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A History of Masks
Game: TMC
A Hyrulean Bestiary
Game: TMC
Game: TWW
Description: Family man, married to Rose with two sons, Joel and Zill. Lives on Outset Island and keeps pigs as pets.
Game: AoL
Description: A common bat-like enemy. Normally found in forests and caves. Some townsfolk are really Aches in disguise. They attack by swooping down on their victims. Red Aches turn into Achemen when they touch the ground.
See Also: Acheman, Fire Keese, Ice Keese, Big Keese, Keese, Bad Bat
Game: AoL
Description: A red Ache that can take on a demon-like form and spit fireballs. Also takes a bit more abuse than a normal Ache.
See Also: Ache
Game: TMC
Game: OoA
Description: Once an advisor to Queen Ambi, this old man resides in the past of Labrynna.
Adult's Wallet
Games: OoT, MM
Advance Shop
Games: OoS, OoA
Description: A special shop that will only be open when you play on a GBA.
Games: ALttP SNES, OoS, ALttP GBA
Description: A wizard who stopped sudden disasters in Hyrule, and was made royal advisor. Actually a pawn of Ganon. Used his power to take over the throne and kidnap the seven sages' descendants. Used their power to break the seven sages' seal. Can only be defeated by bouncing his magic back at him. Also mini-boss of level 4, Dancing Dragon Dungeon, in OoS.
Agahnim's Shadow
Game: LA
Age of Chaos
Game: LoZ
Age of Shadow
Game: OoA
Description: Veran hopes to create her age of shadow by spreading her influence throughout the past.
Games: ALttP SNES, ALttP GBA
Description: A wise man who is hiding in a cave in the Desert of Mystery.
Game: TWW
Description: Rito who, along with his childhood friend, Skett, serves as the chieftain's guard and uses antiquated language.
Game: TWW
Description: Korok that tends to a Deku Tree on Cliff Plateau Isles at G6.
All-Night Mask
Game: MM
All-Purpose Bait
Game: TWW
Description: Little red lumps of food sold in Beedle's shop ships that attract many creatures, including seagulls, rats, and pigs.
Game: OoA
Description: Ambi is the benevolent queen of Labrynna in the past. During the first portion of the game, she is strongly influenced by Nayru, who is controlled by Veran. In the second half of the game, Ambi is directly under Veran's control.
Ambi's Palace
Game: OoA
Description: The Palace where Queen Ambi resides. It can be found north of Lynna Village, in the past. Its ruins are still around in the present.
Ambi's Tower
Game: OoA
Description: A great tower built by order of Queen Ambi. She hopes to guide her missing sea-faring husband home with it. Called the Black Tower after Nayru's arrival.
Games: OoT, MM
Ancient Adler's House
Game: OoA
Description: A small house near the center of Lynna Village, in the past. Adlar, an old advisor to Queen Ambi, lives there.
Ancient Castle of Ikana
Game: MM
Ancient Cave
Game: OoA
Description: A sign outside of the Wing Dungeon, the second dungeon of Oracle of Ages, describes it as an ancient cave.
Ancient Ruins
Game: OoS
Description: The sixth level, located North East of Horon Village. Items: Magic Boomerang, Blowing Wind. Miniboss: Vire. Boss: Manhandla.
Ancient Tomb
Game: OoA
Description: The eighth and final dungeon of Oralce of Ages. It is located in the Sea of No Return in the past, north of Crescent Isle.
Ancient Wood
Game: OoA
Description: The eighth Essence of Time, shaped like a tree. It is located within Level 2, the Wing Dungeon, and is guarded by the Head Thwomp.
Angler Fish
Games: LA, LA DX, OoA
Angler Fry
Games: LA, LA DX
Angler Key
Games: LA, LA DX
Angler Keyhole
Games: LA, LA DX
Angler's Tunnel
Games: LA, LA DX
Angular Isles
Game: TWW
Description: Strange pair of islands at E7 made up of cubes. The larger island has a piece of heart, the other has a secret cave.
Animal Village
Games: LA, LA DX
Games: OoT, MM, TMC
Anju's Grandmother
Game: MM
Games: TWW, TMC
Description: Tingle's younger brother, Knuckle's twin. Operates the rotating tower on Tingle Island. Wears pink.
Games: ALttP SNES, LA, LA DX, OoS, OoA
Description: A skull surrounded by fire. If sprinkled with Magic Powder, will turn into a fairy. See Bubble.
Games: LA, LA DX
Games: TWW, TMC
Description: Man living on Windfall Island who enjoys walking. Link sets him up with his dream girl, Linda.
Game: OoT
Games: ALttP SNES, ALttP GBA
Description: Apples fall from some trees if you charge into them, and give you some health back.
Games: LoZ, OoS
Games: LA, LA DX, OoS, OoA
Armor Ring L-1
Games: OoS, OoA
Description: Damage taken < Sword damage <
Armor Ring L-2
Games: OoS, OoA
Description: Damage taken << Sword damage <<
Armor Ring L-3
Games: OoS, OoA
Description: Damage taken <<< Sword damage <<<
Armor Seed
Game: FS
Description: A mystical blue seed that increases the defensive power of its user.
Games: LoZ, ALttP SNES, LA, OoT, LA DX, MM, OoS, OoA, ALttP GBA, FS, TWW, TMC
Armos Knight
Description: A large Armos statue who generally wields sword and shield and attacks by jumping.
Armos Warrior
Game: OoA
Description: Miniboss of level 4, Skull Dungeon. See Armos Knight.
Games: ALttP SNES, ALttP GBA
Description: Boss of the second Dark World dungeon, the Swamp Palace. See Wart.
Games: LoZ, ALttP SNES, LA, OoT, LA DX, MM, OoS, OoA, ALttP GBA, FS, TWW, TMC
Arrow of Light
Game: OoT
Arrow Quiver
Game: TMC
Game: TWW
Description: Link's cute little sister. Gives Link her telescope for his birthday, and soon after gets captured by Helmaroc King because of her resemblance to Zelda. After being rescued, she travels with Tetra's pirates until returning home to Outset Island.
Aryll's Lookout
Game: TWW
Description: High tower on Outset Island from which Aryll and Link use her telescope to view the island.
Astral Observatory
Game: MM
Game: MM

Total Number: 60