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Giants...jpgGiants...199 viewsWow... I did this in like September 0_o... Anyway, however lame this comic may be, I still enjoy it, and if you happen to like it, I have a whole bunch of Zelda comics I did in the summer... Btw, the girl is supposed to be Malon...Melundomeiel
kk.jpgKiichi and Kouji's water fight278 viewsWhen I was a kid, my brother and I used to love to play with the hose on hot days. Its January, and its not hot. So I drew a cute, summery picture. Kiichi (silver hair) and Kouji (red hair) have just got done playing with eachother. And that frog. Kouji's a little shy, and looks like he was caught off-guard. Kiichi just smiles happily with his arm around his brother's shoulder...

I don't really like how the coloring came out, it looks better if you don't see the full-size image.
5 commentsChibi-Kokiri
link_and_navi_by_Pyrofish.jpglink and navi186 viewsi drew this over the past summer and never got around to coloring it.1 commentspyrofish
link_from_loz.jpgLink from loz154 viewsI was bored in summer school algebra.
So I decided to draw link in chibi form.

sorry about the paper that's all I had..... ;_;
1 commentsatamari 101
melora_summerdays.jpgSummer Days979 views--Very Large File-Wallpaper Size--
Done for a little fan art event I was having at my site, this is just a bunch of the characters coming from the beach. I was tired of the fan idea that Malon and Zelda would be fighting over Link for some reason, so they're friends here AND ignoring him as much as they would be anyone else. :p I drew a quick sketch and did most of it in photoshop
12 commentsMelora
Picori stained glass colour.jpg
Picori stained glass colour.jpgPicori Stained Glass376 viewseverithing on this is symbolic ... and made up by me ^^U guess that explains the poor creativity - -u
o well ^^U ther's an animal, a plant and a festival mevery season.

spring the season of flowers, the animal of the season is the butterfly, this is the season of the planitng festival(it explains the seed on the minish's hands)

summer the season of clover, the animal of the season is the bee, becouse it works hard and it's a fierce warrior, the kinstone festival
is celebrated on this season

fall the season of mushrooms, the animal of the season is the dragonfly, the golden leaf festival is celebrated on that season

winter the season of weeds, the animal of the season is the moth becouse it is the only one that can survive the cold, the music festival is celebrated that season
9 commentsDust_Bunny
Summers Eve.jpg
Summers Eve.jpgSummers Eve248 viewsCan't think of a caption. Any suggestions?3 commentscoasty30
summershadow.pngSummer Shadow458 viewsThis is my contest entry pic for the Summer contest at the Shadow Link club on DeviantArt.

Shadow's just relaxing under the sun and perks up when he hears a "SPASH!" (that's what the japanese text says). Probably from Blue XD

Shadow Link (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
4 commentsKeitii
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