Ongoing Story

link and teras adventures

after they seted sail in wind waker.

Posted by nathan1231 on Aug 9, 2010:
After Link and Tera said bye to everyone on Outsett Island, they setted sail and the pirate on the lookout saw a suspicious island that was very unusual to see . They sail to that island with a unkown name and saw a cave they could enter. When they entered the unkown cave, link saw skeleton laying around everwhere.. they were suprised to see one alive . link had one thing to say “ come and get some”to the skeletons. Link and Tera fighted with all there might and then the big skeleton with a weapon in its boney hand. They fighted with justice and the big boss fanited to death. Then link and Tera saw a big golden chest, Link opened the chest and what he and Tera saw pop out of the chest and it wasnt gold coins or a new weapon.