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Master_Sword.PNGMaster Sword105 viewsWell I'm back, I'm not sure for how long...I'm working on two drawings one is with armor >< and the other my OC Christine Okada. The armor is taking FOREVER! ><# I'll try to get it done soon, but here's a better verison of the Twilight Princess Master Sword :) I know the sides needs to be a bit longer but i'm lazy to go back on that XDD so there.

Twilight Princess Master Sword © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
10 commentsAmy122
saria.PNGSaria105 viewsAnd a tree! Saria looks like she's about to start crying. Link probably left or maybe her pet rabbit got eaten by a Deku Scrub (shush, it could happen). How do you pronounce Deku anyway? I've been saying it like doo-kew, but is that correct? Anyways, back to the pic, it is very green is it not? And um... I don't know...
Saria (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I do requests
9 commentshauu13
structo.jpgVaati Meets a Nightmaren105 viewsThe Nightmaren is Structo, my NiGHTS OC. She will probably be in my fic in some of the people's nightmares. In the drawing; Vaati's trying to lull her into a sense of false security and then hit her with magic, but I doubt that will work.
Vaati (c) nintendo
NiGHTS, Nightmaren (c) sega
Structo, art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
trumpet.PNGZant playing a trumpet105 viewsTitle says it all. Didn't feel like putting the note placement (E, F, etc.) just the articulation and rhythm.
Zant (c) nintendo
rhythm from "Hymn to the Red October" by Basil Poledouris (c) 1990 by Ensign Music Corporation
art (c) hauu13
11 commentshauu13
WaDogh_Numbaseben.jpgMoblin Warrior105 viewsa friendly Moblin warrior1 commentsOuroboros
Copy_(3)_of_scan0006.jpgHauu13s B-Day picture104 viewsHere ya go!!!
3 commentszeldamovie?no!!!
MidnaMakeover.jpgMidna's Makeover104 viewsThis pic is of Midna. I put her in imp form, but gave her the skirt she wears in her true form. I also gave her a different hairstyle.myzeldamyrules
monkey.PNGThe Insanity Within is... Overwhelming...104 viewsOh gee, who did Zenia kill now? This is pretty uch Zen under the sway of Asmodeus' curse, as you can see (or maybe you can't) her eye is the same icy blue as his. This can also happen when her dragon form takes over, causing her to kill and devour any living thing in sight.
Zenia, art (c) hauu13
I will do requests.
5 commentshauu13
Navi_and_Dragon.jpgNavi and Dragon104 viewsI came up with this the day after a stormy night.
All of you know Navi but I came up with Dragon.
Dragon is what I call a Dark fairy.
Shadow Link's fairy is what I thought maybe the Dark Link from OoT could have a fairy.
(He is a copy of Link so this is what I came up with.)
I put Navi here because Dragon is kinda a copy of Navi. (but Dragon is a boy)
nl.jpgLink as a Nightmaren104 viewsYeah. I know you can't really see it, but there is a red gem on his belt and on his collar. It's there because in NiGHTS the red Ideya symbolifies courage. And yeah, that's it.
Link (c) nintendo
Nightmaren, Ideya (c) sega
art (c) hauu13
I take requests.
2 commentshauu13
fire.PNGVaati 103 viewsThis is what happens when I listen to Hell is For Children. Vaati's in the pic because the song is about chld abuse, and my background for Vaati shows him as an abused child.
Vaati (c) nintendo
Hell is For Children (c) Pat Benatar
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
Haruko_s_Knife.PNGHaruko's Knife103 viewsHe uses this in battles and times when he uses his daggers too. When I upload his picture I will explain everything about him.

Haruko's Knives © by: Amy122
3 commentsAmy122
Hurry,_Vaati,_before_it_s_too_late!.jpgHurry, before it's too late for her!103 viewsWhat's this?! A strange upload?!
Don't worry guys! I just have a new way of drawing Magma and Vaati. Vaati's the squirrel and Magma's the bunny.
Uh-oh! Vaati went to kill a Wolfos for its fur so he can help a family, and the wolfos pack attacked Magma! Now Vaati has to save her before it's too late!
Hah, don't worry you guys. She'll survive. She is the Dark Princess!
Magma's my character.
Vaati and the Wolfos are copyright to Nintendo.
Art is copyright to me.
Steal or claim and you'll die, kay?
5 commentsVaati_Lover
LoZ2_Forest.jpgZelda 2 AoL Forest103 viewsThe forests from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. I used a screenshot from a manual scan as reference. Watch out for Moblins!DBoyWheeler
lxr.jpgLeldXRyouiki for Princess of Twilight103 viewsHope you like it PT! I think the digital camera killed it, though.
Lelda, Ryouiki (c) Princess of Twilight
art (c) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
Shadow_and_Darky-the_meeting.jpgShadow and Darky-the meeting103 viewsHere's Shadow and Darky meeting for the first time, and they are confused. Green is watching them, sighing because he knows that something bad is going to happen. He's smaller then them because when they are confused, they grow two times their own size.
Yes, I realized that Darky's hand is longer then the other. I couldn't fix it. Now it's getting on my nerves. >.<
Shadow and Green is (c) to Nintendo
Darky is (c) to both me and Nintendo. (I only own this VERSION of Dark Link)
Art is (c) to me
Steal or claim and I'll send Butterfly after you!
2 commentsVaati_Lover
spock.PNGStar Trek crossover!103 viewsI just saw the movie and can't seem to get it out of my system! Well anyways, Vio is being Spock and Zelda is being Uhora. This is pretty much the scene where Uhora tells Spock she's sorry his home world has just been destroyed and his mother killed (OOPS! Spoilers!I'm sooo evil.) And what follows is that Uhora kisses Spock... Which is kinda weird... And yep. So basically, its my ZeldaXVio pairing, but at the same time it's the SpockXUhora pairing in this pic.
Spock, Uhora (c) I have no idea, but they must be the awesomest person/people in the universe.
Vio, Zelda (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
8 commentshauu13
Merry_Christmas___08_by_Red_Fan.pngMerry Christmas '08102 viewsChristmas art I drew for 2008. I know... its 2010....Red_Fan
Ocarina_Of_Time.jpgOcarina Of Time102 viewsTraditionally Done with Markers but edited in Photoshop 5 commentsXaldine
OoT_AdultLink.jpgOcarina of Time- Adult Link102 viewsYee hoo!!! (Lol, that's strange...) This is one of my favorites. It is a picture of Adult Link from Ocarina of Time. Sorry, the shield is WAAAAAYYYY >_< But anyway, it took my like, a little over an hour to draw this because I can NEVER get the HANDS right!!!!myzeldamyrules
Saria_s_Sorrow.jpgSaria's Sorrow (uncoloured)102 viewsThis, was a picture I am doing for a video I'm doing about Saria. Link has left her (to get the rest of the spiritual stones) and she's very sad :( ...
I know she's a bit wonky on the paper...
I will have a coloured version coming soon, but it is taking RRREEEAAALLLYYY LLLOOONNNGGG!!!
Anyway, enjoy!
Master_Sword-1.jpgMaster Sword OOT Verison101 viewsAgain it's the samething only with my watermark on it.

Master Sword OOT verison© by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto

neh, I guess i'm accepting may only have to be MS Paint...cause work is just getting in the way...and i'm just tired...
6 commentsAmy122
MinishCap_Link.jpgMinish Cap Link101 views(YAY! First picture after my big clean-up!)This is a picture of Link and Ezlo form the Minish Cap. I made up Link's stance by mixing alot of official artwork together and it came out like this! :)myzeldamyrules
zelda3.jpgzelda 3101 viewsportrait type bust pic of zelda from twilight princessdarklinkbeta200
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