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Last comments - The Minish Cap
link4.jpg1444 views3 commentsdavogones08/31/06 at 00:15crazychicken: lol
link3.gif1784 views3 commentsdavogones08/31/06 at 00:14crazychicken: Ow... I feel bad for link
link4.gif2107 views3 commentsdavogones08/30/06 at 23:42crazychicken: Now you know what it feels like to have a smart-ta...
minish.gif2289 views5 commentsdavogones08/29/06 at 23:31Ali1048: I love the minish people. They are so adorable :-...
TMC-Art-1.jpg1473 views1 commentsIron Knuckle08/29/06 at 03:26crazychicken: I like that
StainedGlass.png1166 views2 commentslord-of-shadow08/29/06 at 03:26crazychicken: well, it's a tree.
scene4.jpg1406 views1 commentslord-of-shadow08/29/06 at 03:25crazychicken: oh no!!! ...what are we scared at??
mushrooms.jpg1480 views1 commentslord-of-shadow08/29/06 at 03:24crazychicken: O have this as mah background.
minish_cap_artwork.jpg1446 views1 commentslord-of-shadow08/29/06 at 03:23crazychicken: me likey
vaati.jpg2587 views5 commentslord-of-shadow08/29/06 at 03:22crazychicken: vaati scares me....
link9.jpg1895 views1 commentsRicky08/29/06 at 03:21crazychicken: ha, look at ezlo.
minishcapposter.jpg2439 views1 commentsRicky08/29/06 at 03:20crazychicken: *pokes cricket with a toothpick* cricket: *eats my...
link2.jpg1701 views6 commentsdavogones08/25/06 at 16:19picori_girl: i like ezlo. hehe, he's such a cute little sid...
StainedGlass.png1166 views2 commentslord-of-shadow08/25/06 at 16:16picori_girl: cute
107 - Fire Wizzrobe.png
107 - Fire Wizzrobe.png420 views1 commentsdavogones05/19/06 at 18:30YamiLink: Fire Wizzrobe: Appears in the Palace of Winds. The...
108 - Ice Wizzrobe.png
108 - Ice Wizzrobe.png407 views1 commentsdavogones05/19/06 at 18:30YamiLink: Ice Wizzrobe: Appears in the Palace of Winds. They...
109 - Wisp.png
109 - Wisp.png396 views1 commentsdavogones05/19/06 at 18:29YamiLink: Wisp: Appears in dungeons. They float in midair. T...
114 - Crow & Takkuri.png
114 - Crow & Takkuri.png497 views1 commentsdavogones05/19/06 at 18:28YamiLink: Crow & Takkuri: Appears in various areas. The ...
067 - Spookter & Spekter.png
067 - Spookter & Spekter.png537 views1 commentsdavogones05/19/06 at 18:28YamiLink: Spookter & Spekter: Ghosts from the Royal Vall...
036 - Joy Butterfly.png
036 - Joy Butterfly.png600 views1 commentsdavogones05/19/06 at 18:26YamiLink: Joy Butterfly: A rare butterfly said to bring happ...
104 - Pestor.png
104 - Pestor.png386 views1 commentsdavogones05/19/06 at 18:26YamiLink: Pesto: Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc. The...
125 - Gyorg Pair.png
125 - Gyorg Pair.png744 views1 commentsdavogones05/19/06 at 18:24YamiLink: Gyorg Pair: Appears in Palace of Winds. Females ar...
032 - Percy.png
032 - Percy.png501 views1 commentsdavogones05/19/06 at 18:24YamiLink: Percy: A poet who lives in Western Wood. He comes ...
077 - Ghini.png
077 - Ghini.png549 views1 commentsdavogones05/19/06 at 18:22YamiLink: Ghini: Appears in the Royal Valley, etc. These da...
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