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Lokomo_Sword-001.pngLokomo Sword308 viewsOk my first attempt at the Lokomo Sword from Spirit Tracks. Already know a certain someone beat me to putting this up but yeah.
5 commentsParaclete
(1 votes)
Midna_3d_Model-001.PNGMidna152 viewsAs soon as I can put a skeleton to move them around with I'll start adding them to scenes.
I don't seem to have the meshes for Epona, Ilia, Agitha, and the Master Sword to name a few, gonna need to see if I can find someone that has them or see if I can figure out how to rip them from the game.
4 commentsParaclete
(1 votes)
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-004.pngTemple of Time Master Sword164 viewsMaster Sword in it's pedestal, odd reflection on blade but that's because it's reflecting everything in front of it.3 commentsParaclete
(1 votes)
Master_Sword-001.pngMaster Sword97 viewsJust a not so quick 4 min render of just the sword a lil bit of wall and a stained glass window.1 commentsParaclete
(1 votes)
Master_Sword-002.pngMaster Sword99 viewsFirst remap of the Temple of Time, I think I'm gonna redraw it all, the actual game design of it doesn't look grand enough for such blade.1 commentsParaclete
(1 votes)
Legend_of_Zelda_-_Master_Swords_~_001.jpgMaster Swords132 viewsVariations of the TP Master Sword and threw in the LttP Master Sword in there and well the white one is from LA too I think, don't recall where I got the pic to draw it from but I'm sure it was from LA. Again these are some of my old works.2 commentsParaclete
(1 votes)
Legend_of_Zelda_-__Twilight_Princess_Master_Sword_~_001.jpgMaster Sword {Twilight Princess}167 viewsThese are old pics of the Master Sword from TP in the Temple of Time for OoT. Don't think there's anything I can do to the sword itself to make it any better, think I hit the wall for my skill on that matter but the temple is due for an update, I think I can do better.3 commentsParaclete
(1 votes)
Legend_of_Zelda_-_Niko_the_Ninja_s_Water_Sword_~_001.jpgNiko the Ninja's Water Sword115 viewsWent through some old works I did, deleted some too, anyways this was a work I did for Niko the Ninja, work kicked up before I could finish the rest of Niko's swords, I'm going to be reposting what I have and reload and edit others.3 commentsParaclete
(1 votes)
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-005.pngTemple of Time Master Sword148 viewsThink this is my final draft of the Temple of Time Sword Chamber, unless I can perfect my materials..3 commentsParaclete
(1 votes)
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