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Steampunk_Master_Sword-B001.pngSteampunk Master Sword373 viewsFinished my steampunk Master Sword, I think...2 commentsParaclete
Steampunk_Master_Sword-A001.pngSteampunk Master Sword319 viewsCloser look at the handle of my hopefully finished steampunk Master Sword.Paraclete
Lokomo_Sword-001.pngLokomo Sword280 viewsOk my first attempt at the Lokomo Sword from Spirit Tracks. Already know a certain someone beat me to putting this up but yeah.
5 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-003.pngTemple of Time Master Sword251 viewsSide view of my Master Sword.3 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-006.pngTemple of Time Master Sword169 viewsJust pulled a camera far back to check out the view of the sword and altar, think it looked pretty cool.3 commentsParaclete
Ganon_3d_Model-001.PNGGanon TP164 viewsHappened upon the models for TP, thought I'd toss up Ganon here, can't seem to find the Master Sword or Epona yet but I'll find them.
Anyways I didn't make this model so I didn't mark it as mine, I can see lots of awesomeness coming from these models.
2 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-001.pngTemple of Time Master Sword161 viewsFinal draft of this scene, notice how you can see the fire symbol a lil more clearly in this scene.. You know who I'm talking to. ^_^2 commentsParaclete
Legend_of_Zelda_-__Twilight_Princess_Master_Sword_~_001.jpgMaster Sword {Twilight Princess}147 viewsThese are old pics of the Master Sword from TP in the Temple of Time for OoT. Don't think there's anything I can do to the sword itself to make it any better, think I hit the wall for my skill on that matter but the temple is due for an update, I think I can do better.3 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-004.pngTemple of Time Master Sword140 viewsMaster Sword in it's pedestal, odd reflection on blade but that's because it's reflecting everything in front of it.3 commentsParaclete
New_Cell_Shades.PNGSwords134 viewsFound out a new way to cel shade objects, have to figure out the lighting effects with the shader but I thought I'd upload some examples.5 commentsParaclete
Midna_3d_Model-001.PNGMidna130 viewsAs soon as I can put a skeleton to move them around with I'll start adding them to scenes.
I don't seem to have the meshes for Epona, Ilia, Agitha, and the Master Sword to name a few, gonna need to see if I can find someone that has them or see if I can figure out how to rip them from the game.
4 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-002.pngTemple of Time Master Sword126 viewsFinal draft of Master Sword with a lil light star effect. 1 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-005.pngTemple of Time Master Sword123 viewsThink this is my final draft of the Temple of Time Sword Chamber, unless I can perfect my materials..3 commentsParaclete
Legend_of_Zelda_-_Master_Swords_~_001.jpgMaster Swords113 viewsVariations of the TP Master Sword and threw in the LttP Master Sword in there and well the white one is from LA too I think, don't recall where I got the pic to draw it from but I'm sure it was from LA. Again these are some of my old works.2 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_Ped-003.pngAltar of Time108 viewsClose to my final rendering of the Master Sword in the Temple of time, just need to touch things up and get my bloody "depth of field" effect working with my lighting.6 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_Ped-002.pngTemple of Time100 viewsMy first actual full on remap of the Temple of Time. Game design looks like it's just a rough gray stone for the altar and tiled floor. I think if something as grand as the Sword of Evil's Bane was held here marble would be the only choice of materials so that's what I used. marble tops for the altar and marble tiled floors, used granite as the altar's main material.3 commentsParaclete
Legend_of_Zelda_-_Niko_the_Ninja_s_Water_Sword_~_001.jpgNiko the Ninja's Water Sword99 viewsWent through some old works I did, deleted some too, anyways this was a work I did for Niko the Ninja, work kicked up before I could finish the rest of Niko's swords, I'm going to be reposting what I have and reload and edit others.3 commentsParaclete
Malo_3d_Model-001.PNGMalo96 viewsI can just feel him wanting to make some comment about how I'm supposed to do something and how I should already know and what not....2 commentsParaclete
SwordConcept2.pngRandom Sword87 viewsAdded the blade to the sword, this is like a color test version, still not sure what I'm gonna do with this.4 commentsParaclete
SwordConcept1.pngRandom Sword86 viewsMy random winged sword, added blade and a light to help the shading.3 commentsParaclete
Legend_of_Zelda_-_Niko_the_Ninja_s_Forest_Sword_~_001.jpgNiko the Ninja's Forest Sword81 viewsAnother work I did for Niko the Ninja's fanfic. I think it came out really well, I'll be posting large more detailed pics of this as soon as I reload my drawing program.2 commentsParaclete
Master_Sword-001.pngMaster Sword80 viewsJust a not so quick 4 min render of just the sword a lil bit of wall and a stained glass window.1 commentsParaclete
Master_Sword-002.pngMaster Sword79 viewsFirst remap of the Temple of Time, I think I'm gonna redraw it all, the actual game design of it doesn't look grand enough for such blade.1 commentsParaclete
Handle_Test-001.pngRandom Sword73 viewsThis was my second idea for the sword I was coming up with, pictured the wings like folding over blade. Idea came form the Mana Sword, or relic item thingy from Legend of Mana. Was planning on a new LRA Sword of Hope concept when I started this.7 commentsParaclete
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