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The Legend of Zelda Lost sword

By j777majora
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Chapter 1: Prolouge

Our story starts a long time ago. In a vast kingdom, there was a sword. This sword brought happiness through out the whole kingdom. But there was a sword even greater than that. This sword was hunted down by every villain. A man who had a special power was looking for the sword and cast an apocalypse on the land so know one could find the sword. Then a boy in gray on a journey to vanquish found this sword. He used this sword to vanquish this man and restore the land. This boy was the hero of time. The boy left the kingdom and put the sword in its place, but then a dark evil force came over the land causing the land to be flooded with blood. The people prayed for the boy to come, but he never came. This is as far as it was recorded, but what happened to the boy and in the sword.
On an island called Sunset Island there is a custom for boys coming of age to dress as the hero of time. Today happens to be one of them. The boy is named Link and is about to a major adventure.
“Big Brother” Mono called. As she searched for her brother she found him on top of the roof. “Hey there you are I thought you died” she said. “What are you doing her Mono” Link asked. “Link don’t you know what day it is, its very important” she said.” Is it Tuesday” Link said. “No, it’s your Birthday” she said. “Oh, yay I think” Link said.” Mom and Dad needs to see you brother” Mono said. So Link went to go see his parents for a surprise.
“Mother, Father, I am home” said Link.”Oh son your home. I have surprise for you” said Link’s mom. Links mom gave Link his present. “Because you’re becoming that age you have to wear this” she said.” It looks nice but, it also looks hot” said Link.”Do not worry, you only have to wear it for a day” Links father said. Link said” Okay, fine”. “Oh yeah that reminds me, your sister wants to give you something, she said she would meet you on the roof” his mother said.

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  • Chapter 1: Prolouge