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Random Fight Colored.jpg
Random Fight Colored.jpgMean in Green384 viewsThe fan art gallery has become a little dull lately. As DTE would say something random needs to happen. So I drew this random fight between Boba Fett and Link.11 commentsbounty hunter
Razor Sword.png
Razor Sword.pngRazor Sword484 viewsI tried to make a cool looking razor sword but i failed. So here is my attempt to make a razor sword. I really need to get something better then MS paint11 commentsbounty hunter
Sacred River.png
Sacred River.pngThe Sacred River458 viewsI weird looking sword, I know. Anyway I think I almost got the hang of how the draw sheet metal on MS paint. About the sword, I called it the Sacred River because it looks like a river is running down the blade. I thought the Zora Emblem would be a nice touch.16 commentsbounty hunter
Test Designs.png
Test Designs.pngSword test Designs397 viewsJust two swords I've been playing around with to help get my creative juices flowing. They aren't done and I'm not sure if I'll finish them. I might play around with the designs of them a little bit more but I thought that you people would like to see what I've been up to. I hope the admin won't get mad at the fact that this really has nothing to do with Zelda. Ow, do you think I should get a copyright on my swords so no one steals my ideas (but don't copyrights cost money?)10 commentsbounty hunter
Vaati 2ed design.jpg
Vaati 2ed design.jpgVaati Second Design400 viewsHere is my Veeti again only in a slightly diffrent design. The reason that there is not much detail in him is because if and when I get Photoshop, this will be the first pic I'll edit. The markings on the left side (his left) of his face and on his left arm are Ancient dark magic markings which give him tremendous power. Don't look at the full veiw, it sucks. It looks a lot better like this.16 commentsbounty hunter
Vaati Inked.jpg
Vaati Inked.jpgVaati Inked299 viewsIt's my Vaati, only I inked him ^^. PLEASE comment on him8 commentsbounty hunter
Vaati.jpgVaati287 viewsThis is just a quick skatch of what Vaati looks like in my fan fic. In my fan fic, Vaati is a shiekah sorrceror.4 commentsbounty hunter
Zelda Old School.png
Zelda Old School.pngZelda Old School410 viewsI don't even know why I'm uploading this but here it is anyway. XD4 commentsbounty hunter
Zelda PNG .png
Zelda PNG .pngManga Zelda XD573 viewsMore of my Manga heads for you X3. I didn't make her look royal because I'm the begining of my FanFic she dosn't know she is a princess and she lived in a village with Link all her life. The reason for this will be in my fanfic!9 commentsbounty hunter
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