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Among the tales of heros

By grimhood1
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Chapter 1: The Caravan of Dusk

"Hey Mr.Link did ya hear new people came into Hyrule theys about 10 of them.", said a young boy from the market.

"Really? Huh?", Link looking at the group from a far to him they looked quite odd then he saw something that disturbed him a bit, they all had weapons, they all were wearing armor to he felt he had to find out what was going on so he thought he would at night.

Later only 1 of them was awake a boy, probably younger then himself and he had a wolf right next to him. The boy was dozing off every minute the wolf would stare at him the snarl, the boy rose up like a arrow saying "WHAT WHAT WHAT I'M AWAKE I'M AWAKE NO NEED TO YELL, stupid...." Link came right up the wolf stared at him and the boy (now seeming to be wide awake and impassive) did the same. Link was startled and asked what they were doing. The boy responded "That is none of your business.....24 year old man in tights." (sleep.gif) After a while link grew tired and grabbed the boy by the collar and said loudly "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE PUNK!" The wolf stood up and link started to levitate in mid air, he took his bow out and then the wolf turned into a human and said "if you don't want to end up with 38 bruises, 2 black eyes, 3 severed arteries and the words Tex was here on your fore head I suggest you don't try anything."

Link was a little in shock at what happened and decided to obey him. Later they put him donw and they explained. He learned that t

he boys was, Christian a ninja from a far off , his skills were the top of any class but due to an accident he had a curse placed upon his granting him the power over dark beings, the power was what he called Twilight and it was limitless, this boy was playful but serious.

The other boy was the same age as link he was Danny a young wizard from the root-world he is Christian's cousin and was gifted with the wizards blindness and had the powers of Merlin he is also a wolf person and fought many strong warriors in his life.

There were others 1 boy was 5 years older then Danny and was very smug. He was Christian's older brother and was a samuri, not only that he used to be known as "The Scarlet Blade Alchemist" and was part elf and was very well with a bow.

A girl there (Link thought she was a evil demon that Ganon sent at first) in a black robe and armor was known as Tex. She was what they thought, "Deadly, Insane, Demonic, and not very nice" she had eyes like a cat and was feared by many(well not by the caravan so much anyways).

A boy younger then Christian came out, he was Sreejon a Wizard in training and in the first stage of wizard blindness, he was a friend of Christians and was skillful in the study of others fighting styles.

A man came out too, Eremon a Falmion from the root-world he was always ready for battle and could summons flames, He was a friend of Dannys.

A young girl named Brionna was there too, a wood elf from the root-world, she was part of nature and skilled in the bow. She was a strict vegetarian and Eremon hated it when she cooked for them saying "What is this sea-weed?!?!".

A man came too called Jorge he was a cousin of jonathan and was the most powerful out of the group. He would always joke around too.

A man was there as well, Yoshito a friend of Jonathans also a samuri with a dark past he was ok with many thing except when people asked about his life.

Then there was a Strange girl she was sleep waliking and would't say her name, but they told link she was a medic and friend of dannys.

"We are the Dusk Caravan we're here for 1 reason and 1 reason only" ("or more! smile.gif " said Eremon)said Jonathan

Link"Whats that?"

Jonathan"To kill the ruler of this land"
Link shocked at what he said was worried about zelda and decided he was going to stop them

He decided he was going to face them there and now they all stared and were ready to fight as well now the story begans as they will not be fiercely entangled.

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  • Chapter 1: The Caravan of Dusk

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kentill(linksdaughter) says:

wow...put some commas and periods!but other than that this could be a good story...but i hate princess zelda smile.gif l;lol.gif