Table of Contents:
Ganon's Tower Walkthrough
Hyrule enemy guide
Dark world enemy guide

**NOTE: This walkthrough does not tell you the RIGHT WAY to get through the game, it tells you the BEST WAY to do it. that means that in two instances, I do dungeons out of order. You can do it the RIGHT WAY but it'll be harder.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past starts off in Link's house (I know you can name him whatever you want, but for the purposes of universality, we'll call him Link), You'll get a telepathic message from Zelda asking for you to rescue her from the dungeon of Hyrule castle, when you wake up, your uncle will leave.
Get out of bed and grab the lamp from the treasure chest and head out. After leaving the house head north to the Castle, the guards will not let you in, but if you wait around long enough, you'll get another message from Zelda telling you of a secret passageway. The secret passageway is found by (from the castle main entrance) going east, then north up the side of the castle and picking up and throwing all off the bushes, you'll find the secret tunnel. Drop down and you'll find your uncle, whom just before expiring, will give you his sword and shield (referred to as small sword and small shield). You can charge up the sword by holding the Y button long enough, the releasing it in a spin attack. Work your way through the rest of the tunnel, defeating the green darknuts and getting the treasure (5 rupees). Exiting the tunnel, you'll find yourself in the garden, clear out the area, then enter the castle through the double doors.

Once you enter, head either east or west through one of the doors, then go north, then either east or west (depending on which way you picked), then down the stairs. Work your way through the dungeon, being careful not to fall down the pitfalls (though it is loads of fun to knock the darknuts down the pitfalls). Somewhere along the way, you'll find the boomerang. At the lowest floor, you'll have to fight a ball and chain knight (black), it's hard to get close enough to him to use the sword, and the boomerang only stuns him momentarily, the best way to defeat him, is throwing pots at him. (for some strange reason, in this game the pots do more damage than your sword). After he's gone you'll get the big key, use it to open Zelda's cell and talk to her. She'll follow you out. Head back to the first room, and go up the stairs to the
throne room. Push the green shelf behind the two thrones to the right, and venture in.

In the catacombs, you can only see directly in front of you with the lamp, be very wary of aches, rats and ropes. Most of the catacombs is finding the key to the next room, which is either in a chest, or will appear when you defeat all the enemies. To make your life easier, you can use the lantern to light the lamps scattered throughout, which consumes a small amount of magic power, so beware. After the catacombs is the sewer, then you'll find yourself in a room with two switches. Pull the one on the right to open the door (if you pull the one on the left, a group of ropes drops down from the ceiling and attacks you.)

You'll come out in the Sanctuary (which is really a church, but you know how Nintendo is with religious stuff in games...) The old man there will look after Zelda, you'll find it is your mission to defeat Aghanim, and you'll need the Master Sword to do that, the old man and Zelda will point you in the direction of the sage Sahasrahla, who lives in Kakariko villiage. Get the chest, which contains a full heart container, and head out of the Sanctuary. Head west, to Kakariko villiage, once there, you'll have plenty to do.

For the sum of 100 rupees you should buy a bottle from the merchant
The other bottle is in the back room of the tavern, just enter the tavern from the rear
Buy bombs
Drop down into the hole in the north west corner of the village, and bomb the wall to find a heart piece
There is another heart piece, along with many rupees in the theives hideout.
Sahasrahla's wife will tell you he's no longer in the villiage
A boy will tell you where he is, and mark it on your map
The bug-catching kid will give you the butterfly net
You'll find a piece of heart the price of getting through an obstacle course in the south west corner of town.

Once you've done all this, leave the villiage and head to Sahasrahla's hideout, which should be marked on your map, east of the castle. When you get there, the sage will tell you that to get the master sword, you will need to find the three pendants, and that the first one is in the East Palace, east of his hideout. Go
there. You should have no problem navigating the east palace, You'll find the big key in a room with Stalfos, Rockclopses and a group of bubble's surrounding a jar. Defeat all the enemies, and the bubbles will disperse, and there's a switch under the jar. Hit the switch and the chest with the big key will appear. The big chest contains the Bow (you should have arrows by know) use it on the Red rockclopses. At the end, you'll have to fight six ancient knights. They bounce around in a circular formation, which contracts and expands, and they sometimes line up at the back wall and charge at you. You can use virtually any weapon to defeat the knights, even your boomerang, though the weapon of choice is the Bow. After you beat 5 knights, the last one will turn red and attack you directly, dodge it's attack, then hit it with the bow to
defeat it. You'll get a heart container as a prize, as well as the pendant of courage.

Head back to Sahasrahla and he'll give you the Pegasus Boots (which allow you to dash) He'll also mark the locations of the other two pendants, and the master sword, on your map. As well as that, he'll advise you to pick up a certain item east of Lake Hylia. Head to the eastern part of lake hylia, and you'll find a
cave with a bunch of fairies and a statue of a fairy, if you dash into the statue, a good bee will pop out (you can catch the good bee with the butterfly net, just like a fairy, only you use it to attack) exit the cave, and
bomb the crack to the left of the enternace, to make another enterance, you'll find the ice wand inside (strange to get the ice wand so early in the game, when you won't need it for so long) Then head back to the library in kakariko, you'll see a green book stuck up on a shelf, dash into it to get the book (as a rule, if something is stuck on top of something, bash into it). This is the Book of Mudora, which you'll need to get into the next dungeon.

Now head over to the Desert palace, which is the next dungeon, to get into it, use the book of Mudora on the stone tablet near the central entrance (there is also a heart container found in a cave in the desert, you'll need to bomb) Once you get a key, head to the only locked door, and head north to get the Big key, beware of the Sensors in this dungeon, when they see you, they will shoot a laser at you. Use the big key to get the item, which is the Handy Glove, you'll now be able to lift up rocks, both large and small, but only the white
ones, you still wont' be able to lift up the black ones. Exit the dungeon using the east exit, then head south and get the piece of heart. Then head north, then east to find another entrance, this one blocked off by rocks. When you get to the end of the line in here, use the lamp to light up the four torches and the boss door will be revealed. You'll have to fight 3 Sandworms. When they come out of the ground, they spray rocks at 45 degree angles, so always face them from the top bottom, left or right, never at an angle. Hit
them in the head as they come out, then try to hit them as many times as you can before they go back into the ground. When two of them are defeated, the third one will become tougher, defeat it as fast as possible to miminize damage. You'll receive a heart container, and the pendant of Power.

The pendant of Wisdom, which is the last one, is up on the Tower of Hera on Death Mountain. Go up death mountain through the cave at the western side, in there you will meet an old man who will give you some directions (note, when he says turn right, he mean's Link's right.) when you get out of the cave, he will give you the magic mirror. Follow him into the next cave, being careful of the gaunchans falling off the mountain. He will restore your life. Keep climbing up until you reach spectacle rock. There is a heart container to find, to get it be sure to visit every cave. After your through, go east from spectacle rock, and you will see a teleporter, go in it and you will be teleported to the Dark World. In the dark world, you take the form of a rabbit. Go to where spectacle rock should be and two characters there will tell you about the Moon Pearl, an item in the Tower of Hera that will allow you to keep your original form in the dark world. Stand where spectacle rock should be and use the magic mirror, you'll wind up on top of spectacle rock, then go up to the Tower of Hera.

In the tower, there are crystal switches you'll have to hit periodically, any weapon will do, they raise the blue blocks and lower the orange blocks. And when you hit them again, it reverses. Getting up the tower isn't so hard, but getting the Moon Pearl is a pain in the butt. Considering you have the Big Key, go up to the 6th floor (right above the moon pearl) and step on the star tile, which changes the locations of the pitfalls, then in the upper center area of the room, drop in that pitfall from the top. You'll drop down to where the moon pearl is. The boss is the Giant Wyrm, who isn't so hard, but is annoying, because he knocks you into the pitfalls, and you wind up a floor below, worse yet, everytime that happens, he completely heals. To beat him, aim for his tail, and use he spin attack so you'll beat him quickly. when he starts going faster, you know you only have one more hit to go. After beating him, you'll get a heart container and the last pendant.

Now you should head for the forest, use the enterance north of where you exit death mountain. There are many fake master swords around, you can just throw them away, you'll find the Magic Mushroom somewhere along the way, be sure to pick that up. When you get the Master Sword, Sahasrahla will speak to you, then when you exit, Zelda will speak to you, calling you to the Sanctuary (don't worry, no matter how slow or how fast you get there, you're always a second too late).

Go to the sanctuary (you could make a pitstop to get the heart container northwest of it, under a rock formation (bash into it). You'll learn Aghanim has taken Zelda back to the castle. Go to the castle, and go to the tower, you can now destroy the barrier with the Master Sword. climbing up the Tower can be fairly tough, so be prepared, The Master sword can shoot beams when your life is full, so use that to keep the many Darknuts, ball and chian knights and keeses at bay. At the top you'll meet Aghanim, who will send Zelda into the dark world. Get to the next room by cutting the curtains, then you'll fight him.

Aghanim has three methods of attacking, one is a pulsating ball that you can hit with the Master sword and it will bounce back and hit him (NOTE: do not attack him directly) the second is a spinning ring of fire, that breaks up when you hit it, it's best to avoid these (even if they do curve towards you) his third attack is lightning, which you should avoid. You'll know he's about to throw lightning if he appears in the center of the top of the screen. Once he's defeated, you'll wind up on top of the Pyramid in the Dark world, and get a long telepathic message from Sahasrahla. Your new goal is to defeat Ganon, ruler of the dark world. To break the seal on his tower, you'll need the power of the seven maidens, who are trapped in crystals scattered throughout the Dark world. This is where the game really begins! The first Crystal is in the Palace of Darkness, which is the Dark world equivalent of the eastern palace, but first you have some business to attend to.

Go back to Hyrule (mirror, duh) and bring the Magic Mushroom to the Magic shop, and leave it with the witch. Then go past the magic shop to the waterfall of wishing. Go past the waterfall into Zora's Domain, at the end, you'll talk to a giant Zora, you should buy the flippers from him for 500 rupees (which you should have by know) once you have the flippers, you'll be able to swim, and get a heart piece in the area.) then go into the waterfall of wishing and throw your shield in the fountain, you'll get the Red Shield, which can block fireballs. Then throw your boomerang in and you will get the Magic Boomerang, which is faster, and flies farther than the normal boomerang. (if you lose the shield, you can buy another one at the shop east of the palace). Then go back to the magic shop and go inside to pick up the Magic Powder. Next go back to the waterfall of wishing and drop into the whirlwind nearby, this will take you to Lake Hylia. Swim to then northeast corner of Lake Hylia and swim down the river until you come to the bridge. Swim underneath the bridge and the homeless guy there will give you the third bottle.

For future reference here are the locations of all the places you can warp to the dark world from.
1: Death mountain, east of spectacle rock
2: Death mountain, east, then south of the broken bridge (need titans mitt and hookshot)
2: Forest, only after getting titans mitt
3: West of lake hylia, need titans mitt
4: south, then west of links house, need hammer
5: desert need flute and titans mitt
6: south of east palace, need flute
7: middle of lake Hylia (fountain of happiness) need titans mitt
8: enterance to Hyrule Castle
9: Death Mountain, top of turtle rock.

Now go up to Death Mountain. There is a bridge heading west near the Tower of Hera that takes you to a stone tablet. Use the book to translate the inscription and you will get the medallion of Ether. Next enter the darkworld and to go the enterance of the swamp (which is the desert in Hyrule, and is closed off in the dark world). Stand close the the rock wall that blocks the swamp and use the mirror. Then go left and use the book on the tablet there to get the medallion of Bombos. The last medallion is near the dark world equivalent of the waterfall of wishing. Go there and throw any object into the circle of stones (sign, bush, rock...whatever) the fish there will pop out and throw the medallion of Quake at you. Throw something else in and he will toss a bomb or a fireball at you.

Now you're ready for level one: The Palace of Darkness. It is the dark world equivalent of the eastern palace (where you got the courage pendant) You can find the big key by bombing the left bridge in the first room with turtles, then dropping down and going through the door. The big chest contains the Magic Hammer. The hammer can pound the purple spikes, the moving tiles and you can use it to defeat the turtles (hit them or near them once to flip them over, then again, or use your sword, to defeat them). The boss looks menacing, but he's really not that tough. Whale on his protective shield with the hammer, being sure to stay close enough him so that he can't hurt you with his tail, but not close enough so that he hurts you when he moves forward (it's a good idea to obvserve his movements first). When he spits fireballs, they break at 45 degree angles, so stay perpendicular to them. After his shield is gone, just hit the large green jewel on his forehead with the sword until you've defeated him. You'll get the first crystal and a heart piece.

The maidens in each crystal will give you important information, most of it pertaining to the story, but the first one will also give you the location of the rest of the crystals. Level 2 is the Marsh Palace, in the swamp south of the bomb shop (link's house), but first you have some preparations to make. Now that you have the hammer, you can get to the villiage of outcasts, a good place to find rupees, and win heart pieces in the many games they have. You can also get the enchanted grove, there you will find the flute playing boy, who has turned into some weird creature. Talk to him and he'll give you the shovel saying that he buried his flute back in Hyrule's enchanted grove along with some flower seeds. Use the mirror and dig where there are flowers in the northwest corner of the grove and you should find the flute (or ocarina, depending on your point of view) The ghost in the grove will disappear (interestingly enough, before getting the flute you can actually walk up to the ghost if you go slowly). Use the sparkle to go back to the dark world and talk to the flute boy. Then play the flute and he'll turn into wood (seriously, it's weird, I never figured that part of the game out.) His last request is that you find his father.

The flute boy's father is the sleeply old man in the Kakariko tavern. Talking to him won't help, you'll have to play the flute to wake him up. After talking to him, play the flute in front of the weathercock (in front meaning, standing on the S). The bird will break out. From now on you can play the flute to summon the bird (Hyrule only, not the dark world) and he will take you to one of these 8 places in Hyrule

1: Death mountain, near the entrance to the lost old man's cave
2: The Magic shop
3: The weathercock in Kakariko villiage
4: Link's house
5: South of the eastern palace
6: The desert (up on a previously unaccessable ledge)
7: The Marsh (right in front of the marsh palace)
8: South of Lake Hylia

Now you'll want to get the Magic cape and the Staff of Byrne. The Magic Cape is in Hyrule cemetary, under the top right hand grave, simply bash into the grave from the south to open it up. The Staff of Byrne is on Death Mountain, simply go to the teleporter on Death Mountain, simply drop of the ledge south of the teleporter you saw earlier and enter the cave. You'll need the hammer, and it's smart to bring some life magic or fairies.

Next up for grabs is the Magic meter upgrade, go to the blacksmiths house in Kakariko village and drop down from where the house is into the hole (now you can do this, because you have the hammer) in there you'll find a green alter, throw some magic powder onto it and this little dude will come out and zap you, now you use half as much magic as when you did before when you use magic items.

Take the flute to point 4 and go south, then west (you'll need the hammer) and enter the dark world via the teleporter under the rock there. Then go to the marsh cave and use the mirror nearby. Enter the cave and drain the water, then get the heart piece (as a side note if you grab the nearby fish and toss him into deep water he'll give you 20 rupees, and if you toss him at the merchant in Kakariko, he'll give you a bunch of stuff. With the water drained go back through the sparkle and you'll find the Palace flooded for your convenience (if you don't have the flippers, get them)

The dungeon contains the Hookshot, which should become your new secondary weapon (as opposed to the magic boomerang). You can use it just like the boomerang to collect things, as well as to cross gaps and as a weapon. The boss is Giant Octo, and he's rather easy to defeat. Simply keep your distance from him and use the hookshot to grab one of the little buggers clinging to him. Then hit them with the sword. Be careful because occasionally he will swing them out like a Patra. After they are all gone, charge up your sword and wait for him to come crashing down on you, avoid him by watching his shadow, then hit him with the spinning attack. Keep doing this until he dies. You will get the a crystal, and a heart container.

The next two dungeons, levels 3 and 4 can be done in either order. I prefer to do level 4 first to get the sword upgrade quicker. But for the sake of convenience I will put them in the correct order. Level three is the Forest Maze. What makes it a maze is that there are so many different entrances to it. Just keep scrapping until you find the Big Key. The big chest containing the Fire rod is accessible through an entrance under a bush. The fire rod lets you burn through the final entrance (the big mouth) so you can get to the boss, Giant Butterfly. Beating him is a no brainer, just keep hitting him, but you'll have to keep your cool. You'll have to avoid his three pronged blasts, the spikes at the edges of the rather small room, and the fact that the spikes tend to have a mind of their own and so does the floor. Just keep your cool and take it easy to defeat him.

The next dungeon is the Thieves Hideout, which is under the village of outcasts. Simply go to the stone gargoyle (where the weathercock should be) and pull on the pitchfork. This dungeon can be a bit confusing, you'll have no problem getting the big key then finding the boss room, but you'll find that there is nobody there. You'll have to seek out the item, the Titans Mitt (a stronger version of the handy glove which will allow you to lift up black rocks and black skulls). You'll also have to find the girl in the dungeon (this is all in the lowest floor) she'll ask you to take her outside, but she'll refuse to walk out the door. Take her to the room directly above the boss room and throw a bomb at the crack, this will allow light to shine down on the boss room. Go to the boss room and put the girl in the light, and she'll reveal her true colors, the boss Blind. Blind is a no brainier also, but he's also tough. You'll have to deal with the wild, random fireballs he throws out, and avoid him and his eye lasers. When you knock off his head, that will also spit out fireballs, and he'll grow a new head. When he's on his third head, you know you have him on the run.

Now that you have the titans mitt, you can get to the frog sitting in the southern part of the village of outcasts. He is the long lost brother of the dwarven blacksmith from Kakiroko. Take him back to Kakariko and to his house. Come back later (or just go out and back in again) and they'll temper your sword for you, while they're doing that you won't have a sword. What you should do is go back to the village of outcasts where the blacksmith house should be and you'll find a treasure chest that cannot be opened (you'll also find a piece of heart if you pound all the purple spikes), so it will tag along behind you. Take it to the "average middle aged man" at the entrance to the desert and he'll open it for you, the fourth bottle is inside.

Now you're ready for the next two dungeons, levels 5 and 6, known as the Ice Palace and the Misery Mire, respectively. There is a puzzle in the Ice Palace that requires a lot of thought, a lot of time, and a lot of backtracking through the dungeon, it involves getting a block to drop from one floor down to a lower floor and on to a switch. But the fact is, if you have the Cane of Somaria from Misery Mire you will be able to just create a block, ergo, you should do the Misery Mire dungeon first.

To get to Misery Mire, which is in the closed off swamp of the Dark World, you need to use the flute in Hyrule and go to point 6, there is a teleporter underneath the nearby rock. Once you're in the swamp, check out the nearby caves for items and information, you'll find two big caves in the center of the swamp, one on the left, one on the right. Go in both, one is a fairy cave, the other has a piece of heart. Then go to the center of the two caves, where you'll find an alter with the Ether symbol. Stand on the symbol and use the Medallion of Ether and the rains will stop and the third cave will open up, leading to the Misery Mire dungon.

Misery Mire is vastly complicated, but is fairly linear if you keep a cool head. Be sure to bring in medicine and/or fairies, because the enemies here are tough, and you (probably, if you're following directions) don't have the blue armor from the Ice Palace. The Cane of Somaria is a little bit out of your way, once you get the Big Key, you'll be taken to a road that leads directly to the boss, so you'll need to backtrack a bit to the Cane (or you can come back later, since the chest is fairly close to the entrance.

The boss is the Gelatinous Patra. Watch the big eyeball carefully while you fight off the advancing little buggers. When the large eyeball turns completely white, get the hell out of the way, or you'll get lightning upside your ass (and it's a punishment and a half!) once all the little eyeballs are gone, the big one will detach from the muck and attack you, he's easy to handle, just stand still and let him come to you, swinging your sword. A word to the wise: don't travel into the muck, you'll take damage. After he's defeated, you'll get your obligatory heart container and the next Crystal

If you've followed my directions and done it the EASY way, it's time to go to the Ice Palace, though if you've done it the RIGHT way, you should skip the next part and go directly to Turtle Rock, of course

The Ice palace is completely closed off, you can only gain entrance from Hyrule. The large island in the center of Lake Hylia is the fountain of happiness (throwing rupees in will allow you to upgrade how many bombs or arrows you can carry.) more importantly, there are two black stones outside the entrance to the fountain, the one on the right has a teleporter underneath it. Now that you have the Cane of Somaria the Ice palace is fairly simple, the hardest things are the stalfos knights and running out of magic. When you find yourself low on magic, there's a trick to do. Use the Ether medallion to freeze a roomful of enemies (the penguins are preferable) and then smash them up with the hammer, 98% of the time you will get Magic bags or canteens. The item is the Blue Armor, something you don't want to miss, and the boss is a triad of Snow creatures

When you first drop down into the boss room, the bosses will be trapped underneath a sheet of ice, the only danger being the constant falling snow (easy to avoid). Shoot the fire rod at the ice until the bosses are free, then use it on them until you are out of magic, then use your sword. Easy boss.

Before heading to Turtle rock, head to the Bomb Shop (link's house in the dark world) and buy a Super Bomb. It will follow you, bring it to that big crack in the Pyramid, and set it there, when you go in, you'll find a fairy fountain just like the one at the waterfall of wishing (only the fairy here is really fat). Toss in your sword to get it recharged, and toss in your arrows to get silver arrows.

And now for turtle rock. You'll find it on Death mountain in the dark world, to get to it, go to death mountain from hyrule and cross the broken bridge using the hookshot, nearby is a teleporter. You'll find a heart piece on a floating island, to get to it, bash into a nearby rock formation, then go through the cave, there are hidden walkways in the cave that you can see only when you light a torch (there are no torches to light) or you can it briefly by using the Ether Medallion. When you get to Turtle rock, you'll find that there is no entrance, but you'll see a quake symbol on top of the head. Use the magic mirror and climb up the rock, then pound the three wooden stakes with the hammer, in a counter clockwise fashion, starting with the lower right one. A teleporter will appear, which will bring you on top of Turtle Rock, then simply use the Quake Medallion on the symbol to open up the entrance. (an interesting side note: if you pull on the left leg of the turtle, a bunch of rupees will pop out.)

Turtle rock is mostly navigated by railways that you can access by using the Cane of Somaria on the question blocks, you'll find many interesting puzzles using these railways, it helps to know you can change direction at a corner. The item in Turtle Rock is the Mirror shield, which allows you to block beams, a necessity to get to the boss, Trinex.

Trinex is a giant 3 headed turtle, you'll need both wands to defeat him, and don't expect to beat him without the potion of magic. First get rid of the Ice head with the fire rod, this head goes first, because it can ice up the floor, making it slippery, which will hinder you for the rest of the battle. The next thing to do is get rid of the fire head using the ice rod. This is somewhat harder, because the ice rod shoots much more slowly than the fire rod, so be wary. After both heads are gone, Trinex will explode, and then come out of his shell and attack you, simply use your sword on the flashing point of him, and he'll be defeated in no time.

Now you have rescued the 7 maidens including Zelda, there is only one place left to go, and that is Ganon's Tower. Ganon's tower will open with the power of the seven crystals, enter...and beware.


After entering, take the staircase on the left, then bash into the lantern to get the key, then go left. In the next room there's a key under one of the skulls, to get to the next room, use the hammer to pound all the blocks, then push the center block and touch the star tile. In the next room use the hookshot to navigate your way down, then hit the crystal switch, then leave a bomb by it and be on the other side of the wall when it explodes. In the next room you'll want to set a bomb close enough to the two crystal switches so that it sets off one, but not both. There's also a key under the upper right skull. Hit the crystal switch in the next room, then quickly head either up or down to avoid the spikes, and get to the Teleporter. In the next room avoid the podobodos, hit the switch under one of the skulls and a treasure chest will appear on the other side of the gap, use the hookshot on it to get across, then go down. First go in the left teleporter, then the next one, then the next one, then the one on the right, then the one in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Then go right and fight the Lowders but watch out for the pitfalls, go through the two teleporters, then go right. In this next room, go up, then to the left and get rid of the two skulls, then go to the top of the room and you'll see a torch off to the left, use the firewand on it and a hidden pathway will appear, go very quickly, if you run out of time, use the Ether Medallion to see the pathway briefly. The next room bomb the lower right hand crack, and you'll wind up fighing the Hyrule Knights again, only this time on ice. Luckily for you, you have the silver arrows. Dispatch of them quickly, then go up and get the Big Key, then go down, then right, then bomb up to find a room with fairies. Then go back down, then up the staircase, and get the Red Armor from the chest. Go up, then down the staircase and you'll be back in the first room. The pathway to the end of the level lies behind the center door, from here on in, you're on your own, simply because there's no thought involved, its' just beat all the enemies, get to the next room, be careful of the many, many obstacles along the way you'll fight the sandworms, and the giant Wyrm and Aghanim at the end, simply use the same strategies you did the first time. At the end you'll be taken to the Pyramid of Power to fight Ganon (see the dark world enemy guide on how to beat Ganon)


(NOTE: as a rule, green enemies are weakest, blue enemies are stronger, and red enemies are the strongest)

Green Darknut (dagger): these guys are dumb, they only move in four directions and simply charge blindly at you when they see you, just hit them a few times to defeat them

Green Darknut (sword): Smarter, they basically walk back and forth patrolling the area, and will attack if they see you.

Green Darknut (arrow): they lie in the tall grass and pop their heads up to shoot arrows at you

Blue Darknut (sword): they are stronger than the green ones

Blue Darknut (dagger): they attack extremely fast

Blue Darknut (arrows): they retreat from you, shooting arrows

Red Darknut (spear chuckers): they retreat from you, chucking spears

Red Darknut (lancers): the stronger version of the blue kind

Red Darknut (bomb chuckers): they stand up on a wall and throw green bombs at you, pick up the bombs and throw them back quickly

Black Ball and chain Knight: The boss of Hyrule dungeon, simply throw two bottles at him to defeat him.

Gold Ball and chain Knight: Stronger version, arrows work fine.

Aches: Bats that swoop down at you when you come near them

Rats: yup...they're rats

Ropes: Snakes that dart at you when they see you

White Ghini: Ghosts that lurk in the graveyard

Crows: They dart at you when you come near them

Crabs: They move fast when going sideways

Zoras: They pop their heads out of the water and spit fire at you, some can get up in shadow water and walk around, after hitting those, you can throw them

Bad Bee: They come out of the swamp and bushes and attack, can be caught with the butterfly net

Blue Tekketie: Found on death mountain, they hop around

Red Tekketie: stronger version

Stone imps: turn to rock for a brief period when hit.

Armos: statues that come alive when you approach them

Gaunchan: Rocks that fall off of death mountain

Wyrms: little dudes that move around erratically

Octoroks: they run around and occasionally stop to spit rocks in ever direction

White Stalfos: they jump away when you use the sword, either get close, or use the boomernag

Red Stalfos: when you miss them, they throw bones at you

Blue Rockclops: They awaken when you approach, can only be hurt when awake

Red Rockclops: Only arrows will work

Hydras: little dudes that slither around

Bubbles: Invincible ghosts that bounce around, they sap magic power

Blue Hyrule Knight: They bounce around in a formation

Red Hyrule Knight: They bounce at you trying to crush you.

Explodo: This guy south of Lake Hylia that explodes when you hit him. Apparently the only one of it's kind

Slimes: little slithering slimes that electrocute you when you hit them with the sword.

Geek Slime: same, only you can talk to it, to make one, throw magic powder on a slime

Tomato: Throw magic powder on most enemies to produce this little dude

Gerandam: Sand people that come up from the desert.

Blue Leevers: They come up out of the ground and attack

Red Leevers: No difference, really

Lasers: They turn around and around, when they see you they shoot. Cannot be killed

Sand Worm: They come up out of the sand and float around

Blue Lowder: Very resiliant and tough enemies that come right at you

Red lowder: Even tougher, take a while to defeat

Tiles: Tiles from the floor that detatch and fly at you

Green Dinos: little dinos that spit fire

Red Dinos: Pretty much the same

Giant Wyrm: Tough giant version of the little buggers, can only be hurt by attacking the tail.

Aghanim: Evil Wizard, cannot be directly attaced.


Gold Ghini: Stronger ghost

Snatcher Plant: plant that hops around, can grab items from you, including your shield. Defeat it quickly to get your stuff back.

Bug: Bug that flies around and drops explosives on you.

Hopper Plant: Plant that hops at you, may be simple to defeat, but does a surprising amount of damage.

Cyclops: big one eyed giant that throws bombs at you, they say to use bombs, but you're better off just pounding them with the sword

Piranha Plant: They hop around snapping at you

Pterodactyl: Dark world equivalent of crows

Demon Knight: Dark world equivalent of Green dagger darknuts

Demon Knight (Spear) Dark world equivalent of Blue darknuts

Red Demon Knight: Dark world equivalent of Red Darknuts

Helmasaur: small lizard protected in front by a shield

Blue Electric Jellyfish (forgot the name): They float around shiftlessly, don't attack when they are flashing

Red Electric Jellyfish: When you attack them, they split into two smaller ones

Turtles: Can only be hurt after flipping them over with the hammer.

King Helmasaur: Boss of level one, use the hammer on his shield, then attack him with the sword

Jumper: Guy that jumps up and down in the swamp

Suds: Water bubbles that fly around at angles

Fish: little slithering fish that come out of holes

Octopus: slithering octopuses that wade through shallow water

Podobodo: Big fireball trail that bounces around

Sensor: Shoots our a fireball whenever you swing your sword

Bots: little slimeballs that pop up out of holes or drop from the ceiling

Blue Goriya: Rat creatures that mimick your moves in reverse

Red Goriya: Only arrows hurt them, and they shoot fireballs

Gibido: slow, but steady mummy that is weak against fire

Sparks; little points of light that temporarily negate the power of the moon pearl

King Butterfly: Big bug that shoots beams

Daria: lizard dude that walks around and does nothing

Red Daria: they shoot fire occasionally

Shadow creatures: you can only hurt their core

Lizards: Annoying, weak enemies that do a surprising amount of damage

Blind: Leader of the thieves, hates bright light

Pengiun: Master Miyamoto's trademark, they slide around

Stalfos Knight: Giant stalfos that can use a sword and a shield, they are weak against bombs

Snow Flurry: Giant snow creatures that inhabit the lowest level of the Ice Palace

Wizzrobes: Wizards that disappear and reappear shooting magic beams

Sluggo: they slither around dropping green bombs

King Patra: Gigantic eyeball that can shoot lightning

Little Patra: his buddies

Pokey: a giant walking cactus...that's right...cactus

Chain Chomp: A big ugly chomper ball attached to a block by a chain

Trinex: A three headed turtle creature with both ice and fire heads

Giant Fish: he can throw bombs or fireballs, if you are a pain in the ass, that is

Lionel: Big centaurs that shoot fireballs

Bad Tree: a pissed off tree that might shoot a green bomb at you

Aghanim II: This time he has two dopplegangers, but he can't shoot lightning. Concentrate on defending yourself

Ganon: The Final Boss. To beat him, at first just keep pounding him again again with the sword, after he turns off the lights, use the fire rod to light up the room, hit him with the sword, and use the silver arrows when he's stunned. It takes four silver arrows to kill him.


Q: What are the green bombs? Can I get them as an item?
A: They are enemy bombs, you can pick them up and throw them just like normal bombs, only they'll go off if you hit them with your sword. No.

Q: I went into X but instead of taking me to Y it took me to a room full of rupees! What is this?
A: That is Chris Houlihan's room, if your cart messes up, the game fixes itself by bringing you there, into a room with a bunch of blue rupees, I've only seen it once, but there is no logical way to get there, you just have to be lucky (or unlucky depending on your point of view) when you come out of the room you come out of link's house

Q: What if I was in the Dark world?
A: Good question. I don't know

Q: Where are the moblins???
A: Chillin'

Q: Can I beat the game with no moon pearl?
A: No, but I'd have a blast watching you try!

Q: What items are non-essential?
A: The Staff of Byrne, the magic cape, all the heart pieces, both suits of armor, the red shield, the magic boomerang, the last two sword upgrades, the shovel, the flute, the mushroom, the magic powder and the Bombos Medallion

Q: Can I play the game with just the first sword?
A: That's a rumor as far as I'm concerned, I have yet to see proof of this

Q: What's the deal with the sound on this ROM?
A: It sucks, deal with it.

Q: Can I use the flute in the dark world?
A: Only once, and that's part of the story

Q: Hey this middle aged dude is following me around!
A: You should've left him alone, really. Just exit the screen and come back

Q: What's with that octopus thing in the desert?
A: Good Question.

Q: Is there a second quest?
A: No

Q: What if I never get the lamp?
A: Then you won't be able to get into the catacombs

Q: What's the deal of that screen shot in the manual that shows link in the catacombs, bombing that blasted wall I could never bomb, with like 6 hearts and no zelda??? Is there a way to get back there?
A: If there is, no one has figured it out. I think that screen shot came from the same place as the one from Zelda I with Link having to choose the sword or the boomerang

Q: Can I get upgrades for bombs or arrows?
A: Sure, just make frequent donations to the fountain of happiness

Q: What are the fortune tellers for?
A: They are there to give you tips on what to do next, but since you're reading this, you probably don't need them.

Q: I can't get to heart piece X!
A: Try fooling around with the mirror

Q: What if I lose my blue shield?
A: You might be able to go back to the waterfall of wishing, but I've never had to try that, so I don't know. They have them for sale at a shop west of Hyrule Palace

Q: This puzzle with the crystal switches has me stumped
A: Try using other weapons on the switch, like arrows or bombs

Q: What's the deal with the chicken I turned into a woman?
A: Nothing, it's just there for a gag

Q: Where's the good bee?
A: In that cave east of Lake Hylia, just bash into the fairy statue

Q: Is it normal for the inside of you bunghole to itch?
A: Probably not.

Guide by Necromancer

Thanx to Zophars domain for the helpful save state!