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Game: TMC
Games: LoZ, AoL, ALttP SNES, LA, OoT, LA DX, MM, OoS, OoA, ALttP GBA, FS, TWW, TMC
Zelda's Letter
Game: OoT
Zelda's Lullaby
Game: OoT
Zelda's Ring
Game: OoS
Description: A ring given to you by Zelda in exchange for saving her.
Game: TWW
Description: Froglike wind deity, brother of Cyclos. Zephos has teal skin and a lighthearted temperament. He teaches Link the Wind's Requiem at his Wind Shrine on Dragon Roost Island.
Games: TWW, TMC
Description: Younger son of Abe and Rose on Outset Island. This inquisitive boy lets his nose run on purpose and follows Link and his older brother Joel around.
Games: LoZ, ALttP SNES, LA, LA DX, ALttP GBA, FS
Games: LA, LA DX
Games: LoZ, ALttP SNES, LA, OoT, LA DX, MM, OoS, OoA, ALttP GBA, TWW
See Also: Zora's Domain
Zora Cape
Game: MM
Zora Dungeon
Game: MM
Zora Eggs
Game: MM
Zora Hall
Game: MM
Zora Mask
Games: OoT, MM
Zora Ring
Games: OoS, OoA
Description: Dive without breathing
Zora Scale
Game: OoA
Description: As a reward for cleansing the Zora Seas, King Zora gives Link the Zora Scale, a powerful sea charm and their symbol of heroism. With the Zora Scale you will be able to get past the Zora guarding the Sea of Storms.
Zora Seas
Game: OoA
Description: A large expanse of water, small islands, and whirlpools in the southwest corner of Labrynna. Zora Village is located beneath the water here, as is Level 7, Jabu-Jabu's Belly.
Zora Shop
Game: OoT
Zora Tunic
Game: OoT
Zora Village
Game: OoA
Description: A village of Zoras, located beneath the Zora Seas. Level 7, Jabu-Jabu's Belly, is located here, as is King Zora's Palace.
Zora's Domain
Game: OoT
See Also: Zora
Zora's Engagement Ring
Game: OoT
Zora's Flippers
Games: ALttP SNES, OoS, OoA, ALttP GBA
Description: Flippers which help the wearer swim. In ALttP, they are only sold by King Zora himself.
Zora's Fountain
Game: OoT
Zora's Lake
Games: ALttP SNES, ALttP GBA
Description: A lake near the source of the river where many Zoras live.
Zora's River
Game: OoT
Zora's Sapphire
Game: OoT
Zora's Waterfall
Games: ALttP SNES, ALttP GBA
Description: The large waterfall that falls from the river source into the long river in ALttP. So named because King Zora lives in front of this waterfall. Possibly the same as the Sleepless Waterfall in OoT.
Game: MM
Game: TWW
Description: Short pirate in Tetra's gang. Has a telescope and frequents the crow's nest, working as the ship's lookout. Unfortunately, he's incomprehensible.
Game: TWW
Description: Fur-coated bald man from a distant arctic island. Moved to Windfall Island and set up a major business which Link helped with. Also runs the nightly auctions.

Total Number: 32