This game tells of Hyrule's creation, and the Imprisoning War, in which Ganondorf was sealed in the Dark World by Seven Wise Men. Centuries after the Imprisoning War, Hyrule is once again in great peril. Agahnim the wizard, Ganon's pawn, has secretly come to power, and is sending descendants of the Seven Wise Men into the Dark World. Though Link saves Zelda, the final descendant, and gets the Master Sword, Agahnim kidnaps her again and successfully breaks the Seven Sages' Seal. Now Link must save the seven maidens from the Dark World to turn their power against Ganon. Link eventually defeats Agahnim and Ganon, claiming the Triforce from Ganon and destroying his Dark World.

Table of Contents:
  1. The Rise of Agahnim
  2. Agahnim's Secret Plot
  3. Link Rescues Princess Zelda
  4. Link Seeks out Sahasrahla
  5. Link Victorious in the Desert of Mystery
  6. Link's Adventures on Death Mountain
  7. Link Gets a Taste of the Dark World
  8. The Seal of the Seven Wisemen is Broken
  9. Link Saves a Maiden from the Dark Palace
  10. Link Swims THrough the Swamp Palace
  11. Link Explores the Skull Woods
  12. Link Underneath the VIllage of Outcasts
  13. Link Saves People from the Dark World
  14. Link Inside the Ice Palace
  15. Link Tames the Swamp of Evil
  16. Link Saves Zelda From Turtle Rock
  17. Link Climbs Ganon's Tower
  18. Link Defeats Ganon