Ocarina of Time Master Quest

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U.S. Release

- GameCube
- February 16, 2003
Ocarina of Time: Master Quest

Japanese Release

- GameCube
- December 13 2002
Toki no Ocarina GC Ura (Ocarina of Time GC Other Side)

Ocarina of Time
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Ura Zelda was originally planned to be a re-make of Ocarina of Time, to be released on the 64 Disk Drive (64DD) add on for the N64. The 64DD had the capability to store large amounts of saved data, so Ura Zelda was planned to be interactive in some way. However, the game was delayed countless times, and eventually the 64DD was released briefly and then canned.

Now, as part of their pre-order campaign for the upcoming GameCube Zelda game "The Wind Waker," Nintendo is offering a GameCube bonus disc to those who pre-order the game. This campaign has already been through Japan, and has now come to the U.S. This bonus disc includes a re-release of Ocarina of Time and a stripped-down version of Ura Zelda. The OoT re-release is exactly the same as the original game, with the same graphics running at a slightly higher resolution. Ura Zelda, on the other hand, is a re-make of OoT, albeit without the originally planned interactive features. In the U.S., Ura Zelda is known as Master Quest. The changes are listed below.


Master Quest offers the same graphics and story as the original OoT. However, certain things are mixed around. Dungeon layouts are slightly different, with moved items, new or modified puzzles, and enemies in different places. The dungeons are generally more difficult to play, and offer something new and challenging for those who have already played OoT. The idea is similar to the "second quest" in the original LoZ.
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