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Random files - Paraclete's Gallery
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-004.pngTemple of Time Master Sword205 viewsMaster Sword in it's pedestal, odd reflection on blade but that's because it's reflecting everything in front of it.3 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-002.pngTemple of Time Master Sword174 viewsFinal draft of Master Sword with a lil light star effect. 1 commentsParaclete
SwordConcept2.pngRandom Sword161 viewsAdded the blade to the sword, this is like a color test version, still not sure what I'm gonna do with this.4 commentsParaclete
Handle_Test-002.pngRandom Sword98 viewsThis was the basic idea I was going for when I started off but found a combo of my two basic ideas looked better.Paraclete
mssp-014.jpgSteampunk Master Sword352 viewsAnother rendering of my wip steampunk Master Sword.Paraclete
New_Cell_Shades.PNGSwords197 viewsFound out a new way to cel shade objects, have to figure out the lighting effects with the shader but I thought I'd upload some examples.5 commentsParaclete
Handle_Test-003.pngRandom Sword146 viewsSo yeah, was attempting some random design idea I had and this isn't really what I was going for but it seemed to look better then my first idea.
Still in the rough though, need a blade and a name for this.
5 commentsParaclete
LRA_Concept-001.PNGLRA Sword Ideas122 viewsUmm had these brilliant ideas to start off with then I hit a major blockage and couldn't think of anything else to make these work. But here's what I have so far.
Darkness Blade on top, needs new grip and I have to figure out a way to blend the sword to the handle.
Triforce Blade or Courage/Wisdom/Power Blades, need to decide if I want to go with my first idea with this or try something new, all falls on a glow effect.
Light/Thunder Blade, this was actually a first attempt at the Darkness blade that went way wrong.. ^_^;
1 commentsParaclete

Last additions - Paraclete's Gallery
Steampunk_Master_Sword-A001.pngSteampunk Master Sword444 viewsCloser look at the handle of my hopefully finished steampunk Master Sword.ParacleteFeb 12, 2012
Steampunk_Master_Sword-B001.pngSteampunk Master Sword589 viewsFinished my steampunk Master Sword, I think...2 commentsParacleteFeb 12, 2012
mssp-017.jpgSteampunk Master Sword420 viewsA blank of my wip steampunk Master Sword. Basically I just need to add the blade detail and a counter weight on the end and she should be good, maybe a few pointless pressure gauges and a clock or something too.ParacleteFeb 06, 2012
mssp-014.jpgSteampunk Master Sword352 viewsAnother rendering of my wip steampunk Master Sword.ParacleteFeb 06, 2012
mssp-015.jpgSteampunk Master Sword297 viewsMy first attempt at a steampunk style Master Sword. Still a work in progress though.ParacleteFeb 06, 2012
isle10b.jpgKoholint Island 141 viewsAnother render of the Koholint Island model I drew up, closer to the ground, with some debris and Krabby in there that you can barely make out.1 commentsParacleteAug 21, 2010
isle10.jpgKoholint Island162 viewsKoholint Island at sunset, the actual scale of the whole island is WAY off but it does look nice I think.5 commentsParacleteAug 21, 2010
Temple_of_Time002.jpgTemple of Time Ruins141 viewsThe Temple of Time from Twilight Princess, or what's left of it. It's a mesh model from the game I edited.1 commentsParacleteJul 22, 2010