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Jabber Nut
Game: TMC
Games: OoT, OoA
Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Game: OoA
Description: The seventh dungeon of Oracle of ages, it is located in the north-west corner of the Zora Seas, in the present. It contains the Rolling Sea, an Essence of Time, which is guarded by Plasmarine.
Jabu-Jabu's Shrine
Game: OoA
Description: The area in the northwest corner of the Zora seas, where Jabu-Jabu lives.
Game: TWW
Description: Dark blue water spirit resembling an anglerfish. Speaks only Hylian. Native to Greatfish Isle, but moves to the cave behind Outset Island to avoid Ganon. Gives Link Nayru's Pearl.
Game: TWW
Description: Immense poe monster, made up of many smaller poes. Attacks Link with fire breath and with his body, but is susceptible to the spikes in his arena and to light. Boss of Earth Temple and Protector of the Seal.
Game: TWW
Description: Member of the Killer Bees on Windfall. He's the group's thug, but uses his innocent looks to avert trouble.
Game: MM
Game: TMC
Game: AoL
Description: A huge armored enemy, boss of Midoro Palace. Attacks with a sword and shield. Its distinctive feature is its regenerative head. Heads you cut off will fly around shooting fire at you. After three heads are defeated, Jermafenser will succumb and die.
Game: OoS
Description: There are four: round, square, X-shaped, and pyramid. They're used to get into Tarm Ruins.
Games: MM, TMC
Game: TWW
Description: Member of the Killer Bees on Windfall. Ivan's quick-witted adviser, always ready with an insult.
Game: OoT
Game: MM
Game: TWW
Description: Very young girls Joanna and Potova are "the little tipsters" of Windfall Island. They sell Link slightly helpful information for 2 rupees.
Game: TMC
Games: TWW, TMC
Description: A little boy on Outset Island who greatly admires Link. Elder son of Abe.
Games: OoT, MM
Joy Butterfly
Game: TMC
Joy Pendant
Game: TWW
Description: Pink, yellow, and blue butterfly charm on a pearl chain, spoils from a Bokoblin. Greatly loved by Mrs. Marie.
Game: MM
Game: TMC
Jump Attack
Games: OoT, MM, TWW
Jump Spell
Game: AoL
Description: A magic spell learned in Ruto. Casting Jump doubles Link's jumping height for the current screen.
Game: TWW
Description: Member of the Killer Bees on Windfall. A pig-nosed rich boy. Secretly aims to be the next gang leader.
Game: TMC
Juror of Courage
Game: ALttP SNES
Description: One of the three titles bestowed by the Triforce. The title was originally "Forger of Courage" in the Japanese version.

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