Want to find new ways of playing Ocarina Of Time and see if you can truly get the girl or end up playing like one? (By that I mean only girls who are bad at video games so allegations of sexism are unfounded!) Then perhaps see if you can master some of these...

Three Hearts Challenge - This is now quite a well-known one and you do what it says on the tin. Completing the game but with only three measly hearts. But depending on what other stuff you get, it could be a cakewalk or insanely difficult. So there are some recommended restrictions but you can either do tem or all or pick and mix. So, here they are!

- No heart pieces or containers obviously!
- No upgrades
- No bottles apart from Ruto's as the game makes you get it.
- No doubling magic meters!
- No upgrading the heart meter so you can take twice the amount of damage.
- No Biggoron's Sword!
- No killing of Gold Skultullas. Or if you cannot stand them then you can slay them but do not go the House Of Skulltula in Kakariko village and claim any rewards.
- No Nayru's Love of Farore's Wind.
- Never put anything in your bottle apart from Blue Fire from the Ice Cavern to unfreeze King Zora and a fish to enter Lord Jabu-Jabu.
- No Epona.
- No Hylian Shield whilst still playing as Young Link.
- A perfect score of 000 or if you die frequently rest and you will resume with 000 deaths.
- No learning of the Sun's Song.
- No Ice Arrows of Fire Arrows.
- No planting of Magic Beans.
- No Happy Mask Shop related ventures.
- For Ganon, use the Iron Boots and no Fairies or magic from the debris on the battlefield!