Ongoing Story

Ruto's Revenge

Action/violence (after OoT)

Posted by star_breaker on Feb 25, 2006:
Ruto gazed out at the valley of water... Zora's River had been flourishing ever since the great ice had started to thaw. Although she was the Sage of Water, Ruto had felt compelled to return to her childhood home after defeating the evil Ganon. She was thinking, for the millionth time, about Link. Link, the Hero of Time… Link her future fiancée… Link…

“Link?” Ruto jumped a mile. She peered closely out of the waterfall gate guarding Zora’s Domain, and saw two Hyrule Castle soldiers, trekking along the wide grassy paths. She smiled. She was sure she’d heard them mentioning Link’s name. Maybe, at long, long last, Link was ready to carry out the long-expected wedding. Getting to her feet, Ruto anxiously checked her reflection in the sheet of icy water cascading down the cliffs. She looked, great, she reassured herself, smoothing down her blue-white skin and taking a last deep breath. Just as she was about to go and greet them, she heard their voices again.

“Yes, Link. Haven’t you heard? He’s preparing the wedding already!” Already! Thought Ruto in delight. How splendid! Although he could have consulted me first…

“Yes, he’s inviting everybody in the kingdom… Kokiri, Hyleans, Sheikah, Gerudo, Zoras…”


“Yes, Zoras.”

“But can’t they only stay in water?”

“They can linger out of water for short periods of time, although an enormous freshwater pool will be provided.”

“Link is very generous.”

“Will Ruto be attending?”

“Probably... that’s why we’re here to check.”

“Let’s hope there’s no friction at the wedding when she sees him and Zelda unite at last…” Ruto felt like she’d been slapped in the face. Her beloved… darling… was no longer hers… it was more than she could stomach. And he was marrying that smug b**** Zelda! That little know-all, stuck-up, pointy eared cow who thought she knew everything... she would rue the day she’d crossed one of the Zora… Ruto vowed as she hurried to her bed chamber, snapping at two bemused Zora guards not to disturb her. She hurried to the side of her bedroom locker, a solid bock of ice with the strongest spells cast on it, to hide her precious items… it had once held the Zora’s Sapphire, she thought wistfully. She couldn’t believe she’d lost the Spiritual Stone of Water- and, more importantly, her heart- to a traitorous Hylean git like Link. Well, if he couldn’t love her, he couldn’t love anyone else… Ruto decided, as she placed a tin whistle she’d found one day to her lips. She started playing the Serenade of Water with a furious passion, venting her anger out in one way. Slowly, the ice started to melt, revealing one of Lord Jabu-Jabu’s teeth, an ancient family necklace with strange turquoise runes and silvery symbols, and, at last… Ruto smiled evilly as she held her evil secret up and started to cackle in villainous triumph.
Posted by Niko the ninja on Mar 27, 2006:
The crow of a cucco and Link groggily got up. Since he had no home in Kokiri Forest, Link had to spend a few years at Lon-Lon Ranch. Malon, who was always like a cousin, shook Link to his senses.

"Good Moooooorning!" She said in her singsong voice. Link chuckled as he got up and stretched his limbs. "Mornin', Malon. Though, the cucco beat you to me." Malon laughed and Link laughed at his own joke, too.

Ingo was strolling around with an ocarina in hand. He gave it a kiss and started talking to himself. "Time to treat Hyrule to TRUE talent." He put it to his mouth, but a cucco suddenly ran up to his foot and pecked it. "OW!" Ingo screamed. He accidentally tossed the ocarina into the air and it landed in his mouth. Talon came out and asked, "Hey, Ingo, ready for work?" Ingo tried speaking, but all that came out was a few garbled ocarina notes. "Great! Now get to work." Ingo's eyelids dropped in an "Perfect!" tone.

At the breakfast table, Malon and Link were having a pleasant conversation. "So, Link, you nervous about this weekend?" Link rubbed the back of his head and blushed. "You caught me. I get the nerve to tell Zelda I love her. Turns out she found me first." Malon sighed and asked, "Hearing about this reminds me of the story you told of Anju and Kafei with their marriage." Link finished what was left of his eggs and said, "Well, off to work." Malon was short to follow.

Link was about halfway done with his chores. He was about to talk to Ingo, but Ingo simply said, "Don't ask me about my day." Link almost got back to work, but when he turned around, a familiar gerudo was in front of him with an urgent look on her face...
Posted by madiboo on Mar 27, 2006:
"What is it Nabooru?", Link asked."Well, its...uh...well...umm...Ruto.", Nabooru managed to stammer."What about her?""She's, uh...what I mean is, uh...when you were younger...uh, the zora safire,umm...Zelda, uh, the marrige, well...yu-you know what I'm saying right?"Link knew what she was saying but refused to belive it, so he"Well, you should go and see things with Ruto...uh, yeah...that's it-I mean that's what you should do is what I mean."

Seeing everything that Nabooru was tipicly saying he decided to go see Ruto once he was done with his chores. He also was worried about Zelda so he told Hyrule's best guirds to protect her.

After he finished his chores he decided before he went to see Ruto that he should tell Zelda about Ruto...IN PERSON. Once he arived at Hyrule castle and arived at the little garden where they first meet, Zelda was shocked to see him."Link? What are you doing here?", Zelda asked shocked-and concerned."I came here to warn you about-about-another sage.""Oh don't tell me, Saria has been trying to plant trees in Death Mountain Crater again.", Zelda said parinoid."No it's not that, it''s Ruto."Zelda looked at Link and said, "Oh dear, you better talk to her before it's to late and things get out of control.""You're right Zelda, I should settle this. Oh and if Ruto gets past the guirds, warp to the sage's realm ok?" "Ok.", Zelda said whistfuly."But be careful Link. I couldn't bare it if something happened to you."And with that, Zelda gave Link a kiss goodbye and Link went off to Zora Domain to get Ruto to understand...hopefuly
Posted by Niko the ninja on Mar 28, 2006:
Miles away, in a dark fortress, something bad has happened. He was a young man, probably eighteen or nineteen. He was in a meditative stance, eyes closed, and appeared to be speaking under his breath. "Yes... That's it, Water Sage. Release your anger and we'll have our fair share. You get Link, heh, and I get to unleash Ganondorf. All will quiver in fear of Lord Deuteros." Whoever this was, he was causing this kind of anger in Ruto.

In the forest, Saria was tending to her garden. Suddenly, she dropped her seeds and her eyes softened. The Deku Tree Sprout then spoke to her, telepathically. "Something wrong, Saria?" He asked. Saria closed her eyes and answered in her mind. "I sense something bad in the air... I also sense fear, anger, and even...HATE." A moment's pause and the tree spoke again. "I'll speak with Zelda, and see if she can call a meeting; Ruto excluded." "Thank you, Deku Sprout." She thought calmly.

Miles away, Link had just gotten to Jabu-Jabu's hiding spot. Luckily, he brought a fish with him. He took it out of the bottle and it flopped around on the ground. Before long, the giant fish came out of the water like a breaching whale and began to suck up the fish like a vacuum cleaner. Link was then sucked in before he shouted, "Here we go again!"
Posted by star_breaker on Apr 29, 2006:
"Forget it! Restrooms are for customers ONLY!" A man came flying out of the open doorway of a nearby tavern. Zelda stopped in her tracks; her blonde eyebrows raised as Malon came stomping out of the tavern.

"Don't mess with me, girly, or else-” Zelda winced. Ouch. Anyone who called Malon girly had it right where it hurt. Malon’s green eyes glittered furiously.

“What did you call me?” She said quietly. The entire world seemed to stop breathing.

“I called you girly,” slurred the man, his eyes bleary and unfocused. “Coz that’s what you are, right? A useless, good for nothing, tarty, wimpy little girly gir-” Malon screamed in frustration before whirling around and giving the man a swift karate chop on his left shoulder. The man clutched his shoulder blade, wincing and moaning. Malon leaped up into the air, and when she landed grabbed his shoulder blades, and jammed her knee into his crotch. The man gasped and double up, clutching his stomach.

“You little bitch,” he wheezed, his eyes watering. Malon closed her eyes and took a deep breath, before clenching her fist and slamming it into the man’s jaw. The man slumped to the ground, semi-conscious. Then he scuttled to his feet, and started limping away. Malon smiled grimly.

“Yeah, that’s right! Go and piss off to annoy someone else!” She yelled, dusting herself down. She looked up and saw Zelda. She blushed.

“Um, hi Zelda,” she muttered. She turned away.

“That was quite a performance,” Zelda smiled, watching the man glancing back to glare at Malon. “Mind if I come in? I have something to discuss with you, and I don’t think you can handle it sober.” Malon, drying her hands on an old tea towel, glanced anxiously at her watch.

“I have a break in two minutes,” she said. “I’ll meet you there. Come up back.” Once in one of the back rooms, supplied with elderflower wine and fruitcake, Zelda told Malon of her latest predicament.

“And I have a theory as to how Ruto is cursed,” Zelda finished, staring meaningfully at the pretty, tough young barmaid. “But I need to finish researching it in the meantime. And anyway, no matter what the result turns out to be, I’m going to need your help.” Malon glanced down at her plate empty except for a few crumbs. She started fiddling with the tea towel, twisting the hem so violently it frayed. A long silence ensued. At last, Malon spoke.

“I can help you,” she said, her eyes looking shiny with concern. “But tell me one thing-” and here she paused, licking her lips nervously. She leaned forward again, and so did Zelda. “Where is Link?”

“Get away, you bastards!” Link screamed in frustration; heaving his sword as yet another electric jellyfish stung him with a tentacle. They floated just out of reach at the last moment, almost as though they were teasing him.

“Are you scared? Is that it?” Link sneered, thrusting his arm forward in an attempt to stab it. Yet again, it drifted away. “Right,” Link muttered, sheathing his sword and pulling out his quiver of arrows. “Maybe this will help.”


“Are you ready?” Asked the man, his eyes closed, his fingertips pressed together. Saria bowed her head in a nod. When she looked up again, her green eyes were unfocused and shiny. “Then fetch them,” the strange man instructed. “Gather the faithful. Oh, and while you’re at it,” he added, as Saria turned away. She turned back, listening. “Fetch the ranch girl and the Light Sage too. I believe we’ll need them.” Saria nodded before turning and walking to the door in quick, jerky movements. The man leaned back in satisfaction, and gazed into the secret Ruto had left him.

“Not long now,” he murmured, seeing Link‘s face reflected in it. “Not long now, and Hyrule will be mine for the taking…”
Posted by TIMEMASTERLINK on Jan 10, 2008:
and link will die ha ha haa.
Posted by Robin Rocks 1995 on Feb 1, 2008:
Mean while like was still fighting the jelly fish "Darn even the arrows". He replied. "know what I'm gonna do now"? He looked to find a feather in the distance. "Of course".

Then he grabbed the feather and started to tickle the fish from the inside. It made the fish open his mouth and link got out. "well that wasn't bad'. then he put the feather in his back pack. then a yell come from the distance, "LINK"!!!!!!! Link turned to find Zelda running towards him. tears were in Zelda's eyes and Malon following behind. Then he ran after Zelda and they meet each other and kissed. "Baby I was so worried about you". Zelda replied. "It's alright", Link said, "I'm here".
Posted by zen_blade on Jun 13, 2008:
For the next five hours, Link and Zelda spent their time tickling each others feet and rolling and laughing on top of the giant fish. only then did they realize that they were filthy, and smelled like rotten fish.

'Holy Crap! We stink" yelled Link, and shoved the stinky Zelda off of him. Zelda got up and flattened down the front of her dress, "and to think, " she said, " that you used to DATE Ruto. She is a fish!"
Link turned around, "Hey now, I had alergies back then, I didn't know what she smelled like!" Together, they returned to Zora's Domain, where they ate freshly cooked Lon Lon cow steak, sick and tired of fish.

Then a very Angry Ruto showed up right behind them, covered in seaweed!
Posted by StarDuchess on Sep 30, 2008:
Ruto yelled, "There you are, you miserable curr! You led me to believe that you would come back for me, only now I found that it was a lie and you are planning to marry that cow, Zelda. Well, I won't have it!" Ruto swung at the pair.

Zelda and Link scrambled away from the attack but the angered girl kept coming. Link turned and put up his arms to take Ruto's blows, thereby protecting Zelda from harm. "Please, Ruto, let's talk about this!" Link said.

Ruto eyes flashed with rage in answer to Link's pleas. She raised her arms for a powerful lunge, but Link dived away, rolling into the water. Having lost his shield earlier during the tickling, he took his sword out and cut off the top of a nearby lily pad to use as a replacement. As he came out of the water, Ruto gave a sinister laugh. "Ha, ha, ha, think that will stop me? I have a gift for you, hero." With that she pulled out a small snowflake pendant and blew across it into his face.

Link blinked. Beginning with his nose, frost began to form down his body. Link tried to pull away but he couldn't fight it. He froze in place.

"NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!" screamed the princess in agony for her betrothed.

"Yes," replied Ruto, simply. "Now I can gaze at Link's face and stature every day of my...uuufffhhhh." Malon had tackled the crazed blue entity, the Sage of Water now turned bitter enemy. Malon grabbed for the pendant and tried to wrestle it away from the other. Ruto shreiked.

"Run!" cried Malon still locked in struggle.

Ignoring this advice, Zelda closed her eyes and concentrated on her magic. A brilliant flash of white light went out from her, centered on Ruto and blinding her when it landed. Malon too was half blinded but managed to pull the pendant out of Ruto's hand.

Zelda tugged on her sleave. "Come on, Malon, we have to get out of here." She pulled the ranch girl out throught the tunnels. They could hear Ruto running along behind but since she was still blinded she kept stumbling into the walls, getting further and further behind.

Emerging from Zora's Domain, wheezing and gasping from their run, Malon asked, "What shall we do now? How can we help Link?"

The Princess of Destiny, eyes filling with new tears, attempted to think. "I've never seen this pendant before. We have to find someone who can tell us about it."

"Maybe there's a counterspell, something fire-based perhaps," Malon suggested.

"Yes," said Zelda, "That's a good enough place to start. We shall seek out the Goron sage." With heavy hearts the girls moved out to Death Mountain.


"Hmmm," the mysterious man said. "An interesting turn of events. So, Link is out of the picture. Excellent! As soon as Saria fetches those two girls, my conquest can commence." He smiled with anticipation.
Posted by cuttielink404 on Mar 4, 2012:
Meanwhile at ruto's place..

" Ruto please! Let me go! This isn't right." Link begged. " Link.. I know you love me. Now were we..." Ruto said kissing him with passion. " Ruto, if you let me go Ill... Ill marry you!" Link shouted. " Ok lets get started on the thing.." Ruto said un–frezing him.

That it...

Link broke free, kicked Ruto, then teleported to Death Mountain crater free as a bird