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Ice Arrow
Games: OoT, MM, TWW
Ice Cavern
Game: OoT
Ice Keese
Game: OoT
See Also: Ache
Ice Palace
Games: ALttP SNES, ALttP GBA
Description: The fifth Dark World dungeon in ALttP, located in the Dark World's frozen-over version of Lake Hylia. Item: Blue Armor. Boss: Kholdstare.
Ice Ring Isle
Game: TWW
Description: This island at E6 is quite literally a ring of ice with a dragon's head rock in the middle that blows a deadly icy wind. Only the fire arrows can grant Link access to the Iron Boots inside.
Ice Rod
Games: ALttP SNES, ALttP GBA
Description: Magical rod that shoots ice beams. Hidden in a cave near Lake Hylia in ALttP.
Ice Wizzrobe
Game: TMC
Game: OoT
Igos Du Ikana
Game: MM
Ikana Army
Game: MM
Ikana Butte
Game: MM
Ikana Canyon
Game: MM
Ikana Castle
Game: MM
Ikana Castle Front Gate
Game: MM
Ikana Castle's Inner Garden
Game: MM
Ikana Graveyard
Game: MM
Game: TWW
Description: Rito postman in charge of Windfall Island. Needs Link to assist him in a heated disagreement with Maggie's Father.
Games: LoZ, AoL, OoT, OoS, OoA
Impa's Refuge
Game: OoS
Description: See "Impa's House".
Imprisoned Dark World
Game: ALttP SNES
Description: See Dark World.
Imprisoning War
Game: ALttP SNES
Description: The name given to the war in which Ganon covered Hyrule in darkness and tried to conquer Hyrule Castle. At the end of the day, as told in ALttP, the Knights gave their lives to buy time for the sages to seal Ganon in the Dark World. OoT is often thought to tell the true version of these events.
Indigestible Flowers
Games: LA, LA DX
Game: MM
Games: OoT, OoS
Ingo Ranch
Game: OoT
Ingo's House
Game: OoS
Description: The hideout where Impa, the Sheikah warrior and guard to Princess Zelda resides after Din is kidnapped.
Inner Palace Garden
Game: MM
Inner Palace Garden
Game: MM
Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Game: OoT
Inside the Deku Tree
Game: OoT
Instruments of the Sirens
Games: LA, LA DX
Inverted Song of Time
Game: MM
Game: TWW
Description: Korok who tends to a Deku Tree seedling on Shark Island at C6.
Iron Ball Soldier
Games: ALttP SNES, LA, LA DX, OoS, OoA, ALttP GBA, FS
Description: See Ball and Chain Trooper.
Iron Boots
Games: OoT, TWW
Iron Knuckle
Games: AoL, OoT, MM
Description: A big, strong soldier encased entirely in armor. Uses sword and shield techniques.
Iron Mask
Games: LA, LA DX, OoS, OoA, FS
Iron Pot
Game: OoS
Description: Received from a bookish woman in exchange for the Ghastly Doll. A well-seasoned iron pot used by a Subrosian to make Lava Soup, which it is exchanged for.
Iron Shield
Games: OoS, OoA
Description: A very hard shield. Made using the combined force of the Red and Blue Ores.
Island Chart
Game: OoA
Description: An item required for Rafton to finish his raft, which will take you to Crescent Island. Tingle, who is located to the southeast of Lynna City in the present, will draw the chart for you.
Island Palace
Game: AoL
Description: The third palace, located on an island reachable by a cave southwest of the King's Tomb. Boss is Carock. This is where the Raft can be found.
Islet of Steel
Game: TWW
Description: Island at B5 run by Ganon's pirates. Contains a Triforce Chart and serious defenses.
Game: TWW
Description: Leader of the Killer Bees on Windfall. A very talented and reliable leader, good at tree-climbing.

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