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About the Quote FAQs

In the course of running this site, I found that it would be helpful to have every important quote from the Zelda games written down exactly the way it appears in the game. When you're arguing your point of view about the storyline, it helps to have quotes to back you up. It's not helpful to say, "I think somebody said this," and then base a theory upon it. The ability to copy and paste quotes also makes my life, and many other lives, a lot easier. So, the idea for the Quote FAQs was born. Today, I have Quote FAQs for OoT and ALttP, which list almost every important quote in the order the player finds them in the game.

This page exists as a supplement to the Quote FAQs: to describe them more fully to people who haven't downloaded them yet, and to track their progress. It has been a while since I last worked on the Quote FAQs, for a very good reason: the Text Dumps. I have text dumps which give every single quote from every game - obviously a step up from the Quote FAQs, which only give the important quotes that I could find. Unfortunately, the text dumps arrange the quotes in essentially random order, making finding a specific quote rather difficult. I have plans to make new Quote FAQs which will incorporate most, if not all, of the quotes from the text dumps. I've already done this for ALttP SNES, and it has been done with my Oracle text dumps. If anyone has free time to spare and wants to make a quote faq from my text dumps, just let me know!

A Link to the Past


New Quote FAQ - This new and improved quote FAQ features all the quotes in the game, taken from my text dump. The quotes are arranged in tables and cells, so this FAQ is only available in HTML format. It should be easier to use, and much more comprehensive, than the old quote FAQ.

Old Quote FAQ - This Quote FAQ was made in a similar way to the Zelda 64 Quote FAQ - I typed up all the quotes by hand. After making the Zelda 64 Quote FAQ, I made this FAQ as a kind of after-thought. Thus, it was kind of thrown together, and although it has all the major quotes, it is missing a higher percentage of quotes than the Zelda 64 Quote FAQ. Even though it is relatively incomplete, it is still a good resource. This Zelda 3 Quote FAQ is frozen at version 1.0, and was released on August 21, 2001. This FAQ is also available at GameFaqs.


This quote FAQ lists most of the important quotes in the Game Boy Advance version of ALttP, in semi-organized order. I typed all of these quotes by hand, so there is no guarantee of 100% accuracy. This file is only available in TXT format. If you want to see a comparison table between the SNES and GBA text, you can download it in the ALttP SNES/GBA Changes section.

Ocarina of Time

This is the first game I made a Quote FAQ for. It's almost embarrasing to admit how I made this FAQ. As I played through the game, I would write down quotes in a notebook. At various intervals, I would prop up the notebook next to my computer and type all of the quotes in by hand. Needless to say, this was a lot of work and took a very long time - but it worked! And the Zelda 64 Quote FAQ available now is the result of all this labor. It is adequately complete, although I know a few quotes are missing here and there.

The Zelda 64 Quote FAQ is currently at version 1.4, which was released on August 21, 2001. This FAQ is also available at GameFaqs. I plan to rehaul this Quote FAQ someday, using the quotes from my text dump.

» Download Zelda 64 Quote FAQ v1.4, 119KB

Oracle Series

While I made the Quote FAQs for OoT and ALttP, these Quote FAQ were made by The Lost Gamer. Inspired by my Quote FAQs, he used text dumps (which are available on my site) to make quote FAQs for both Oracle games! These are extremely comprehensive FAQs, since they use every quote, straight from the text dumps.

» Download Oracle of Seasons Quote FAQ v1.4, 128KB
» Download Oracle of Ages Quote FAQ v1.5, 195KB

The Wind Waker

Davogones made this quote FAQ by running the GameCube signal into hid WinTV card. The game appeared on his computer screen, making it much easier to type quotes than before. This quote FAQ has all the main, important quotes that you need to get through the game. It also has Fishman quotes typed up by Gansura, and Nintendo Gallery quotes typed up by Iron Knuckle.

The Wind Waker Quote FAQ was converted to a more usable html format in version 1.2, which was released on 9/23/05. .txt based version 1.1 can also be found at GameFaqs.

» Download HTML The Wind Waker Quote FAQ v1.2, 219KB

» Download .txt The Wind Waker Quote FAQ v1.1, 170KB

Four Swords Adventures

This quote FAQ of Four Swords Adventures was contributed by Duke Serkol of The BS Zelda Homepage. This quote FAQ was not made from a text dump, so it does not include very single quote in the game, but does include all the major quotes.

» Download Four Swords Adventures v1.0, 32KB

The Minish Cap

The Minish Cap Game Script was created by and originally hosted on GameFAQs.com. We have obtained permission to host the file here.

» Download Minish Cap Game Script v1.2, 76KB

Twilight Princess

This is a more or less complete and comprehensive script for Twilight Princess, courtesy of Mgoblue, a member of our forums and a huge asset to the Zelda community as a whole. We don't know how he did it; this was a monumental undertaking, and he had it published a month and a half after the game's release. We are in your debt, Mgoblue.

Phantom Hourglass

The Phantom Hourglass Text Dump was created by and originally hosted on GameFAQs.com. We have obtained permission to host the file here.

» Download Phantom Hourglass Text Dump v.85Z, 158KB