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Random files - Fan Art Gallery
majora_s-mask.jpgMajora's Mask383 views5 commentsLinkgirl
zeldafirst.swffirst sorta complete movie1122 viewsguess the people on newgrounds dont like my sketchy style... i spent about.. wait no, exactly a week on this thing. ive been getting a lot of advice for the next one, so it should be a lot more different.. i dont really have anything planned for part two though, so if u have any ideas on what should happen...
17 commentsbathroomhacker
linkAGU2.pngLink?256 viewsPicture of Link from the Wind Waker - a few years older (boy had to grow up sometime)5 commentsachitka
Haruko.jpgHaruko121 viewsI like how he looks now, he's been changed as well, he's not a "hero" but a thief who was banished from his country Nessa, he stole from his best friend who was the Prince although he didn't know because someone had hired him to steal something from inside the Castle which he didn't know was his friends. In the end he was banished and end up coming to Armon where he met Akako. The villagers thought he was a hero who stopped Dorjan long ago when he was young, and won.

Haruko by: Amy122

I'm going to use a character of mine pose to redraw Haruko. And you now know my weakness in hand drawing, weapons XDD I can do them on MS Paint but, not hand drawing XDD
8 commentsAmy122
my worst yet.jpg
my worst yet.jpgThe Deformed Zelda294 viewsYa! i know she's deformed... don't bother telling me! I drew this about 3 years ago, i thought i'd show you how bad i used to be. Oh yeah, i edited a little bit of it with photoshop. i couldn't resist. so ya insult it tell me it sucks and i'll agree with you! enjoy... kinda8 commentsdude_thats_evil
ummm.PNGAnd the laws of physics are...105 viewsUmm, maybe Zen knows. Wow, she looks all serious for a change; that's not right. Don't get freaked out by the red splat, it's there on purpose.
Zenia, art (c) hauu13
6 commentshauu13
Zola.JPGA Zola163 viewsThis I drew when I went thru a phase where I would draw in my notebooks. This thing sorta horrified my friends until I explained what it was.1 commentsDragon of Great Bay
Vaati-Fairy_with_colors.jpgVaati-Fairy92 viewsNo, this isn't Vaati as a Fairy! It's actually a Fairy that somehow managed to look like Vaati. The REAL Vaati found this little fairy, named it after himself, and took good care of it.
The Zelda Race, Fairy, is (c) to Nintendo
Vaati is (c) to Nintendo
Vaati-Fairy is (c) to me XD
Art is (c) to me
Don't steal or claim, kay?
2 commentsVaati_Lover

Last additions - Fan Art Gallery
4ae34a27ea227b241e402481297eeef0.jpgWoop! Woop! DA FOUR SWORDS WITH SHADOW LINK!461 viewsWooooooooooBEN DrownedNov 16, 2014
vaati_zelda_by_kiru75-d34rzoc.pngVaati and Princess Zelda(doesn't exactly look like Zelda, but it is)527 viewsYay?BEN DrownedNov 16, 2014
creepy_pasta_card_5th_ben_drowned_by_gatanii69-d6twz1p.jpgBEN Drowned1243 viewsYouv'e met with a terrible fate, haven't you?BEN DrownedNov 16, 2014
The_Twilight_Princess_version_2_by_kisssh0t.jpgThe Twilight Princess - Version 2614 viewsThis is an updated version of my Midna drawing that I did last year.

You can compare it against the old version if you want, you will notice I have drawn a new face, fixed her neck to look less doll like and added some extra glow effects to the pattern across her body. I have also made color alterations to her body as a whole.

The reason for the update? I felt I needed to fix some things because at the time I rushed the image.

KissSh0tAug 21, 2012
memory_photos_007.JPGLinks loftwing original539 viewsThis is a photo of the other pic before I uploaded and painted it on the comp :)GoldEyeJul 21, 2012
Link_s_loftwing2_redone.pngLink's loftwing flying556 viewsHi!! this is Link's loftwing as you can see. This is totally different to my usual style, but thats cos its just a play around that took about ten mins. To be honest i'm not amazingly happy with it but there you go, lolGoldEyeJul 21, 2012
kargaroks.pngKargarok563 viewsA kargarok from Legend of Zelda Wind WakerBarqueroJun 08, 2012
Bokoblin0.pngBokoblin609 viewsA red Bokoblin from Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword BarqueroJun 08, 2012