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Comic 001.png

23 files, last one added on Sep 27, 2005


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Random files - Zgamer(HVCR)'s Gallery
Quiet.PNGJedi Link172 viewsI said I'd make it. So I did!
I made him look like Luke with the hair, didn't I? This is a great accomplisment on my part, I am especially proup of the pants. They pwn!
Keyword: It says the keyword below the description...I've wasted all that time? Crap!
5 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
In, retrospect, this was a bad idea..png
In, retrospect, this was a bad idea..pngThat bounty Hunter Again...108 viewsAhh, life is easy when you only post a multitude of pics you made long ago...4 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
Link drawing 1.PNG
Link drawing 1.PNGAnother Link drawing.134 viewsI worried that this would be too big...
But here is another Link drawing.
Key word: "Link drawing"
Remescient of the comics, huh?
2 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
Zentih or PA.png
Zentih or PA.pngSome Wizard.138 viewsThis is a picture of some wizard I made. Young Aghahim
(or however it's spelled) maybe? Anyway, ignore the thingie on his right.
3 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
Gyden.PNGSprite of the bounty hunter.137 viewsHere is a sprite of him.3 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
Shade.PNGBuild a better sage.133 viewsHere is a Shadow sage I made up...5 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
No, I am the dananthem!.PNG
No, I am the dananthem!.PNGDon't smoke kids. Because if you're dumb enough, you'll end up like Link.173 viewsThe Link comics I made shall return!!!9 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
Goth.pngGoth Link174 views8 commentsZgamer(HVCR)

Last additions - Zgamer(HVCR)'s Gallery
Comic 001.png
Comic 001.pngMeeting another LoZ fan.270 viewsNEVER AGREE TO MEET ANOTHER LOZ FAN OVER THE NET. And it's fan art. See the LoZ logo on my shirt? That's LoZ logo art!!!2 commentsZgamer(HVCR)Sep 27, 2005
Massive Bucks.png
Massive Bucks.pngZelda comic, without words.278 viewsYou must make them up!5 commentsZgamer(HVCR)Sep 11, 2005
Goth.pngGoth Link174 views8 commentsZgamer(HVCR)Sep 10, 2005
TP Link! You f--- the sink!!!.png
TP Link! You f--- the sink!!!.pngMy first TP Link179 viewsThis is my first TP Link art. I originally planned to make another DBZ Link, with his hair slightly raised up, as he's about to turn into a Super Saiyan, but it ended up as this. Also I couldn't get the neck right.8 commentsZgamer(HVCR)Sep 04, 2005
Slim Shady.png
Slim Shady.pngBuild a better sage.126 viewsHere is the second...4 commentsZgamer(HVCR)Sep 03, 2005
Zgamer pic.png
Zgamer pic.pngBounty hunter 4.147 viewsHere is a fourth picture.2 commentsZgamer(HVCR)Sep 03, 2005
Gyden.PNGSprite of the bounty hunter.137 viewsHere is a sprite of him.3 commentsZgamer(HVCR)Sep 02, 2005
Hylain Guard.png
Hylain Guard.pngHylain Gaurd.141 viewsI drew this a really long time ago, so don't say what i know you'll say.6 commentsZgamer(HVCR)Sep 01, 2005