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3,000 Views.jpg
3,000 Views.jpgWW Link and Zelda1533 viewsoriginally for getting 3000 views on deviantart... ^_^11 commentsbrigette
Din.pngThe Goddess of Power1138 viewsthis time its Din!

yay red! wait... its more pinkish... o_o;
23 commentsbrigette
Farore.pngThe Goddess of Courage1231 viewsFarore, the goddess of courage! ^__^

yay green!
35 commentsbrigette
fishing_small.pngGoing Fishing686 viewslink and zelda... fishing! yay... that background was a pain...8 commentsbrigette
Halloween finish.png
Halloween finish.pngHappy Halloween!1014 viewssorry it's kinda late... but ZL kept freezing when i tried to upload it! ^^;

link is a ghost...
malon is a cow...
and zelda is a witch! <3
12 commentsbrigette
happy_birthday_eponagirl_final.jpgAncient Hero352 viewsJust a silly sketch i colored for a friend for her birthday :)1 commentsbrigette
Hero_and_Princess_2.pngThe Hero and the Princess345 viewsNot sure if that will be the final title... but here is the colored version of something I drew probably almost 2 years ago... Young Link and Zelda from OoT (with their older counterparts in the bg) =]5 commentsbrigette
Link Night Small.PNG
Link Night Small.PNGLink at Night707 viewsits night! :35 commentsbrigette
Link_and_Tetra_Chibis.pngChibi Link and Tetra442 viewsI've been having an obsession over these two lately... they're so just cute together <3 lol4 commentsbrigette
Nayru.pngThe Goddess of Wisdom1096 viewsand finally... the third goddess, Nayru! XD

sorry for the crappiness... i sketched it in about 10 min ^^;

yay blue!! ^___^
21 commentsbrigette
New Zelda Book.PNG
New Zelda Book.PNGNew Zelda Book1158 viewscompletely redone!! XD9 commentsbrigette
Ocarina of Time.jpg
Ocarina of Time.jpgChibi Ocarina of Time1464 viewsjust a bunch of the characters from OoT in chibi form! ^_^12 commentsbrigette
On_the_Wind_2.png...On the Wind...341 viewsPrincess Zelda/Tetra and Link from the Wind Waker! :D
I redid Zelda's outfit/hair in my own, different style =] I hope you enjoy her curly hair of craziness! haha
5 commentsbrigette
Reflection.png+.Wind and Water.+317 viewsThe finally finished version of a sketch I did almost exactly two years ago! It's Princess Zelda and Tetra from the Wind Waker4 commentsbrigette
The_Garden.pngThe Garden315 viewsKind of done fast... not my best work in terms of drawing these two characters but it is my best in my attempts at a background! lol :D
Here, Princess Zelda is in a simpler outfit and is (in a way) flirting with Link (who is now a knight) in the Hyrule Castle Gardens
(this was a request)
4 commentsbrigette
The_Return_new_small_wind.pngThe Return327 viewsthis was originally me just practicing backgrounds... then turned into this. The lineart is rather crappy because i did it directly on the computer instead of scanning it and then doing it that way... I feel dumb @_@4 commentsbrigette
Transformation_small.pngTransformation433 viewsTetra transforming into Princess Zelda in the Wind Waker =] sorry it's not the best quality... I did it in kind of fast when I was depressed... =//4 commentsbrigette
twilight princess small 2.jpg
twilight princess small 2.jpgTwilight Princess1172 viewszelda from the new game!13 commentsbrigette
Twilight_Princess.pngTwilight Princess399 viewsMy first real tribute to TP!! Enjoy =]
By the way, I know Zelda's eyes should be blue. I just like to make them purple. In almost every picture I do of her, I make them purple. I'm sorry for any incovenience or frustration this causes you. If you hate it that much, then just don't look at the picture......
10 commentsbrigette
Vaati.pngVaati277 viewsYay I finally did a picture of Vaati :D He's super awesome5 commentsbrigette
Valentines_Day_2006.png- Ai -1158 viewsah... made for valentine's day, but it's a little late for that now! XD lol

hehe, i love linkxzelda ^.^

and please... no "i love malon better!" or anything of the sort... i've heard it enough x.x;;; ehh...
11 commentsbrigette
wind waker small.png
wind waker small.pngThe Wind Waker1356 viewsfanart for the game... these are my favorite characters! (and the only ones that would fit!) lol... it took many many hours when i should have been doing homework ^^;14 commentsbrigette
Zelda reading a book small.jpg
Zelda reading a book small.jpgZelda Reading1211 viewszelda...reading a book ^_^11 commentsbrigette
Zelda_Redesign_small.pngZelda Redesign425 viewsThis is a redesign of Zelda's dress that I made for the winner of a contest (that was to redesign her dress). So I volunteered to do the first place prize for the winning drawing! So here is my version of the winning design!!! =]3 commentsbrigette
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