Heart Locations

The text is taken from the guide by: Michael J. Evans, evansmj@nextwork.rose-hulman.edu
This section contains the whereabouts of all 24 Pieces of Heart.

1. Lost Woods. North of the main entrance to the Den of Thieves is a 3x3 square of bushes. The bush in the middle reveals a hole. Fall in and collect your heart.

2. Blind's Hideout. In the basement of Blind's Hideout in Kakariko is a cracked wall. Blow it open and get your heart.

3. Cave in Kakariko Village. Fall through the well from the ledge above. There is a cracked wall. Inside you'll find a Piece of Heart.

4. 15-Second Game. Win the 15-second game for a piece of heart. 'Nuff said.

5. Swamp Ruins. Inside the swamp ruins, pull the lever on the right. Leave the ruins and there's a heart right outside.

6. NE Desert Cave. In the NE corner of the desert, there is a cave with a cracked wall. Blow it open and pick up a heart.

7. Just west of Sanctuary. There is a large green stone just west of the sanctuary. Dash into it to reveal a cave with a heart piece in it.

8. SW corner of the desert. Once leaving the Desert Palace through the western exit, Link will be on a ledge. FOllow the ledge south for a heart piece.

9. SW of Zora's Falls. After getting the flippers, go due south. Go over the first waterfall, but before the second go west. There is a little cove where a heart piece can be found.

10. A Drop from Spectacle Rock. Walk around the left side of the rock formation in front of Spectacle Rock and drop down to the ledge. Enter the cave and go to Floor 2F.

11. On top of Spectacle Rock. The first time you go to the Dark World, and then use the Mirror to get back to the Light World, you'll find a heart piece sitting right there on Spectacle Rock.

12. The Strange Tree. After beating Agahnim, the lumberjacks east of the Lost Woods have finished cutting their tree. Dash into it to find a cave with a heart piece in it.

13. On the Pyramid of Power. As soon as you find yourself on the Pyramid of Power, walk around to the right side on the second to bottom level. A heart piece is there for the taking.

14. Lake Hylia Circle of Stones. In the Dark World, find the circle of stones in Lake Hylia. Use the mirror to transport back to the Light World. You'll be on an island with a heart piece there.

15. South of the Haunted Grove. In the Dark World south of the Haunted Grove is a circle of bushes. Get inside and use the Mirror. You'll be on a small plateau in the Light World. Enter the cave and take the heart piece.

16. The Digging Game. You can win a heart piece in the digging game. Have patience, it may take awhile.

17. North of the Cemetery. In the Dark World north of the cemetery is a ladder that leads up to a ledge. On the ledge, use the mirror and transport to a ledge in the Light WOrld with a cave. This cave contains a heart piece.

18. One Who Wears the Cape. In a cave just east of the Skull woods in the Dark World is a place where a bumper blocks a narrow path. Use the cape to pass this obstacle and obtain the heart.

19. The Chest Game. In the Village of Outcasts is a chest game. One prize is a piece of heart. Good luck!

20. Stakes south of the Smithy. In the dark world near the run-down shed is a bunch of stakes. Pound them down to make a cave appear. There's a heart to be found there.

21. West of Misery Mire Entrance. In the left mouth near Misery Mire Maze you will find a piece of heart.

22. Far N.E. Corner of Misery Mire. In the NE corner of this place is a cul-de-sac. Use the mirror here to get to a place on a high up ledge in the Light World. Pick up the stone and enter the cave. In it you'll find a heart piece.

23. Death Mountain Invisi-Bridge. Travel west from Turtle Rock. Lift up the first large rock. Link will find a cave with platforms. Go up and over the invisible bridge. Continue until you find yourself outside again. There is a nearby cave and within you'll find a heart.

24. Narrow Ledge on Death Mtn. After exiting the western exit of Turtle Rock, you'll have to come back in the eastern entrance. Before you do though, transport to the light world. You'll be on a narrow ledge. The cave that's right there contains a piece of heart.