Weapons needed: Slingshot, Kokiri Sword
Target the queen and use the slingshot on her, shell fall in a heap, then rush in and use the A button for the super slash, then hit her as many times as you can. Shell eventually get up and crawl up the walls, its best to take off Z targeting at this point. Aim with the slingshot and wait until her eye turns red, then shoot her. Shell fall to the floor allowing you to set her up for a power slash, and multiple hits. Repeat this process until she goes down.

Weapons needed: Bombs, Kokiri Sword
Immediately target the King and backpedal, keeping yourself in front of him and wait until he roars, instead of getting toasted, quickly toss a bomb in his mouth, when it explodes, hell be stunned, setting himself up for a power slash and multiple hits. After he gets up, hell immediately roll at you, keep the Z targeting on and walk on the inside of the ring to avoid him (even if you stand in the lava, its not such a big deal) Then repeat the process until he dies.

Weapons needed: Boomerang, Kokiri Sword
Target him, but keep your distance, youll automatically target one of his tentacles, use the boomerang to knock them off, and press Z again immediatelyto target the next one until theyre all gone. At this point, youll target his body, use the boomerang constantly, most times it will be deflected by the jellyfish spinning around his body, but it might get through, when it does, hell sink down into the ground letting you take care of as many jellyfish as you can (target and use the boomerang to take care of those guys) when theyre all gone, whack him with the boomerang and then hit him as many times as you can. Repeat this process until he dies.


Other Bosses


Hit him with the boomerang, then hit him in the butt as hes tunned, if he doesnt face you, simply wait until he moves again, then stun him again.


Simply throw bombs at him to get rid of his fiery clothes, then unload on him with your sword.


Trap him on the island, where he doesnt fight as well, use the megaton hammer and dins fire to take him down, if you must swordfight, only slash horizontally.


Z target and get close to him, when he swings his axe, backflip, then power slash, when he swings horizontally, watch out, he swings twice.

Weapons needed: Bow, Master Sword
He will ride out of the pictures and then zap you, so stay at the edge of thearena, but not on one of the triforce symbols, watch him in the paintings, but beware of the fake one, when he comes out, shoot him with an arrow, repeat this until the horse disapears. Then hell hover near you attacking you with magic. Bounce the magic back with your sword (just like Agahnim in zelda 3) and be prepared, he might bounce it back, when it hits him, rush forward and hit him with your sword (switching to the Big Goron Sword will do more damage, but the Master Sword should be used for the magic) Repeat this process until he dies.

Weapons needed: Hyrule Shield, Megaton hammer, Either Sword
Volvagia has 3 attacks, either way, he has to come out of one of the holes, you can tell which by the flame around the holes, although sometimes hell change his mind a couple of times to fake you out. Try and stay in a position where you can see all the holes. When he sticks his head out and swipes at you, hit him with the hammer to stun him, then unload on him with his sword, do this until he dies, but youll have to avoid the other attacks, when he flies up and tries to burn you simply Z target him and block with your sheild, he cant hurt you, When he drops rocks on you, simply watch for the tell-tale shadows of rocks falling.

Weapons needed: Longshot, Any sword
This guy is pretty simple, just target his nucleus and avoid the tentacles, if they get you, its major hurt time. Wait until hes done laying down his tentacles, then wait for the nucleus to show up in a position you can use the longshot to get it, then hit it as many times as you can. Try to stay on the outside, avoiding the water and the platforms (and the spikes of course) Keep doing this until hes dead.

Weapons needed: Lens of Truth, Bow, any sword
This is the easiest boss in the game, simply target one hand, Shoot the bow, target the other, shoot the bow, use the lens of truth, target him, shoot the bow, then use the sword, if you attack fast, hell never get the chance to fight back. Easy, huh?

Weapons needed: Any sword, Mirror shield, Hover Boots (optional) Bow (optional)
First youll fight twinrova as two sisters, never target them, but try to stay in a position where you can see both of them. When one attacks (with fire or with ice) block with the mirror sheild and aim the magic back at the other one. After a few hits, they merge into Twinrova, stay in the center and wait for her attack simply block it with the mirror sheild, which will become charged up. When you get charged up 3 times in a row by the same magic, your shield will unload a wicked attack that you should hit them with (but if you're charged up with one kind of magic, avoid the other, or itll hurt) when opposite magic comes at you, just roll out of the way. When Twinrova is stunned, either use the bow to attack, or hover over to her and use your sword. Repeat this process until they go down.

Weapons needed: Master Sword, Hover Boots (optional), Longshot (optional), Light arrows
As soon as Ganondorf goes into battle mode, either hover or leap over to one of the corners of the room, and use the same method you did on his phantom, return his magic to him with your sword (and, again, the master sword works better here), you will bounce the magic back and forth until it hits either you or him (hopefully him) when it hits him, target him and use a light arrow, which will stun him, now either hook shot him to get over to him, hover or leap (I prefer leaping) and unload on him with your sword (I recommend the spin attack) if you fall down, you can fill up on life and magic, and either climb up or use the long shot to get up. After a while, hell use a more powerful form of magic on you (it looks like a great black orb and he shoots many many magic balls at you as opposed to one) when you see him charging up for this attack, charge up for the magic spin attack and use that to bounce them back, use the light arrows, and hit him, youll only need to do that once or twice to defeat him.

Weapons needed: Big Goron Sword, Megaton Hammer, Master Sword, bombs, Light Arrows
Wow! This guy is awesome! Hes not that tough though, just be sure to keep your distance and avoid his slashes. First, youll lose the master sword, if you have the big goron sword, its no problem, if you dont youll have to rely on either the hammer or bombs. Target him, and ready a light arrow and wait until he drops his guard (by moving one of his swords away from his face) and use the light arrow, then go around to his back and target his tail and use your weapon of choice (hitting the tail directly with a light arrow is great, but sucks up your magic) repeat this ugly process, until the cinema scene in which your sword returns, then keep fighting him the same way until he goes down.

Guide By NecroVM