ALttP SNES/GBA Changes

As fans of ALttP ought to know, this game was originally released on the Super Nintendo, and was recently re-released for GBA. But it was not just a simple port. Among other changes and additions, the in-game text received a drastic overhaul. I have created a comparison table, available below, which lists all the important quotes in ALttP SNES, and all of their GBA equivalents that I've found so far. (This table follows the same format as my recently revised ALttP SNES Quote FAQ.) There are many textual changes, many more than you might realize just from playing the games. The changes range from major storyline additions/rewritings (the intro, uncle's last words); name changes (wise men -> sages, Hylia -> Hylian, Kakariko Town -> Kakariko Village); to relatively minor things like punctuation, word order, and word choice. I don't have available right now any detailed analyses of the changes. The comparison table merely highlights the changes in bold, without further comment. The best way to get a feel for the changes is to go through the document yourself.

» Download ALttP SNES/GBA Changes Comparison Table, v2.0, 124KB