Random Text Files

These text files are just random Zelda things I've saved to my hard drive. Some are written by me, some by others, and some came off of web sites. They were taken from my forums or from e-mails, so they might seem incomplete or rambling. But they have proved useful to me now and then, so they might be of use to others. If I quoted you without asking first and you're angry about it, just e-mail me and I'll take it down. happy.gif

Random Text Files
andrea-zeldaj.txt Andrea Scherer's comments on how big Zelda is in Japan.
arachne-literary.txt An e-mail from Arachne Smith commenting on my treatment of Zelda as literature.
aranda.txt A long e-mail from Aranda, commenting on Majora's Mask and arguing for Miyamoto's canonicity.
arunma-canonicity.txt Arunma commenting on canonicity.
arunma-mapcanon.txt Arunma's view on the canonicity of the map included with LoZ.
arunma-miyamoto.txt Arunma's comments on Miyamoto's relationship to the Zelda games.
canon.txt My old ramblings on canonicity, long before I wrote my articles on the subject.
canon2.txt Much more recent ramblings on the subject of canonicity.
canon-employees.txt Justification for why I don't consider quotes from "Nintendo employees" as canon.
cdi-history.txt The story behind the CD-i/Nintendo/Sony connection, gleaned from several sources.
compliments.txt Mr. Meerkreebs complimenting my site.
confused.txt An old letter I wrote (from August 1999) explaining why I was confused about OoT's ending. This was the basis for my first article on the subject, "OoT's Ending."
factbending.txt My diatribe against what is known as "bending the evidence to fit your favorite theory."
famitsu-tww-reviews.txt The Japanese magazine Famitsu's reviews of "The Wind Waker."
fryguy-frog.txt Fryguy telling what Japanese game Prince Richard (from Link's Awakening) was originally from.
fryguy-frog.txt Fryguy telling what Japanese game Prince Richard (from Link's Awakening) was originally from.
gaiden.txt My first reaction to news about Zelda: Gaiden (from August 1999). I was disappointed that the story was not going to have relevance to Hyrule.
generations.txt My explanation of the mathematical relationship between generation length and time passage. Thanks for the help, arunma!
inout.txt My thoughts on "inside" (within the game universe) and "outside" (in the real world) arguments.
japnames.txt An incomplete list of the names of the Japanese Zelda games.
koholint.txt This seems to me to be the most likely scenario for how Link reached Koholint Island. Written by me.
majora.txt My extended commentary on the Majora's Mask and Oni Mask items.
mak-alttp.txt Mak pretending to be somebody who never played the original ALttP.
mak-guides.txt Mak arguing for the validity of official guides as sources.
mak-nprant.txt Mak defending the quality of Nintendo Power magazine.
mak-resources.txt Mak's list of what material (magazines, guides) have covered Zelda.
mak-spoof.txt Mak's really funny spoof on bizarre, ignorant, poorly-supported time line theories.
mariner-nintendo.txt Mariner explaining how Nintendo makes games.
masamune-courage.txt Masamune's comments on the use of courage (compared to wisdom and power).
masamune-miyamoto.txt Masamune's comments on Miyamoto's relationship to the Zelda games.
mikh-pgc-translation.txt Planet GameCube's Mike H. talking about translating from Japanese to English.
miyamoto-order.txt Miyamoto stating his version of the time line.
official-canon.txt My mini-essay on the relationship between "official" material and "canon" material.
ootending.txt Some of my old theories/commentary on OoT's ending.
ootending2.txt More of my old theories/commentary on OoT's ending.
oracle-normalears.txt My theory on why the Hylian characters in OoT have pointy ears, while the analogous characters in Oracle have normal ears.
sleepingzelda1.txt One of my very old "proofs" that the AoL sleeping Zelda is the Zelda from OoT.
sleepingzelda2.txt Me coming to the realization that the AoL sleeping Zelda may have lived before OoT. Also, comments on Agahnim.
thieves.txt Some of my thoughts on Ganondorf and his relationship to his followers.
tiles.txt Short theory about the ALttP warp tiles, written by me.
time.txt My shot at defining time, and an explanation of why the golden goddesses can manipulate Hyrule's time.
triforce.txt Some of my more involved thoughts on the Triforce.
triforce-ganon.txt My tolerably complete thoughts on the behavior of the Triforce and Ganon.
typ-oracledev.txt TYP (of planetgamecube.com) explaining what happened to the third Oracle game.
usergoogol-darkworld.txt Usergoogol's short but clear explanation of my "Creation of the Dark World" article.
z1swords.txt Old School Gamer pointing out that you only need the wooden sword to defeat Ganon in LoZ.