Silence, Patience, and Faith

Silence, Patience, and Faith

by Max Nichols (lord-of-shadow)

“Good things come to those who wait.” It’s an old saying, a tired saying, a dry, used-up cliché, a boring piece of conventional wisdom. But it is true, and I will now tell you why.

By now, all of you will have heard the news. Twilight Princess is delayed until the fall, and this time the news is from a trustworthy source: Reggie Fils-Aime himself, marketing VP at Nintendo of America and one of the best known figures in the gaming industry. He was interviewed by SpikeTV, where he confirmed the planned fall release.

So. Another five or six month delay. Not our first, either, since we were previously expecting to get Twilight Princess in the fall of 2005.

I’ve been browsing some forums, some websites, my own comment system, getting a feel for the reaction of the community. Predictably, people are angry, infuriated. Like impatient children, expecting to get greatness when and where they want it, refusing or unable to acknowledge that almost anything really worth having is also worth waiting for. Most of the complaints have little thought put into them; they’re just knee-jerk reactions from disappointed and angry fans, trying to find ways to overcome the fact that they suddenly have to wait longer. As if their angry or sullen reactions matter or hold any depth. I’ve even seen some people claiming that they’re thinking about not getting the game at all, out of… what? A futile desire to hurt Nintendo? A childish and sullen urge to make a scene of themselves? I laughed when I read these claims; if they’re big enough fans to get angry over a delay and come to Zelda sites at all, then they’re the ones who are most likely to get the game, come hell or high water.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: If Aonuma and the Zelda team need or want an extra six months to complete the game, than I am more then happy to give it to them. I don’t trust Aonuma’s judgment as much as Miyamoto’s, but I trust him well enough, and Miyamoto still stands in the background of the development team, offering his expertise. If they judge that the game would benefit from more development time, then who am I, or any of us, to argue?

Nintendo has a long history of delays. Majora’s Mask was delayed. I don’t remember the specifics, but I remember being an impatient young fan, angry at delays. I remember being angry about delays a lot, because Nintendo was always delaying its games. I wasn’t following gaming news at the time, but Ocarina of Time was delayed… numerous times. Ocarina of Time was in development for five years. Granted, a year and a half or so of that can be chalked up to poorly planned development and Nintendo changing it’s mind so often, but even so, the result can hardly be denied. Is there a single one of you who claims that OoT was not worth every agonized moment we had to wait? I didn’t think so.

I honestly have no idea whether LttP or LA were ever delayed, but I wouldn’t be surprised, and I’m sure the delays were worth it.

And now let’s look at the Wind Waker, which was delayed, but not very much. Not enough. The Wind Waker always felt unfinished and even rushed to me. Sure, it had a glut of sidequests and treasure hunting – far too much of it, really – but the main quest was short and reeked of a rush job to me. There was no dungeon or town for the third Pearl… I would have dearly loved for Greatfish Isle to be an actual big island, a la Dragon Roost, which you could go to, and with an actual dungeon to go with it. I’m willing to bet that they had originally planned it that way, too. And there were originally going to be four elemental dungeons – wind, earth, fire, and water/ice temples – which they had to cut down to two due to time constraints. The Fire and Ice temples were turned into little mini-isles, where you got the iron boots and power bracelet.

As a result of all that stuff they couldn’t do, they turned to cheap sidequests, half-assed Triforce-piece hunting, and other feature bloat to try and fill the void. That, my friends, it what happens when a major Zelda game is not given enough development time. Sidequests are meant to be a more subtle addition to a worthwhile main quest, not a replacement for absent pieces of it.

I loved The Wind Waker, and the cel-shading impressed me more then any other graphical style before or since… but it had its flaws, and several of them can be laid directly at the feet of whoever decided to listen to deadlines instead of delaying again.

I believe that delays, especially for the Zelda series, give the development team some extra room. Time to sit back and look at the game as a whole, finish what needs to be finished, judge what needs to be toned down or up, add things where they need to be added, remove them where they don’t contribute to the game. Give them more breathing room to make calmer and better judgments, and just tweak things so that we get a brilliant masterpiece rather then just a great game.

I mentioned that most of the complaints about the delay were shallow, knee-jerk reactions that were not thought out at all. But there are some concerns that are valid, and I will answer them as best as I can.

I know a lot of people that were angry because they thought that the purpose of the delay was to add extra functionality for those who were playing with a Revolution controller. Perhaps a bunch of minigames, or even an extra dungeon. I won’t go too deeply into why this annoyed people, since it would take pages, but to sum it up… people didn’t like the thought that they wouldn’t be able to get everything out of a Gamecube game without a Revolution. Nor did they like the idea that a game that should be designed for its own console was being delayed in order to add functionality that many GC owners would never access. I understood and shared in these concerns.

Luckily, Reggie has confirmed that these last two delays had nothing to do with any desire for Revolution compatibility, so these concerns can be laid to rest… although I would still expect a Revolution minigame or two, if I were you.

The most interesting concerns I’ve read were voiced by one of Zelda Legends’ members, called Anime James, in the comment system. He had this to say, and hopefully he won’t mind me quoting him directly:

“Now I'm pissed. This isn't about waiting. Being human, I can only suppress my impatience to a certain extent, but it's more than that. If Twilight Princess is such a good game, it really shouldn't need more. If the essence is there, and one delay has already contributed greatly to the gameplay factor, there is no reason to push the date back even further. I want Nintendo to cut the crap and release the thing. They can add all the new enemies and side-quests they want - I'll just yawn at them. In OoT I mostly did the optional quests out of boredom, and now that they're screwing this project with obscure details - pushing the game back till the end of '06 - I think I'm gonna scream. …

… By the time it's finished it'll be a year since it was finished, and that's just idiotic. I refuse to delude myself with thoughts of a 'better game', because Zelda was never to me a game that contained so much abstract side-questing. And by the sound of it, they're adding a lot of dungeons, too. I always loved the spaces between the dungeons, and now it seems as if they're choking them out!

For some people this delay is a necessary burden, but I like my Zelda with a touch of simplicity, and now I find myself waiting much longer than I should by a game that seems it will have very little.”

Before I go into the meat of his complaint, I’ll address one common misconception: He says that it will be released a year after it was finished. He and others seem to be operating under the assumption that TP was actually ready to be finished in time for its fall ’05 release… I don’t have any inside info, but I am willing to bet that the game was NOT ready to be finished... whence the delay. Nobody, not even Nintendo and its Zelda team, would delay a game a year just to tweak it. Actually, Blizzard might do it, but that’s another subject entirely, heh. But aside from that, Anime James’ worries really got me thinking, because his opinion of feature bloat seems to be similar to mine, and I had to sit down and think for a moment about whether he might be right.

Look at music. Without the slight silence in between notes and tones, and the variations in pitch and volume throughout, music would just be a wall of incomprehensible noise, rather then anything worth listening to. The silence in music is just as important as the sound, as a means of contrast and a way to highlight certain sounds.

The same can be said of video games. When developers try to cram as much extraneous, heavy-handed sidequests and extras into a game as they possibly can, we get the gaming equivalent of that wall of noise.

To a lesser degree, The Wind Waker suffered from this sort of feature bloat. There is nothing wrong with sidequests, but when they are so forcefully thrust upon you, integrated so heavy-handedly into the game, they detract from immersion and the overall experience. Look at the way that there was one island in every square, how every single island had at least one treasure or sidequest on it. It was formulaic, totally destroying any feeling of a natural world. The figurine quest? It felt out of place, and the way you had to go about doing it detracted from the experience by forcing you to only take three pictures at a time, and wait a day and a night before they were ready, etc. I could go on, but you get the picture. A disturbingly large number of the sidequests in tWW were heavy-handed and obvious, totally lacking in any subtlety or quality.

Now, look at Ocarina of Time. That game… if you stand back and think about it for a moment, it had a ridiculous amount of detail and extras thrown in. Even today, I am still experiencing new stuff when I play that game. Just a few months ago, I finished the Gerudo Training Ground and got the Ice Arrows for the first time (pathetic, I know, but bear with me). A year ago, I got the Loach at the Fishing Pond for the first time. I discovered the cave in the Lost Woods, where the Deku will react differently depending on the mask you’re wearing, years after first finishing the game.

Ocarina of Time was absolutely stuffed with sidequests and details and quirky little things to do… but the difference is that they were skillfully woven into the game world. They were seamless. They were subtle and effective, the epitome of what sidequests should be. They were there, they were fun, but the game did not try to thrust them upon you, nor did it try to use them to make up for the lack of something else. The fact that even I, almost seven years later, am still experiencing new stuff, still finding joy in that sense of exploration… it speaks volumes. And all these details, all these wonderfully seamless pieces of the game world of OoT… they were not just thrown in quickly. It took developmental genius, and lots of time, to get those into the game. On the other hand, it takes very little time to put in heavy-handed and formulaic sidequesting like we saw in tWW.

Do you know what I believe they will be doing with these delays? I do NOT believe they will just be adding ridiculous amounts of features, like Anime James here worries about. I believe they will be, among other things, spending a lot of time carefully integrating the features they already have, plus a few more, into the game. Adding the sound of silence between the notes, so to speak. Adding the sort of detail and immersion that drew us into the world of OoT without ever really distracting us from the main quest.

Perhaps I am being overly optimistic, and the Zelda team really has fallen to a new low… but I don’t believe it. If you’ve been reading the interviews from Nintendo Power, you will be getting a glimpse into just how much effort and care Nintendo is putting into this game’s development. It is a phenomenal effort, and I don’t believe that Miyamoto and Aonuma will fall into the trap of feature bloat.

David, founder of Zelda Legends, offered us this quote as his only response to this delay.

“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. To dig for treasures shows not only impatience and greed, but lack of faith. Patience, patience, patience, is what the sea teaches. Patience and faith. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea." --Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Look at the long-time fans of the Zelda series, such as myself, David, even Mike (TSA) of The Hylia… Most of the long-time fans, those who have been in the community for years and followed the Zelda series for a long time… we are not up in arms. We have learned, like Lindbergh’s beach, to wait calmly and patiently. We have learned to trust the Zelda team on some things, and this is one of them.

There is one final issue to confront… with Twilight Princess being released at the very end of the Gamecube’s lifetime, a few months before the Revolution is expected to release, there are worries that it will not get the attention it deserves, and that it will not sell as well as it might. And you know what? The people saying this are absolutely right. It very likely will sell worse then it should, and make a smaller splash then it should, due to the timeframe it’s being released. And you know what? I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me if the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate it as much as it may deserve, I will still get Twilight Princess. And I have faith that it will be a good game, because Nintendo seems to be delaying it to make it a better game, even though they would be better off financially if they release it earlier. And this is just the way I like it. I’d rather Nintendo take a risk and maybe sacrifice some sales, if the end result is a better game. Maybe even one that I will treasure as I have treasured OoT, LttP, and LA. There is no loftier goal, in my eyes, and this is the first time in years that I’ve dared to hope that a game might reach those heights.

A few extra months of waiting? Hah! A small price to pay.


Melora says:

I always love your articles LoS, whether I replied to them or not in the past, they always made me look inward and think.

I don't know if it's because I'm at the ripe old age of 27 and was old enough to actually grow up with Nintendo's first systems (Which couldn't possibly be the reason because I know people younger than me that seem to feel about the same) But first, let me say what I know I might have said somewhere else before: I'm only a moderate Zelda fan. I’ve only played 6 or so of the games and my site was really all about a childhood love with the series art. But I have to say this in the way that I was visibly upset when I found out I might not get my reserved gold cart for OoT and that I do have enough feeling over the series to actually get enraged about some choices- like Cel-Shading and well, I never felt like playing Link in any game when he was anything younger than, or around, the age of 10. I didn't realize that he might be younger than 13 in the original, or in A Link to the Past. I always figured he was at least that or older. After all, I feel that 13-18 is a great age for the protagonist in fantasy games.. Anyway, my original point: Twilight Princess looks like it might be the Zelda game I've been dreaming of since I played the original almost 20 years ago. To all those people who are upset, I hope that’s something to get ya thinking.

This is why I was so devastated when I saw Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, 4 Swords, Minish Cap... I thought, after waiting nearly 15 years, that the series I loved and had so many dreams for had split from the path of my heart. Just to let this sink in again, "I've been waiting 20 years for this game- When it looked like I was getting it, (OoT, the Spaceworld clip that changed to the WW clip,) something changed." It's not like I want to see Link grow up and turn into an old man, but I did want to see him (the series) evolve a little. I didn't want to see him revert to a more childish state- as it seemed he was doing. And as much as I may gripe about looks, like I did with the WW, I do realize they're just icing- I can put them aside for good, well-planned, fun game play. Story and character development can be right below that or switch places with it, and that’s why I loved LttP and LA most of all, OoT for the fandom and ideas it spawned (that were kind of based in AoL) and not the Wind Waker. I didn't like loosing Hyrule, a land I had fought for all my life- and especially when I didn't even have fun playing up to that point. Those boring searching quests... *cringes* ...and the lack of dungeons/puzzles. There seemed to be more massive fighting in an area here or there, and I appreciated that because that's what I felt OoT lacked, (due to the limitations the N64 had) -good old-fashion fighting for your life through a mob- but at least OoT had some fun dungeons and puzzles to make up for it. (I’ll call it care and planning.) I love the big empty spaces between dungeons too, I loved the overworld in LttP- but it wasn't really empty, it had that feel- but every nook and cranny was full of secrets you didn't need to exploit- (but did.) And it was SO much fun AND sooo beautiful! (for the time it was breath-taking!)

Miyazaki and Ghibli take years to make a movie, maybe that's why they're always so great- it’s that care. That’s something Disney lost- I keep hoping Nintendo wont head down the path of cranking out crap that sells because of a name. I was waiting for OoT for 4 years, the initial reports of what was going to be in the game, at least what I felt I was lead to believe, were not quite what was in the game. And, to me, after that the hype seemed to get bigger. So, I know that the Twilight Princess could suck, but if I'm ever going to have faith in a game, it’s going to be now. Everything I've heard and read about this game has me excited- but you know what? I don't feel a drop of impatience. It will come when it does. I don’t care if Nintendo makes a little more or a little less money. Not all good games sell well, but I’m sure they’ll do fine. They have the name, they have hype- they have all that counts. Even if the game sucks I’m sure it will do well enough.

I do also know, even though I don't know if Nintendo is an exception to this some how, but most games that are delayed are delayed due to bugs. And this can delay them for many months. I also know for a plain fact that Nintendo is dead series, pain in the ass, sticklers about their requirements for functionality even with serious user error, so a 3-4 month delay for that, and then another 6 months to get story and game design worked out (which is not necessarily the art, I'm speaking of the planning- but what happens when you go to a place, in what order things open, who says what at what time, etc...) really doesn't seem that exceptional. A bit on the heavy side, but I’m not surprised. Those are usually the last things to get done. I do not think that the game was done a year ago, I don’t think it’s close to done now. I don’t think they’re just adding little stuff, I think that they’re trying to make sure it’s not broken- in many ways. –Just like music.

Metroid was supposed to be a release game for the Gamecube, Miyamoto showed up at Retro right before the system was launched, didn’t like what he saw- a bunch of people got canned and it was pretty much started up again from scratch. Now, not that I ever really got into that series, but he seems like he’s a man who knows what he wants, I’d hate to work for someone like that, but I sure as hell appreciate it. If he’s influcing the way this game goes, even a little, I say give it the time it needs.

The Silent Assassin says:

What is funny, is that I tried to point out how Ocarina of Time took longer to make than Twilight Princess at a certain "forum", and a huge flame-fest followed.

Apparently this younger generation of fans believes that because development processes and teams have expanded and grown, games should take a shorter time to come out.

They also argue that Twilight Princess is based on The Wind Waker's game engine, so it should have been out even sooner.

Perhaps they should stop to think about the "shorter" development time for games over the past few years, and the decline in the overall quality in games. It used to be every title was awesome and blockbuster, now it is like the only thing that makes a game great is its laurels and the hype machine. Fans buy into it way too much.

I was outraged at the initial delay because of this one thing: I thought they were moving it to Revolution. It had nothing to do with them taking more time, it was the fact they were going to exploit Zelda once again to cater to the "average fan" and ditch the "core" gamer.

When Reggie went on Spike TV and said "It is SOLELY FOR GCN, it is only playable on Revolution due to backwards compatibility", I wanted to hug that man. Nintendo HAS been using all this time to make Twilight Princess spectacular, and is only focusing on the core game for GAMECUBE, not Revolution.

Now I have no doubts this game will be awesome. I like the thought of a Zelda game coming out near the Holiday season - it gets the Zelda Community very active and it is a prime time for a big name game to head out.

Besides, it's kinda cool with Nintendo being hush-hush for so long. You really don't know what to expect. Personally, if it was possible and feasible, I'd love to experience everything without an "introduction". No movie trailers, no radio previews, and no game trailers or screenshots.

The one person who reminds me of trying to achieve this level of dedication to the element of surprise is Mak. He would avoid everything like the plague regarding Zelda near a release. I remember when The Wind Waker was coming out, he wouldn't even read his Nintendo Power issues he paid for.

Fans have been too spoiled over the past five years. We've had as many games, wait, more games in the past five years than in the previous 15 before that.

Back in the day, it was four games, excluding the CD-i, BS-X and non-GB handhelds, that mattered. I don't like having so many games coming out so fast. After The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap should have been the only Zelda game they released. FS and FSA were not worth it, in the end.

Nor was double dipping on the GBA for the NES Zeldas.

I have hope that Twilight Princess will restore the prestiege Zelda once had. I still have faith in it, and I firmly believe this fall the past years of this bad stigma with Zelda will be destroyed.

That is why I can wait. I know the pay off will be awesome.

Person says:

You know, with all of this talk about knee-jerk responses, I must admit to yelling because of a delay and buying into hype. I honestly will laugh when somebody on a forum gives this game a bad review because it took so long to make. I beleive that today's younger generation beleives that delay=bad. They have seen the delays like Geist and Fable and beleive that if these overhyped games could fall below expectations, Zelda must be next. I'm willing to bet that when TP comes out, everyone will either forget the delay altogether, or complain that it took too long to make.
In short, today's gamers want instant gratification instead of having to wait for greatness.

Anime James says:

Thanks for putting me in there somewhere, l-o-s. I hate it when my opinions go unnoticed. tongue.gif

...Though, I'm still not consoled. Aonuma's still leading the project, and his methods of gameplay are very different from Miyamoto's in some ways. He's the experimentor. Majora's Mask was contained with a window of three days, Wind Waker was cel-shaded, and now we see Zelda's glorious return to its origins in 3D. Still, I'm struggling with the thought that Nintendo is a money-sucking machine. My experience in such matters is screaming in my ears, saying that the Zelda series exists to provide men with money. Miyamoto was someone I could trust to make a dependable game, but Aonuma didn't create the series. He stepped in and took over. Since then the series has suffered. Could this be because one of the game industry's few respectable developers left? Possibly. We live in a world riddled with evil, where people are raped on the streets, cursing is commonplace, and lies are spread left and right. Businessmen are often the most corrupt, and the thought that Nintendo, previously such a popular company is making games simply to please people makes me extremely skeptical.

Of course, I want to believe that there are good people at Nintendo, but we've seen a steady decline in the series, ever since Aonuma took over. Suspicious, isn't it?

Maybe I'm just looking on the dark side of things, but logic and down-to-earth common sense dictate my existance. Sometimes it frustrates me. I've often found the Zelda Community to be too optimistic. Companies are made to make money, not to satisfy people. Nintendo may be the only company that breaks this unbreakable rule. I hope that's the case.

I'm sorry, I sound like a dick. Well, for me it's okay. I've always found that a bit of anxiety before a big release is healthy. It makes me feel human.

Oh, and l-o-s...telling impatient people not to be impatient is like telling an adult to stop being an adult, it doesn't happen. Besides, impatience is one of humanity's greatest! I can't live without the giant sense of relief after so long of desperate waiting. It feels great. So i will continue to be impatient untilthe game is released, and I will enjoy/hate every minute of it.

By the way, try typing an article and look at the dark side of things some time. It may or may not make you realize some things you didn't want to. You never know. You can't always complete a puzzle without seeing all the pieces.

LinksLove says:

I honestly believe that TP will be more than worth the wait, and that Wind Waker's main quest was far too short. I admit that when I read about the latest delay, I was a touch disappointed, but I quickly recovered because Nintendo should take all the time they need to perfect the game; we'd all regret it if TP was rushed.

Slow and steady wins the race... or perfects a game!

Hero of Winds says:

I've made my comments in the actual update thread, but I've got to say this: TSA, you are the apex of a Nintendo apologist. It's almost disturbing.

freeformjazz says:

I have to admit i was and still am disappointed at the push to fall. There is no doubt in my mind that the game will be anything short of amazing. I am curious to know how this works into nintendo's buisness strategy, as far as i know (which is very little mind you) this doesnt bode well for nintendo, due in part to the release date so close to nintendo revolution. Just a thought i guess.

Modesty says:

See...the only thing that bothers me about the delay is my Pre-order of the thing. I've pre-ordered the game in October of 2005. When they had that November 2006 change up on the Best Buy site I cancelled. Then Re-Pre-Ordered later when the release was going to be in May.

It's just inconvientent because I've been moving around a lot. That's the only qualm I have about it. biggrin.gif

burnttoast2 says:

I agree with you.I may only be 16 but I still find a love of the game that will make me buy it as soon as I can, Which by the way , will be EVEN LONGER than most of you as I live in the middle of nowhere (northern South Dakota on the border of ND.) so so anybody who complais about a little wait should just shut up. I can wait.

Nice article Lord of Shadows, your little speaches are great. no one can catch a fish in 5 minutes.

Psithurism says:

Well, the title is a bit overly melodramatic, but you've hit on many good points. Given Nintendo's track record, this newest delay didn't hit me like a ton of bricks. I hate to make generalizations, but I think older fans - the ones that had to wait for ALttP and OoT - can handle this while people pulled into the series by Ocarina expect Nintendo to spit out Zelda games at an unrealistic pace.

link_aidman says:

All I can say is " You are right ". I'm totally convainced.

Blade says:

I would like to speak on behalf of the Gamecube from Japan's standpoint if you will...considering the "death" of the gamecube, you can't really assume that. I say this because even as we speak, games are still being released for the Sega Dreamcast...that's right, you heard me....Dreamcast still is getting games published in, take Gamecube in this perspective...a lot of the games (namely shooters such as Ikaruga) are ported over to Gamecube as well as many other games from Sega among other companies. Twilight Princess will NOT be Gamecube's Swan Song...I can guarantee that. Also, as many Zelda fans are out there, there are a great many other RPGs we can and will be playing this year...Valkyrie Profile 2 for example. Be a global gamer and you'll never be discontent in that regard.

Linkmaster says:

To be honest, i'm one of those people who's been stupidly impatient for the game, but reading all of the excellent points you've put forwards has completely changed my view on it. I agree with everything you said, and looking back at WW, i have to agree with you. I dreaded getting to the triforce shard part of the game,i thought it lacked in any... i don't know how to say it in words but... i think it made me lose 'motive' to keep on playing. Windwaker is an amazing game, but as you rightfully said, is lacking in a certain style. I just hope that TP is as good as we're all expecting.

Mudora says:

I must say this artical took the words right out of my mouth. Yes... we all must keep calm heads about this. When it comes it comes. And to tell you the turth, I would like to fugure more about the game than anything else before I get my grubby little hands on it.

When this E3 comes up, it's going to be full of fun surprises that I will want to learn about.

The thing is when I want to by a game, I want to know the storyline atleast a little bit. I want to know what you have to do, and Nintendo hasn't exactly told us what is wrong yet, other than the fact that Ganon is up to something yet again. (which is great... yippee!)

So, all we can do is wait and learn, and then go on with our normal lives until the moment we have all been waiting for comes.

Rosie Roze says:

I think that, if you really think about it, TP's delay was always obvious. I know I've mentioned this in another comment, but I'll say it again: if TP were really coming out soon, we would have gotten some news about the features, or seen some advertising for it.

I think part of the reason the community got so up in arms is that nobody WANTED to believe that TP could be delayed again. The evidence of the delay was right in front of us, I had my suspicions, but like everyone else, I didn't want to believe that the game could be delayed again. Luckily, my common sense kicked in when the delay happened, and I didn't get upset, but other people were incredibly dissapointed, and acted without thinking. Hopefully, now that there have been two delays, us fans will be able to read the signs if there is (Nayru forbid...) another delay, and the reactions of at least some people will be less impulsive.

Hope that made sense smile.gif

I'm glad to hear that this has happened with other Zelda games.

kitty says:

i just want the game already!!!!

Jade says:

Hmm, what can I say? A lot of people have already voiced my opinions. I get what you mean about music and looking back, redoing, taking things out and putting things in. I was thinking about it and realized that, as a writer, it's very like writing a book. You can't jsut rush throught the rough draft then try to publish it. No one will want to read it and you find yourself disgusted with it.

I also agree with everyone about WW. Every time I try to play it, I yawn and stop in the middle of it. It's just plain boring! I'd much rather TP didn't wind up that way.

I can't give any professional sounding comments on this, because I have only played ALttP, OoT, MM, and WW. I have no idea about any of the people you mentioned except Miyamato.

So thanks LoS for writing this article, it really helped to calm my nerves. No matter how much any of us complain (and I am including myself) the game won't come out any faster. We need to just wait, it'll come and it'll be the best game ever! (In my opinion. I don't know about anyone else.)

Hylian Fox says:

I've made my comments on the update thread as well, and I have run out of things to say. I agree with L-O-S, it is the subtlety of the Zelda world that made me such a huge fan those many years ago. If Nintendo needs the time to do it right, then more power to them! Silence, Patience, and most of all FAITH!

Hylian Fox says:

P.S. I've NEVER gotten the loach! I've done practically everything in OoT, I even ran around the countryside writing down what every gossip stone said! I won a freaking COW! But I can never catch or even see that darn fish! l;angry.gif

Hylian Fox says:

P.P.S. Sorry, but one last post. I do love the Wind Waker and I did get every figurine! (with my green character even, not the one that starts with the picto box) But the shell collecting from the Minish Cap was a better way to do it.

Turless says:

I couldn't agree more, l-o-s. Wind Waker disappointed me in many ways, though I still enjoyed playing it. It took far to long to travel from one island to another, and although that makes it somewhat more realistic, it is not fun for long, despite the fact that they tried to keep you busy with treasure hunting and that little flag-rupee game. Unfortunately, these features could delay your reaching your destination even more, meaning more time wasted doing nothing in particular. This was boring to do AND to see (oh look, more ocean!). I liked the weather mechanism, though. And like Melora said, what's the deal with Hyrule? Gone forever? NOT COOL! l;ouch.gif

And what's being too optimistic? I think a little bit of positive attitude can go a long way.

One last thing; I have said it many times, but I just like saying it I guess. I have no doubt that Twilight Princess is going to be an amazing game, possibly the best ever, just as they promised. And even though Miyamoto does not actively participate as much as he used to, the game STILL has to pass his standards, and I find that to be rather reassuring. What else is there to say except that it'll get here when it gets here, and it will be good.

Oh yeah, btw, I've never caught the loach either. Stupid fish. sleep.gif:-->l;-_-.gif

Turless says:

P.S. I just realized that there was one more thing I wnated to say. I don't care what anyone says, Majora's Mask is my FAVORITE Zelda game. So there.

(What's the deal with those emoticons in my last comment?) ;lo_o.gif

lemm says:

Really looking forward to this game. I reckon it will be worth every second of the wait. Good things take time.

Marthinas says:

It's official: Lord of Shadow is my Yang, Anime James is my Yin. Both make excellent points, and I like how Anime James sees the wisdom in viewing the darker side of things.

However, in this instance, the Yang prevails. Nintendo isn't just about money. That's that.

Oh, and Psithurism, I did not play a Zelda game until the year 2000 (OoT), but I'm at least as big a Zelda fan as you -- and as patient. Just so ya know, that's all. I really don't believe that the amount of time someone has been a fan of anything dictates just how much a fan they are; nor is age directly a measure of wisdom (or patience). But I see what you were saying.

I also believe that Twilight Princess will be my favorite game ever. In fact, I KNOW it -- I don't care if that seems presumptuous, or illogical. I am more sure of that than I am sure of the existence of any God.

And Turless, I'm with you on Majora's Mask -- but I consider Ocarina of Time AND Majora's Mask my favorite game (not games). Basically, enjoy pretending that it's all one game about the Hero of Time, and that OoT has the story, music and characters I love most, while MM, in my opinion, is superior in EVERY other way.

I caught the Hylian Loach for the first time ever just a few months ago!

Blade says:

I actually had a bit of a different experience when I first played Ocarina of Time, to tell the truth it was the very first Zelda I had ever considered playing. The old Zelda games for me were simply too difficult to get past without dying. One memorable aspect I recall that I still treasure to this day, is that I actually managed to get an earful of the "controversial" version of the Fire Temple's music with the Islamic Chants. Even if many folks around here have never heard that version of the song, or perhaps they think it is antireligious in nature...I still say the effect of men singing in the Temple of Fire was something to behold. It's that sort of little details that you really learn to appreciate in games like Zelda, even if they're controversial...because it's more than just a religious believe in the eyes of the Zelda's about people and stories, and Legends.

Turless says:

All one game about the Hero of Time. That's a pretty awesome way to think of it, Marthinas! *proceeding to act like it was my idea*

Marthinas says:

Haha, now just imagine if Link returned to Hyrule at the end of Majora's Mask... and it became a life-sim game like Harvest Moon... with plenty of action and adventure quests thrown in... and he actually has to choose a wife... and grow crops and raise animals... and become the mayor, or even the king...

Yes, that's absolutely ridiculous and not "Zelda." And yes, I would love it and be obsessed with it anyway.

Psithurism says:

Marthinas, I was just saying that older fans of the series have had their endurance tested, while some newer fans haven't. I wasn't trying to knock on figurative "n00bies" lol. =)

Marthinas says:

Sorry Psithursim, I didn't mean to sound defensive. Haha, "Zelda" and "n00bies" just don't quite go together, do they?

Chaltab says:

Are we actually certain this is a NEW delay? At first all we heard was that it was delayed until after the fiscal year ended on March 31st, but I never remember Nintendo setting a concrete date.

Link_Dream says:

Well, all i can say is this. You can look at the glass as half full, or you can look at the glass as half empty. Full Glass: They're making the game better, right? Empty Glass: Another year wait... Yawn.

Kavi_Darkwolf says:

Actually, on, I only saw that it was coming out in 2006. It never said anything about a spring release. I only heard that it was coming out at the end of May from you lot. I don't think they ever intended to release it this spring. Do you?

Turless says:

So true! Seems kind of weird if you think of it as getting worked up over a missed release date that was never really announced in the first place.

Marthinas says:

Yeah, the only reason I didn't think that the spring release was just a rumor is because stores like GameStop and were saying that Twilight Princess would be out on April 4, and then on June 1.

lord-of-shadow says:

Yes, that's correct... there never was a confirmed release date for this time of year. The only reason I'm treating it as a real delay is because everyone else is reacting like it is one.

Hylian Fox says:

Not to get off the subject, but although I've never caught the loach, I've always wanted to hear the Fire Temple's original theme more. l;glare.gif

Jade Gerudo/Sheikan/Latvian Girl says:

When the heck did anyone say that it was coming out on June 1? I'm starting think that these retailers are messing with our minds...l;suspicious.gif Does anyone else?

viper says:

I agree with turless on zelda majoras mask, i thought it was a great game, every mask does something specail and although you only have three days, you can go back intime and start your time again, on OoT i wished that you could experience being a zora, but the mask done absolutly nohtin, which i thought was a shame, OoT is stioll a great game my second favorite to be exact, but majoras mask beats it, they didn't make link older, but they did make him act more mature and like more of a hero, he could use things like the hookdhot, which on OoT you had to be an adult to use, which proves that he is in fact now stronger than before, also if you take the time to think about it, MM had a great amount of detail and extras seeing as how its delay wasn't that long.