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Mysterious Man

By zeldazoom
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Chapter 1: ~Black hood and cape~

Curses, nobody likes to hear about it, they just want to block it out of their hard heads. Pretend it doesn't exist and move on with their lives. But the fact os the matter is, they are very real, and when you forget about them they strike. As it happens all around you, you just want to pretend bad stuff is happening by couincidence, its not a curse, but it is. You keep your mind off it until you realize you had been a fool, you exept the curse. then you realize someone you love is in danger, you try all you can to stop anything from happening but what is there to do.Take advice------go back.”Link read a peice of paper he saw on the floor. In a way it desterbed him, it was so creepy. He shook all thoughts out of his head and put the peice of old paper in his rupee bag; Ilia was coming with little Alexandra to help out today. After Fado died, Link needed all the help he could get, even if it came from a baby and once-spoiled mayor's daughter.

As they came through the opened gate that had goat toenails dangling together on its top holes, Link stopped what he was doing, hearding goats with Epona, and waved. Ilia waved back and made the 18-month-old baby do the same. Link hearded the last goat into the barn and closed the door. He hopped on the red coated mare and galloped over towards his famiy. The blond haired Alexandra moved her hands out to her father and squeezed her fingers together and let go.(“pick me up”)Link picked up the cute baby and pulled her in front of him, making the baby basically sit on the back of the horses long, beautiful white mane and neck. He stroked her beautiful blond hair lovingly. Alexandra was his everything.

Suddenly, the horse stood high on her hinds, knocking her riders right off. Link fell first, catching his toddeler before she could fall to the ground. She giggled in delight, it must've been fun to her.
At the end of the day, when the sky was pink and the sun and cresent m

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  • Chapter 1: ~Black hood and cape~

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