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Games: FS, TMC
Description: An evil wind mage who used to kidnap maidens. Long ago, he was sealed in the Four Sword by a hero. Now, he has escaped and kidnapped Princess Zelda, bringing her to his Palace of Winds.
Vaati Reborn
Game: TMC
Vaati Transfigured
Game: TMC
Vaati's Palace
Game: FS
Description: Also known as the Palace of Winds, this is where Vaati resides and Princess Zelda is held prisoner. There are three paths through the palace, each one unlocked by a different set of keys.
Vaati's Wrath
Game: TMC
Valley of Death
Game: AoL
Description: A very dangerous area of southern Hyrule that contains many lava pits and deadly enemies. The Great Palace is hidden at the end of this valley.
Game: TWW
Description: This small-winged red fire-breathing dragon is the Sky Spirit. Perched atop Dragon Roost Island, he gives a scale to each Rito allowing them to fly. He rescues Link from Ganondorf once, and he only speaks Hylian.
Games: OoS, OoA
Description: The owner of Vasu Jewelers in Horon Village and Lynna City. Appraises magic rings for you, and gives you a ring box to carry them in.
Vasu Jewelers
Games: OoS, OoA
Description: Vasu's shop, the ring shop in Horon Village.
Veil Falls
Game: TMC
Veil Springs
Game: TMC
Game: TWW
Description: Along with Pompie, a gossipy middle-aged woman on Windfall Island. Interested in Lenzo's affairs.
Game: OoA
Description: Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows, is a servant of Twinrova. Her goal is to light the flame of Sorrow, one of the three flames nedded to ressurect Ganon, by going to the past and causing trouble. She does this by possessing Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, and then, when you rescue Nayru, by using Queen Ambi's body instead.
Game: TMC
Victory Ring
Games: OoS, OoA
Description: The Evil King Ganon defeated
Village Library
Games: LA, LA DX
Village Minish
Game: TMC
Village of Outcasts
Games: ALttP SNES, ALttP GBA
Description: The mirror of Kakariko Village in the Dark World in ALttP. Thieves and outcasts live here, and you are welcome only if you carry rupees.
Games: LoZ, LA, LA DX, OoS, OoA
Game: MM
Games: ALttP SNES, ALttP GBA
Description: A bunch of eyeballs in a primordial goo. The small eyeballs rush at you while the big eye shoots lightning. When they are all gone, the biggest eye attacks alone. Boss of Misery Mire.
Game: OoT

Total Number: 22