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three nintendo teers

By kentill(linksdaughter)
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Chapter 1: teaming up

once upon a-!wait,wait,now hold On,what is this a cinderella story.uh-uh no way,how about eh a distant land of the nintendo realm and even smaller than that a tiny cave starts our story.Ganon had just come back from the dead after link had,"had a lucky shot"as he put it and was playing cards with his old freind bowser.

"in your stomach and out your snout-bowser you got that stupid son freakin stuck in my head!"ganon hummed.bowser shrugged."yah,well,you know.anyway,heh,if i win we team up if you win you can destroy me!"bowser laughed.ganon laughed back,"im the biggest cheater in the world,no ones every beat me-"ganon stunned his face,bowser laid an ace against his and than...ate all of the cards."haha!welcome abord,teammate!"bowser laughed wickedly."noooooooo,oh godesses,im sorry about the whole destroy the world thing,so..KILL ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

and that is how it began......


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  • Chapter 1: teaming up

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