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Last additions - Request Type Works
LRA_Ground_Blade001.pngLRA's Ground Blade137 viewsKind of a random attempt at LRA's Ground Blade. Picture it being more of a Big Goron's Sword more then the normal MS. Anyways random mats, think I might try a more stone look to it, think I might switch out the blade too.5 commentsParacleteFeb 15, 2010
LRA_Concept-001.PNGLRA Sword Ideas122 viewsUmm had these brilliant ideas to start off with then I hit a major blockage and couldn't think of anything else to make these work. But here's what I have so far.
Darkness Blade on top, needs new grip and I have to figure out a way to blend the sword to the handle.
Triforce Blade or Courage/Wisdom/Power Blades, need to decide if I want to go with my first idea with this or try something new, all falls on a glow effect.
Light/Thunder Blade, this was actually a first attempt at the Darkness blade that went way wrong.. ^_^;
1 commentsParacleteOct 05, 2009
Link_Rules_All_-_Magma-Fire_Blade-001.PNGLink_Rules_All Magma/Fire Blade155 viewsJust some side by side pics of LRA's blade. if you haven't noticed already I've been using the basic designs from swords in other Zelda games, my version of the Sword of Hope was based off of the Master Sword from LA, this one is from a sword off of LttP.
The concept pics LRA has show they all have the basic Master Sword shape so I've been playing off of that idea, just hope I can keep it up.
3 commentsParacleteOct 03, 2009
Link_Rules_All_-_Magma-Fire_Blade-002.pngLink_Rules_All Magma/Fire Blade108 viewsMy first stab at LRA's Magma/Fire Blade, still working on a few lil details with the blade but all in all I think it worked out pretty well.ParacleteOct 03, 2009
Link_Rules_All_-_Sword_of_Hope-002.pngSword of Hope149 viewsCloser look at the handle of Link_Rules_All's Sword of Hope, can kinda make out the text on the guard, anyways might do alterations on this blade to make a possible Sword of Tears.4 commentsParacleteSep 27, 2009
Link_Rules_All_-_Sword_of_Hope-001.pngSword of Hope166 viewsCouldn't sleep so I attempted one of Link_Rules_All's swords, just pulled a sword name from a hat and this one seemed to be the winner. Anyways my interpretation of Link_Rules_All's Sword of Hope. Have some Hylian text on the guard, like the TP Master Sword, used the Hylian text from OoT because... Well the WW and TP text had far too many faces to render...5 commentsParacleteSep 26, 2009
Sword_of_Tears.pngMaster Sword {Twilight Princess} Remap151 viewsWas looking through Amy122's folders and I saw a comment buy a Link_Rules_All so I went to check out their fanart and saw a pic for a Sword of Tears. Looked like a black Master Sword so I played on that so I guess the remap credit should go to Link_Rules_All.
Anywho, cell shaded version on top, normal on bottom, went with a marble texture for handle, guess black on black background wasn't too bright eh?
3 commentsParacleteAug 20, 2009
Niko_the_Ninja_s_Water_Sword-001.pngWater Sword [Niko the Ninja]114 viewsFirst remap of the sword, still don't like the blade but it's going to have to do for now.2 commentsParacleteAug 19, 2009
Niko_the_Ninja_s_Water_Sword-002.pngWater Sword [Niko the Ninja]115 viewsFirst attempt at recovering some lost works.
Niko the Ninja's Water Sword.
2 commentsParacleteAug 19, 2009
Niko_the_Ninja_s_Forest_Sword-001.pngForest Sword118 viewsSlight edit on my original, just reloaded my drawing program and as it is I lost all my mats so I'm starting from scratch again. As soon as I get things settled all actually update the entire scene.
Credit for the sword idea goes to Niko the Ninja.
1 commentsParacleteAug 19, 2009
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