Twilight Princess

Using a similar compression scheme as FSA this game was a bit worse to dump, because there is so much data scattered around in the game. After that problem was solved this is the current result. Take note that there is no Comparision Table for the simple reason that the dialogue is out of synch at some places. Another reason is that with an html file of over 5 MB your browser could even crash in some cases so I left it out here. Maybe sometime in the future this table may be completed. Anyway, the dump was decompressed/dumped/formatted by Iron Knuckle.

One of the most peculiar things about this game is that there are a lot of debug messages to be found. See if you can trace them down. Also note that because these files are so gigantic (for simple .txt files 1 MB is a lot) I took the liberty to remove all empty filler messages to make the files a bit easier to read.

Japanese Version

Formatted Text Dumps (.TXT Format):
Japanese (Unicode) (1.84 MB)
Formatted Text Dumps (.HTML Format):
Japanese (Shift-JIS) (1.4 MB)

European Version

Formatted Text Dumps (.TXT Format):
Formatted Text Dumps (.HTML Format):
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