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Zelda Art


My Zelda art of official characters, basically.

21 files, last one added on Nov 29, 2004


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Random files - Sora's Gallery
mom_dad_look_wat_i_found.jpgMom! Dad! Look What I Found!1218 viewsMe.. being happy... lol. And I originally drew my parents the way they really look, but that was creepy. So now they look too young.. oh well. I can't help it if I can't draw old people! XP29 commentsSora
Sakaya_dreamof.jpgDream of Sakaya343 viewsSakaya.5 commentsSora
Malon_knightinshiningarmor_forjake.jpgMalon Sketch580 viewsA project i never finished due to too much difficulty >_< Malon at Lon Lon Ranch, thinking of a knight and shining armor whisking her away on a horse.9 commentsSora
linksakaya_edalzelda_complete.jpgA Hope, a Dream, and a Whisper978 viewsLink's in the bg, Sakaya (my OC) is in the forefront, and Zelda's with Edal (my other OC, who's Sakaya's cousin). And just so u kno, that's not a scar on Sakaya's forehead. Nope, she's not a Harry Potter wannabe. I made her up before Harry Potter came out, about 7 years ago. Sakaya's got a golden lightning bolt on her forehead. And yes, i kno Sakaya's right arm looks messed up.

And no, i didn't come up with this wonderful title! I'm awful with titles, but my good booday, Ritz, The Pink Bunny of Doom, the master of titles, did her magic for meh. Thank u so much, my kick-arse friend!! XD
9 commentsSora
Young_Link_and_Young_Zelda_defined.jpgYoung Link and Young Zelda637 viewsSelf-explanitory sketches.10 commentsSora
Link_and_the_Ladies_inked.jpgLink and the Ladies - inked760 viewsI inked it! Wahoo! Tho the ink might've bled a bit in certain areas, i think it's k...15 commentsSora
Mesine_nightmareof.jpgNightmare of Mesine331 viewsMesine, Sakaya's evil alter-ego.4 commentsSora
Dart_trade.jpgDart494 viewsWel's character, Dart.14 commentsSora

Last additions - Sora's Gallery
sakaya_sai_bikinis.jpg"I'm wearing WHAT?!"1083 viewsTitled by the luvly Ritz, the Pink Bunny of Doom!

Done for 2 particular friends of mine.. whom i'm sure r really enjoying this pic...

Sakaya and Sai in bikinis. Sai's not really into the whole almost-naked-thing, as u can tell.. ^^
10 commentsSoraNov 29, 2004
Thell_fairy.jpgTorn Hopes732 viewsDamn, this pic had been sittin unfinished in my notebook since spring, i believe. WOWZERZ. But i finally finished whisked it out and finished it!!

Titled by moi and my luvly friend, Ritz (of course ^^)

This is my new fairy, Thell. Unlike Perolin, she is quite distant and quiet and doesn't trust easily at all. She's had a very dark past that she never speaks about to anyone, including meself.. and that's sayin sumthin, for she only trusts me at the moment. She's a very somber, sad fairy who never lifts her broken wings; they're always down. She doesn't fly. And yes, that is a scar on her left cheek, tho it's unknown how she received it...
12 commentsSoraNov 28, 2004
Aurora_forRhyskidreams.jpgAurora442 viewsTrade with rhyskidreams from deviantArt. Her character, Aurora.7 commentsSoraNov 28, 2004
Amour_tradewithLM.jpgAmour480 viewsTrade with LM! His character, Amour.7 commentsSoraNov 28, 2004
Link_and_the_Ladies_inked.jpgLink and the Ladies - inked760 viewsI inked it! Wahoo! Tho the ink might've bled a bit in certain areas, i think it's k...15 commentsSoraNov 28, 2004
Sakaya_newstyle_inked.jpg"And she calls to you"460 viewsTitled by Ritz, the Pink Bunny of Doom. It's a different style of Sakaya. I'm happy i inked it ^^8 commentsSoraNov 28, 2004
sora1.jpgGyah!703 viewsMe being, well, ME. Aha. And i'm surrounded by a good number of my obsessions ^^ As u can tell, i was really bored in my class ^-^9 commentsSoraNov 28, 2004
Sakaya_dreamof.jpgDream of Sakaya343 viewsSakaya.5 commentsSoraNov 27, 2004