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Last comments - Ocarina of Time
linkfight.gif3185 viewsYoung Link attacking two killer plants with a red spin attack.4 comments08/13/06 at 01:37Link_Fan790: Not bad for a young'un
linkdragon.jpg2329 viewsLink fighting Volvagia.2 comments08/13/06 at 01:36Link_Fan790: woah! cooler than the first one!
linkart.jpg2494 viewsCinema scene of Link.3 comments08/13/06 at 01:35Link_Fan790: That pic is ANIME all over! i love it!
kingzora.jpg1757 viewsKing Zora.3 comments08/13/06 at 01:34Link_Fan790: He looks like a guy I know...when ever that partic...
hyrulecastle.jpg2970 viewsHyrule Castle.2 comments08/13/06 at 01:32Link_Fan790: I LOVE sneaking by the gaurds! It's fun and ea...
ganontower.jpg4691 viewsGanon's Tower.3 comments08/13/06 at 01:29Link_Fan790: I wish they had a larger image so i could print th...
darunia3.jpg2285 viewsDarunia in front of a flame that resembles Volvagia.5 comments08/13/06 at 01:26Link_Fan790: The way Darunia dances kind of freaks me out. I me...
05-poster.jpgGroup Poster5027 viewsSource: Scanned and Edited by Melora- From the Versus Books Guide (US)4 commentsMelora08/13/06 at 01:25Link_Fan790: I LOVE this picture! it portrays the laps of time ...
05-ll-templeoftime.jpgLink and the Temple of Time3817 viewsSource: Scanned and Edited by Melora- From the Versus Books Guide (US)5 commentsMelora08/13/06 at 01:21Link_Fan790: Oh...So Legendary...By the way, what makes the mas...
05-ll-sittingwithzelda.jpgLittle Link and Zelda3888 viewsSource: Scanned and Edited by Melora- From the Game Stop Exclusive Guide by Prima (US) and a small paste over from -the booklet I think- because there was text on Link's boots.7 commentsMelora08/13/06 at 01:16Link_Fan790: Hey Seventh Sage, you probably wish you were there...
05-ll-dekutree.jpgLink and the Great Deku Tree2821 viewsSource: Scanned and Edited by Melora- From the Versus Books Guide (US)3 commentsMelora08/13/06 at 01:13Link_Fan790: What excactly is that long thing under the deku tr...
05-al-volvagia.jpgLink vs Volvagia4988 viewsSource: Scanned and Edited by Melora- From the Versus Books Guide (US) There's an even larger one further in that was posted by Lord of Shadow further in the gallery.6 commentsMelora08/13/06 at 01:08Link_Fan790: All the expressive...It...
AndSwallowsLink.jpg581 viewsFrom nintendo.com1 comments08/13/06 at 01:07Fierce_Deity_fan: Dunh Dunh Daaa!!! Ok on to the next one...
05-al-linkandganon.jpgLink and Ganon4400 viewsSource: Scanned and Edited by Melora- From the Nintendo Power Official Player's Guide (US)3 commentsMelora08/13/06 at 01:07Link_Fan790: Look, Link is trying to block Ganon's ugly fac...
05-al-battlescene.jpgBattle Scene4947 viewsSource: Scanned and Edited by Melora- From the Versus Books Guide (US)3 commentsMelora08/13/06 at 01:06Link_Fan790: Sheik and Link side to side.....*Sigh*
zeldachars.jpg5503 viewsCharacters from Zelda 64.5 comments08/08/06 at 15:32Dorkwithaspork: I love this pic. its so cool!
jabujabu.jpg2701 viewsJabu-Jabu5 commentslord-of-shadow08/08/06 at 15:26Dorkwithaspork: I dont know what they were feeding this fish but t...
octorok.jpg2343 viewsOctorok, the water enemy that spits rocks at you.10 comments08/04/06 at 02:00Elphaba Boy: This is actually the Big Octo from Jabu Jabu's...
05-ll-stump.jpgSitting on a Stump2529 viewsSources: Scanned and Edited by Melora. I believe I found it in the Versus Books Guide (US)1 commentsMelora07/31/06 at 23:22zora_kid#2: i love this pic
zeldachars2.jpg2600 viewsBetter version of previous image.2 commentsRicky07/31/06 at 12:39star_breaker: Lush.
windmill.jpg2285 viewsThe Kakariko Village windmill.2 comments07/31/06 at 12:39star_breaker: Um, a little corny... like something out of a farm...
ruto.jpg2430 viewsRuto, princess of the Zoras, with the Spiritual Stone of Water.5 comments07/31/06 at 12:38star_breaker: Yeah, I know. Deceiving little water-dweller.
ocarina98poster.jpg2345 views3 commentsRicky07/31/06 at 12:37star_breaker: It;s my favourite... is that a raptor behind Link?...
raurusheik.jpg2713 viewsRauru, the sage of light, and Sheik.3 comments07/31/06 at 12:37star_breaker: Nice...
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