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Teleported to Hyrule

By xtwilightprincessmindax
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Chapter 1: Teleported

The world is always terriable and weird it always will be.
For me at least it will be.
I sighed as I walked to my big brother's digging site. The gate keepr let me in when I showed my pass to him.
You see the year is 2015 and the world has not really changed that much, well all expect my big brother. He found a old golden statue of a girl one day then went exploring. He didn't come back for two day and when he did he had a digging site and was uncovering a old city which he claimed was named Hyrule.
All I saw on the temple walls was a lot of weird symbols which ment nothing to me.
I finally got to my brother who was dusting of some strange blue pearl.
"Hello geek." I called to him sliding down on my black boots.
"Hello blacky." He remarked back to me pushing his glasses up back to his brown eyes.
"So what did you want to show me?" I looked at him sternly then looked at the odd temple surronded by trees and covered in ivy. He sighed and lead me to the gray bricked building walking inside going pass workers and reporters untilwe came into a large room with a large stone table infront of a large door with a triangle symbol in black on the door.
"This is the Temple of Time my dear sister and there is something locked behind those doors and since your good at picking locks I was wondering if you could get the door open for me somehow."
I should of seen that one coming.
I looked around for any possiable lock. My resullts?
I explored the room looking at each carving on the wall that told a story but what I wasn't sure. I walked over to the stone table setting my black backpack on the floor. I looked down at the strange table hands in my pockets. Before my eyes the symbol on the door was infront of me not black but gold. I was curious and poked it. In a flash of white light I was gone and somewhere out in the open laying on grass looking up at the blue sky.
I slowly sat up looking around looking for any trace of the city.
I layed back down and fell asleep in the grass not caring I knew my big brother would look and find me soon.
He always did even when we where little.
When I awoke again there where five men around me looking down at me. I blinked and flicked the one in blue on the forehead. I sat up as they all retreated back.
I knocked over the green on and took his sword standing my ground.
"Who are you people and where am I?"


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  • Chapter 1: Teleported