Character List

Skyward Sword: Character List

Skyward Sword has the most diverse and dense environment of any previous Zelda titles. Along with the stellar gameplay comes a unique cast of characters both major and minor.

The Main Characters


Link is the protagonist in Skyward Sword that the player resumes the role of. He begins as a student in the Knight Academy of Skyloft but obtains the Goddess Sword and ventures down into the world below to search for the missing Zelda.


Instead of being a princess, this time around Zelda serves as Link’s best friend in Skyloft. She is chosen to play the role of the Goddess during the Wing Ceremony at the beginning of the game and encourages Link to try his hardest to become a knight. After the ceremony she is forced down to the surface world by a mysterious tornado and is sent on a journey of her own…


Fi serves as Link’s side-kick in Skyward Sword, aiding him during the course of his journey. She is an artificial spirit created by the Goddess and guides Link to the Goddess Sword to introduce him to his quest. She quietly resides inside of this sword and only appears when called on by her “Master.”


Groose is Link’s rival on Skyloft who has an obvious crush on Zelda. His obsession with her fuels his hate against Link to the point that he captures Link’s Loftwing hoping that he will fail to graduate and Zelda will recognize him the “Knight of Her Dreams.” When Zelda disappears, though, Groose will stop at nothing to assure her safe return even if it means partnering with our hero.


Impa appears to be Zelda’s guide who is able to manipulate the Gate of Time. Her character and true intentions are shrouded in mystery…


Ghirahim or Demon Lord Girahim (as he prefers to be addressed as) is the fabulous antagonist in Skyward Sword. His goal to capture Zelda although his motivation for this is unknown. He enjoys “toying” with Link but fears the power of the Goddess Sword. The hero will get the chance to fight him multiple times during the course of the game.