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LoZ2_Plains.jpgZelda 2 AoL Plains96 viewsPlains from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. I used a screen shot from a manual scan as a reference.DBoyWheeler
redmj.pngPrincess of Twilight's request: Red Link, Dancing...96 viewsDoing a little move from Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough". I was watching the music video when I drew this and yeah... Hope you like it PT!
Red (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
Run,_it_s_Navi!.jpgOh noes, it's Navi!96 viewsRun away, Maggra!
Maggra's the lil' foxxy there. Isn't she adorable?
Yeah, I know I put real clothing on Navi. I don't care. I think it's better then her being naked/wearing very revealing clothing.
Maggra is actually not part of a LoZ story, she's more of my OC that I draw for comics.
Maggra is my character.
Navi and LoZ are copyright to Nintendo
Art is copyright to me.
Steal or claim and you'll die, kay?
4 commentsVaati_Lover
seagull.PNGKifan12's request: Waugh!96 viewsThat is WW Link's reaction to having something, no matter how cute, on his head. I wonder if he had a bad experience when he was little? Hope you like it Kifan!
Link, Makar (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I do reqeusts, that I do
4 commentshauu13
ToonLink.jpgToon Link96 viewsThis is a picture of Toon Link. I was looking at a picture of official artwork online and decided to draw it. :)myzeldamyrules
Link_and_Red_by_Red_Fan.jpgLink and Red95 viewsSomething I had done for something else but I edited it so that it can just be a picture.Red_Fan
Sumi.jpgSumi95 viewsThis is Sumi, the Twili. She is going to be in a fan fic I'm going to write. The quote on the side is her main quote. And yes, she does have a wolf tail and ears! She is different from other Twili. She was orphaned and raised by wolves.myzeldamyrules
leaves.PNGLink of the forest94 viewsNothing much to say...
Adult Link (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
TP_Animals.jpgTwilight Princess Animals94 viewsThis is of Ooccoo, Ooccoo Jr., Louise, and Epona. I don't like how Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. turned out, but my favorite was Epona. :)myzeldamyrules
dark-link3.jpgdark link bust93 viewshere's a bust sized pic of dark link it's not quite finished I still have to color it but check it out anyhowdarklinkbeta200
Master_Sword.jpgMaster Sword93 viewsThis is the Twilight Princess version of the Master Sword. myzeldamyrules
sleepy.jpgEllvyre and Enway, "Do we have to be awake?"93 viewsThey're so sleepy, they must have stayed up too late or might have had a tiring day. Yep...
Ellvyre, Enway, art (c) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
Din_the_Godess_of_Power3.jpgDin92 viewsThis drawing bugs me. End of story.FaerieEpona
Link_Walking_by_Red_Fan.pngLink Walking92 viewsDrew this when I got bored one day. I was trying out a new style at the time.Red_Fan
Makeover_Zelda.jpgZelda- Makeover92 viewsThis is a picture of Zelda, but I put her in a different outfit.myzeldamyrules
nabooru.jpgSage of Spirit, Nabooru92 viewsThat is how you spell her name, right? I probably messed up an awful lot of details, but who cares?
Nabooru (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I'm open for requests...
4 commentshauu13
twinkie.PNGStreet Gang Ganon!92 viewsThis is a product of me watching WAY too much West Side Story. At least he's not singing and dancing, yet. That would be kinda creepy... I wonder what gang he's in? (If you people have no idea what West Side Story is, tell me.)
Ganondorf (c) nintendo
West Side Story (c) Mirisch Pictures
art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
Vaati-Fairy_with_colors.jpgVaati-Fairy92 viewsNo, this isn't Vaati as a Fairy! It's actually a Fairy that somehow managed to look like Vaati. The REAL Vaati found this little fairy, named it after himself, and took good care of it.
The Zelda Race, Fairy, is (c) to Nintendo
Vaati is (c) to Nintendo
Vaati-Fairy is (c) to me XD
Art is (c) to me
Don't steal or claim, kay?
2 commentsVaati_Lover
Handrawn_Red_by_Red_Fan.jpgHandrawn Red91 viewsA handrawn pictutre of Red from the mangaRed_Fan
img007_(5).jpgFIERCE DIETY LINK90 viewsIt's a rough sketch of oni Link or fierce diety link I just did I hope you like :]kjrules
LoZ2_Cave.jpgZelda 2 AoL Cave90 viewsCave from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. I used a manual screenshot as a reference, and added a little artistic license.DBoyWheeler
Thanks_for_the_1_000_OvO_by_Red_Fan.pngA Thanks90 viewsThis was a thanks picture for getting 1,000 views in my Deviantart file.Red_Fan
Xmas_Present__Marjojing_by_Red_Fan.pngXmas Present90 viewsThis was an Xmas present for a friend. Green looks mature on here....Red_Fan
Kokiri_Sword.jpgKokiri Sword89 viewsYes I know it's in my gallery, but I had to put my watermark on it.

Kokiri Sword OOT verison by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
9 commentsAmy122
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