save his name, and tells him that the Hero will stand in the desert holding the Book of Mudora.
Possibly Descended From:
Nabooru - The Gerudo lived in the desert, and Aginah hid out in the desert

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