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That Guy


29 files, last one added on Dec 09, 2006


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Random files - That Guy's Gallery
alttplink.JPGLooking for Dungeons453 viewsHis hat is on is belt!5 commentsThat Guy
Minish_Sunset.JPGMinish Sunset Wallpaper241 viewsA lazy photoshop edit of one of my photographs.That Guy
Big Moblin.JPG
Big Moblin.JPGBig Moblin501 views7 commentsThat Guy
volvagiabg.JPGVolvagia281 views3 commentsThat Guy
knuckle.JPGIron Knuckle324 views4 commentsThat Guy
impa.JPGImpa Sprint310 viewsThe legs suck and she is too low to the ground. I like the idea though...2 commentsThat Guy
AoLmoon.JPGQuiet Walk866 viewsThis is inspired by the title screen of AoL12 commentsThat Guy
Owl.JPGKaepora Gaebora207 views1 commentsThat Guy

Last additions - That Guy's Gallery
TP_Style_Hero_of_Time.JPGTP Style Hero of Time448 viewsMy attempt at the new artstyle.1 commentsThat GuyDec 09, 2006
Minish_Sunset.JPGMinish Sunset Wallpaper241 viewsA lazy photoshop edit of one of my photographs.That GuyDec 04, 2006
linkalttpWWstylefinal.JPGA Link to the Past, WW Style231 viewsComments/Critiques always welcome! I plan on doing more of these, they're fun.That GuyNov 02, 2006
WWOoTZeldafinal.JPGYoung Zelda, Windwaker Style284 viewsFor a "simple" art style, it sure is hard to draw in. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. Sketched on paper, then photoshop. If anyone can find a better texture let me know please. I have many more sketches like this but it takes so long to photoshop them I don't know how many more i'll do before I get tired of them, lol. Comments/Critiques welcome!1 commentsThat GuyOct 30, 2006
ALttP_rain_Final.JPGIt was a Dark and Stormy Night...457 viewsThe begining of "A Link to the Past". I really like the music that accompanies that part. This pic is based on an old sketch of mine. Full view looks best6 commentsThat GuyOct 26, 2006
Hyrule_Field.JPGOut of the Forest364 viewsOne of my favourite moments of OoT when I first walked out onto the field. A sketch I did several years ago served as a template for this drawing. That is Lon Lon Ranch glinting in the distance several miles away. I've always imagined all of the locations in OoT to be much larger than they are depicted in the game. 4 commentsThat GuyOct 20, 2006
Link_Final.JPGThe Wind Waker249 viewsAnother old drawing that has been redone.1 commentsThat GuyOct 18, 2006
Tetra_Final.JPGMorning on the Great Sea195 viewsAn old drawing of mine thats been touched up and recoloured.That GuyOct 17, 2006