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Quadruplet Family
Games: LA, LA DX
Quadruplet's House
Games: LA, LA DX
Quake Medallion
Games: ALttP SNES, ALttP GBA
Description: Given by an angry catfish in the Lake of Ill Omen. Its magic causes the ground to shake, damaging enemies, transforming others, and knocking items out of trees. Opens the entrance to Turtle Rock.
Queen Fairy
Game: OoA
Description: See Fairy Queen.
Queen Gohma
Game: OoT
Quicksand Ring
Games: OoS, OoA
Description: No sinking in quicksand
Game: TWW
Description: Rito postman in charge of Outset Island. Helps Link several times during his adventure, most notably by giving him the Delivery Bag and helping him onto Tetra's ship.
Games: OoT, MM

Total Number: 8