Zelda SUD


For a C++ programming project I had to make a SUD, a text-based single user dungeon game. Most of the code was already written, I just had to write the battle function and add spiffy features. Being the Zelda geek I am, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to make a Zelda game. I changed most of the items to Zelda items, changed gold pieces to rupees, and made all the enemies Zelda monsters.

In this game you can either be in town, or in a dungeon. The object of the game is to get the Triforce out of each dungeon. You have to search for the Triforce and then bring it back out. Doing so levels you up, and levels up the dungeon. You also gain levels by fighting enemies. Battle frequency increases near the Triforce, so that's how you know when you're getting close. Treasures, of varying worth, are hidden in the dungeons, but they're harder to find because monsters aren't guarding them. Items are also dropped by monsters, and can be bought and sold in town. If you die, you will be returned to town and you can pay to be resurrected. If you don't have enough money, you can try to sell items, and if you still don't have enough, well, all you can do is wander around. The game basically goes on forever, so don't expect the game to be fighting Ganon anytime soon.

This isn't really a serious game, but if it amuses enough people maybe I'll work on improving it. Let me know if it's fun enough to put more effort into.


Just download the ZIP file, extract, and run zelda.exe to start playing. It runs in a DOS box, so if you're not using Windows tough luck.

Download zeldasud.zip, 75KB
Last updated 11/24/2003