Twilight Princess Articles

Having completed Twilight Princess, I have far too much too think and say to confine it to a single review. I tend to think that it's a bit foolish for fansites to review the games of the series anyways; leave that to places like IGN. So with that in mind, I've decided to put down my thoughts on the game in a series of articles, which will probably touch on other Zelda games as well. There are spoilers in all of the following articles.

  • #1: The End
    The first article of this series. In it, Max talks about the endings of the series in general and Twilight Princess in particular, and the role of sacrifice in their impact.
    Last Updated: Dec 12 2006

  • #2: The Characters
    In this set of articles, I explain my thoughts on the characters of Twilight Princess in detail.
    Last Updated: Jan 13 2007